Mailbox Monday and Bad Bloggers!

Er right…here we go:

Books that I bought this week:


Books Brought Home From The Library This Week


Books Bought For My Kindle on Iphone


Audio Books Bought This Week


Um…yeah…it really is that bad…but I have REASONS!


1. Starfinder by John Marco – Nymeth wrote a review of this one and I added it to my wishlist immediately! Then I was contacted about doing a tour of it and got an autographed copy! Yes…point for Nymeth.

2. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld – Can you believe that I still haven’t read anything other than short stories by Westerfeld? Point for Kailana for this one for finally talking me into reading it!

3. The Future Dictionary of America – The rest of the books that I bought come from a FANTASTIC sale that McSweeney’s had!! I can’t believe all of the great books I got for so cheap! This one is really cool…it’s a dictionary of “new words” I may make a weekly feature based on this one where I share some of the definitions with everyone and then try to use them in a sentence :p It comes with a great CD too! Oh…did I mention it was $1!

4. Maps and Legends by Michael Chabon – Nymeth reviewed this one and I knew I had to have it…yeah, got it for $5 at the sale and it’s incredible! The cover design is absolutely amazing and features multiple layers! Looks really good!

5. Im not even going to try to type out the tremendously long title of this one, but it looks cool too. It’s a collection of short stories that include the likes of Nick Hornby and Neil Gaiman!

6. Embryoyo by Dean Young – A fantastic looking book of poetry! I’ve been craving some poetry lately…

7. Shakespeare Wrote For Money by Nick Hornby – Yep, Nymeth’s fault…actually I could blame a lot of these on Nymeth because she’s the one who told me about this sale :p Another point for Nymeth.

8. A Bowl of Cherries by Millard Kaufman – Just looked really cool…and it was $1 too :p Really cool cover design!

9. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – I don’t even know who to blame this one on…I just wanted to read it.

10. 100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson – This one is Becky’s fault! I figured it would be a good read for the Once Upon a Time Challenge.

11. The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood – I’ve just been wanting to read this one for a long time and then I found out it was part of the Canongate Myth series that Matthew was talking about, so I’m going to blame Matthew for this one :p

12. Antediluvian Tales by Poppy Z. Brite – I’ve been a long time fan of Poppy so when I found this Subterranean Press edition at the library I had to have it! I’m going to read it for some short story weekends!

13. Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt by Anne Rice – I like Anne Rice a lot and haven’t read anything by her in a long time now. She’s one of my old favorite authors. Now she’s been “born again” and is writing Christian Fiction…so I figured I’d see what this is all about. I’ll let you know…

14. Wake by Lisa McMann – No one to blame for this one…just sounded cool.

15. Glass Houses by Rachel Case – Bart’s fault, Bart’s fault!

16. Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta – I’ve started listening to this one already and it’s fantastic! I love the reader’s Australian accent! It’s perfect for the story. Point to Becky for this one.

17. The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection – I just can’t get enough of Neil reading his stories.

18. The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson – I heard an interview with Mary Pearson the other day and it was fantastic! So I had to finally check this out. And then they played a sample of the audiobook and I knew I had to have it.

19. Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander – It just sounds hilarious…I had to get it :p

20. Things I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me – This one sounds really good too! Short stories read by their authors…includes Nick Hornby and Stephen Colbert reading their own stories!

That’s enough, huh? What did you get this week and who are you blaming?? My fingers actually hurt now :p


29 Responses

  1. Where did you get the Neil Gaiman audio collection from? I didn’t know that existed. My birthday is coming up soon, I might just have found a birthday present for my wishlist! I just bought Shakespeare Wrote for Money too, and 100 Cupboards looks interesting. Wow, Chris, that’s quite a haul! I’m going to go drool over the covers again……

  2. I’ve been waiting forever for my library to receive 100 Cupboards. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on it. Jellicoe Road, The Hunger Games. . . you have some great loot. Happy reading!

