It's Time, It's Time!

out3banner6200So excited! Carl has announced his Once Upon a Time III Challenge! Along with RIP, it’s my favorite challenge of the year. If you read this blog, then of course you know that I absolutely LOVE fantasy literature. It will never cease to be a favorite genre of mine. So these three months in which the challenge runs are always like a big love fest of reading for me. It’s like a three month long celebration. My TBR pile has gotten so out of control that it would be impossible for me to make even a pool of books at this point! But I have lots of fun fantasy lined up, so stay tuned for reviews. I’m most looking forward to sinking my teeth into some more de Lint. After reading Little Grrl Lost, I’ve been craving more. I’ve never read The Little Country and I’ve heard such great things about it…maybe I’ll start with that one.

I did see that Carl mentioned hosting a couple of mini-challenges in Dewey’s honor and I’m hoping that one of them is for the Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge! The Out of this World mini challenge went over really well and I’d love to see him do something like that again.


I’ve always equated Spring with change. Spring just seems to resonate a sense of rebirth and new beginnings. It’s a time to grow, a time to branch out. In celebration of that, I’ll be announcing my new website soon…probably this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement. I say this because it will mean a change of my URL. And it won’t redirect from this blog. So I’m asking ahead of time if you wouldn’t mind changing your links to me and your feed reader subscription when I announce the new URL. I know…I’m such a pain! Sorry guys, but I wanted a shorter URL than the current one. For those who have been with me since the beginning this is now the THIRD blog that I’ve had! But you know what they say…third time’s a charm 😉 I’m sticking with this new site. I put a lot of time and energy to it and I’m going to make it last! I’ll probably announce it this Sunday.

Take care everyone and happy reading!


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  1. a wild guess here that Fablehaven might be the first book for Once Upon a Time??.. just a guess mind you.

    why is it men love to keep changing things ??? Gawd I hate change! It takes me too long to learn something ONCE let alone over and over again! grrrrrrrrr..but then it just proves you are my son.. only you own kids give you this much grief! :o)

  2. *happy dance* it’s here, it’s here!

    You should still have posted a pool of books…just for my amusement, for I like looking at lists of books 😛

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new site!

  3. I’m doing Nymeth’s *happy dance* here, too! I was so excited when I checked his site last night and the announcement was there. And now I can’t wait to see your new site. Happy Spring!

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  5. I’m so glad you are in again and am thrilled you are as excited as I am about it being this time of year again. I’m sure you’ll get through some great reads!

    Just curious, why not set this blog up to redirect to the new site AND encourage people to just change your link on their blog sites?

  6. I’m so excited too! I was first there last night 😀 and I could hardly contain myself! Spring is here! OUT3 is here!!! Please please post your books just so we can gaze longingly at them… know, we know, they won’t all be read, but it’s just lovely to look at the possibilities, what could be read, and drool with booklust over your pile 😀 pretty please? and of course I’ll link to your new blog! You’re one of my favorite people!! though I do agree with Deslily!!! lol except you’re not my ‘son’ lol

  7. Hey…I want to see a list!!! Especially if it’s a mile and a half long!

    I’ve got a question for you…does that mean that for every place (all 3,018 of them :D) I’ve linked to your blog in the past will need to be changed?!! Sheesh. Good thing I love you so much. 😉

  8. I totally understand the lure of a shorter url. I’m looking forward to seeing your new site!

  9. thanks for posting about the once upon a time challenge.. i just joined. 😀

  10. A new site…how exciting! I’m all about change during spring, thats why we have spring cleans…out with the old and in with the new! Best of luck, I look forward to seeing it! 🙂

    I’m heading over to Carl’s site now…first time on this challenge!

    Happy equinox!

  11. I love this challenge, too, because fantasy is my favourite genre. I read others, but it has no competition.

    I put Little Grrl Lost on my hold list at the library. I was going to read the couple adult books by him I own, but I really liked The Blue Girl. Figured I should read some of his young adult stuff, too! The problem with him is I really would rather own his books than take them out from the library, but since I have wished I owned about half of the books I have read this year from the library…. 🙂

    Anyway, happy reading! I am looking forward to all your reviews!

  12. Deslily, Yep! Fablehaven will definitely be my first review 😉 And I’m totally loving it! I say this with each one, but it’s the best yet! You’ll enjoy it. I’m sorry I keep changing everything :/ I really hate change too, but I wanted something different, lol.

    Nymeth, It’s a deal. Either later tonight or tomorrow I will post my list! It may just shut down your computer though because it willl be so long :p

    Robin, Isn’t it great that it’s OUaT time! I seriously wait for this all year :p

    Carl, Thanks again for hosting this! It’s going to be fantastic 😀 Ideally, I’d love to have this site just redirect to the new site. Here’s the problem…I can’t get my archives to transfer to the new site because I have to increase my size limit in the html code…my server gives me more than enough memory for the transfer file and I tried increasing the size as it said, but it’s still not working :/ So the only way to leave all of my archives still visible for now is to have this site remain accessible.

    Susan, ok, ok, ok…just for you I’ll post a list of all of my possible reads! It’ll be either later tonight or tomorrow!

    Debi, I shall post the list later tonight or tomorrow! You’ve all made me cave :p And no, you don’t have to change every single link :p Those links should still go to the post, but if you wouldn’t mind changing your link in the blogroll it would be greatly appreciated 😉

    Softdrink, Thanks! is just too long…with little words mixed in too. That just makes it hard to read in the first place.

    Claire, Awesome! I know you’ll have’s always a blast!

    Mariel, Happy equinox to you too! This is your first OUaT challenge? I thought for sure that you participated last year! I guess I’m thinking of the RIP challenge. Anyway, you’ll have a blast! It’s so much fun.

    Kailana, I’m right there with you..when it comes down to it, there’s no competition for my fantasy books! I’m so glad that you’re getting little grrl lost. It’s a fantastic book. I really enjoyed it. And I know what you mean about wanting to own all of his books. In fact, I think I actually do own almost all of them :p I was bummed about having to bring Little Grrl lost back to the library 😦 Such a cool cover too!

  13. I’m excited about the reading event as well. Charles De Lint is one of my favorites. Looking forward to seeing what you read.

    My post is here

  14. I”ve joined too, in the hope I’ll do way better than last year. de Lint is a name that keeps popping up, so I’ll have to read something by him _ luckily, he’s one of my favourite authors.
    I read The Little Country many years ago _ it’s very, very good. 🙂

  15. Hi Chris,

    I haven’t forgotten to help you out, I’m available over most of the weekend, email me your MSN or Yahoo chat id if you have one and I’ll try and catch you online.

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