  3. That’s a lot of books! I am getting a copy of Starfinder, too! I am so happy to see people reading Uglies because of my reviews. I have been waiting for Nick Hornby forever and still nothing from the library. I think I am going to have to buy. The Hunger Games and 100 Cupboards are both on my library hold list. I read and enjoyed The Penelopiad a couple years ago! My library ordered in a copy of Wake and I am the first person to get it when it comes in! Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series is fun. I bought the fifth book the other day! Two more books come out in that series this year… You have fun with that! lol Jellicoe Road is also on my library holds list. And, I LOVED The Adoration of Jenna Fox. I just haven’t reviewed it yet…

    Okay, there’s my round-up. My list will depend on what comes in at the library.

  4. you really need to open a book store Chris LOL.. where are you going to put all these books??? :o)

  5. I think one of the best parts of all your purchases is that you don’t have to explain them, or the budget, to anyone. If you get married, Chris, you better marry a bibliophile!

  6. I’m sorry, but I am just laughing so hard here!!! Seriously, I can’t stop. You make me feel proud of myself for my restraint!

    I’ve read a couple of the essays from Shakespeare, but I’m trying really hard to space them out since I know they’re the last. 😦

    I read both Jenna Fox and 100 Cupboards…really enjoyed both of them, and am guessing you will, too. And I’ve got a few more of those waiting here to be read…am especially eager to get to Hunger Games and Jellicoe Road. You really, really made a nice haul!!! I’m looking forward to many cool reviews…and the inevitable growth of the wish list that accompanies your reviews. πŸ˜‰

  7. Ooh another covetable Hornby. I’m not reading them only because I’m waiting to buy, not borrow. Oh and Stuff White People Like is sooo funny. I’m not even white but still guilty of a lot of things white, lol. And Things I’ve Learned from Women Who’ve Dumped Me.. excellent title! Haven’t heard of it before except here.. now it’s on my radar, thanks. πŸ˜€

  8. Okay, the title Embryoyo made me laugh so hard I snorted my tea. And I’m interested on seeing your thoughts on Christ the Lord – I love(d) Anne Rice, but I am really really wary of anything that smacks of proselytizing religious fiction – so I’ll let you vet it for me. πŸ™‚

  9. Scott Westerfeld is so good. I’ve loved everything I’ve read by him so far and I’ve even bought my own copies of many of his books. Normally I just get things from the library, so it’s a big deal when I actually buy things! The Uglies series is by far my favorite. I hope you enjoy it!

  10. Reasons?? You have issues!! Not a bad thing though!!

    Glass Houses isn’t too bad. Actually, I really liked it. The second book I thought was better. I just bought the next 3 in line, if that tells you anything!

  11. Popped over from Debi’s site, after reading about your massive haul of books this week. I thought I was bad going into the library to pick up one book and coming back out with five to add to my other thirteen books already on loan. I am not even going to mention the books I bought!

  12. Quite a haul, I see πŸ˜› You bought the same books I would at the sale if the shipping hasn’t been $80. (Okay, exaggerating, but not by that much).

    I want Uglies too. And Jellicoe Road. And Jenna Fox. And so on. You know how it goes.

  13. You know when I joked back in Jan about you hitting 500 new books this year? I think I might have been wrong! πŸ˜›

    But you are so in for a treat with The Hunger Games! πŸ˜€

  14. Susan, I found the Neil Gaiman collection on iTunes! I think they have it over at Amazon too…check it out!

    Vasilly, I can’t wait to see what I think of these either :p Jellicoe Road is really good so far!

    Kailana, We read so many of the same books these days! that’s crazy, lol.

    Deslily, I’m beginning to run out of places to put all of my books, lol….I really do need to open a bookstore. I could stock it with the books I have!

    Bellezza, You’re right about that! I truly do need to marry a bibliophile, lol.

    Debi, Don’t feel bad…I was laughing myself when I posted this :p And there’s one more Hornby book about books! It’s Housekeeping Vs. The Dirt. You haven’t read that one yet, have you?

    Claire, Stuff White People LIke and What I learned…were both total impulse buys. I had never heard of them before but they sound great! Can’t wait to read them.

    Fyrefly, I love the title Embryoyo πŸ™‚ That’s why I bought the book, lol. I’m VERY weary about the new Anne Rice book. We’ll see how it is….

    Amanda, That’s what I’ve heard from so many people! Can’t wait to see what I think of it!

    Stephanie, I don’t have issues…I have SERIOUS issues, lol. seriously…someone just needs to stop me…

    Vivienne, But it’s so much fun to be bad, isn’t it? lol…the more books the better, I say.

    Nymeth, That’s such a shame that the shipping was so much on those books! Horrible really. Hopefully I can talk you into getting all those books that you want πŸ˜‰

  15. Bart, I think you’re right, lol! I may just end up hitting 500 books for the year…luckily, many of these are from the library, or audiobooks, or are on my iPhone so I don’t have to worry about them all taking up space. Getting ready to start the Hunger Games right now!

  16. Okay, I really have to get Uglies LOL

    Enjoy your books!
    My mailbox is also up πŸ™‚

  17. […] there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Because, I now don’t feel nearly as bad… Here is my intake for this last […]

  18. Hornby Hornby Hornby!! What a good horde. I’m quite impressed with how well I’m doing on this book buying ban, but you’re collection is making me seethe with envy! πŸ˜‰

  19. Ah, Chris, we just have good taste! And, well, I think we probably always read about the same, I just vanished off the blogsphere for most of a year and you forgot about me. I am so happy I am more, uh, organized or social this year… You pick. lol

    Now, READ THE STOLEN CHILD! I can’t believe you haven’t read it… Actually, you and Nymeth should read it together! Aren’t I helpful? πŸ™‚

  20. That e-mail you sent today…I’m still laughing. So not kidding.

    Actually, I read The Complete Polysyllabic Spree, which if I’m not mistaken, contained both Spree and Housekeeping. Though I’d really, really like to be wrong about this!!! Will have to look into it.

  21. Dude! Are you on the roman noodle diet? πŸ˜‰

    Sweet haul! I forgot that The Penelopiad sounded so interesting in the past when others have read and reviewed it. Your Neil Gaiman CD reminds me that I have one of his children’s books with an audio CD in it that I have never listened to! Bad me! And at the same time I am super excited about it. Its like I’ve figured out where buried treasure is.


  22. Kathrin, Awesome…On my way over to check out your post!

    Mariel, I think I need to take some notes on how to go on a book buying ban from you πŸ˜‰

    Kailana, Excellent idea! What do you say Nymeth? In for reading The Stolen Child??

    Debi, I’m so glad that it put a smile on your face…it cracked me up! And I think you’re right about the Hornby book…I just read The Polysyllabic Spree…my library didn’t have the complete. Sorry :/

    Carl, I seriously need to be on the roman noodle diet with all of these books, lol. The Penelopiad really does sound sweet…can’t wait to read it…it’ll fit perfectly with the Once Upon a Time challenge too! Dude! I have that Neil Gaiman book too! I think it’s The Day I Swapped my Dad…I forgot about that…I’ll have to check it out. Buried treasure indeed!

  23. Augh! I’m SO jealous about Shakespeare Wrote for Money. I still have yet to add Housekeeping vs Dirt to my shelves, and now you’ve introduced me to another Hornby I’m dying to get my hands on. (that didn’t sound quite right, did it?)

  24. Yep…I’m in πŸ˜€

  25. good reasons indeed… although i don’t know what your sponsor at bookaholics anonymous would say…

  26. oh boy, now I’m being blamed for books…nothing good can come from this. lol

  27. Wow! You’ve been buying up a storm! I think you’ve persuaded me to to a little online shopping later. I’m trying to stick to a budget for books each month but it’s April now, back to zero!
    Kailana has been making me want to read Westerfeld too.

  28. That is an amazing list! The only one that I have read is Uglies, and I have to say that it is a fabulous read. I’m sure you will love it!

  29. Have you ever considered running a monthly books bought vs. books read post like Hornby does? I think it would be interesting to see how your lists would compare.

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