Friday Shtuff

openbookI think I might start just using Fridays for random bookish ramblings if I don’t have anything to review. Today’s focus will be on the insane amount of reading that I have to do in March! I think I’m going to put The Hobbit back on the shelf for now. I’ve read it four times already and I just have too much other fun stuff waiting for me that needs to get read. Right now, I’m trying to finish Alice In Sunderland and I’m having such conflicting feelings about it. Part of me loves it and part of me gets bored at times. The art is absolutely incredible. The time that Brian Talbot must have put into this book is crazy. It’s really well done. And I’m learning some fascinating facts along the way! But at times, my mind strays from it…it gets a little bit too much like a history lesson for me and seems a little dry. But I do like it overall. Apparently more than just a little bit because it’s currently overdue at the library but I refuse to bring it back yet!

I also want to finish Colleen’s new book, As Shadows Fade, so I’m spending all of the little reading time I get on that instead of Alice in Sunderland. It’s really good and really sad because I know it’s the last book in the series. 😦 Now for everything else I have to read this month! Luckily they’re all super fantastic and stuff that I’m really looking forward to.

As far as ARC’s go, I have three waiting for me right now. There’s Martin Millar’s Lux the Poet which I’m super excited about. Can’t wait to dig into that one! Then John Lawson sent me an ARC of his new book Sorrow and let me just tell you how amazing this one looks. The cover is beautiful and after reading only the prologue, I’m hooked on it! It’s presented beautifully too. I forgot how good of a writer he was (sorry John) until I read that prologue. Really great stuff. I’d like to get that one read before the release date too and it’s pretty short so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Then, I’m getting an ARC of the fourth Fablehaven book that will be released on March 24th and I’ve agreed to review it for the release date along with doing another interview with Brandon Mull! And we’ll have lots to talk about with all of the new exciting things going on for him! So that needs to get done.

I also have a few other things that I’ve committed myself too. One is a review of Save The Best For Last by Kim Hanks which is really short, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Reading that one for the Pump Up Your Book Promotion tour. It sounds good too. And then I’d really like to read Peter Beagle’s new collection We Never Talk About My Brother by the end of the month in the hopes of spreading the word more about it. Really excited about that one too!

Finally (!) I have to read two books for the Dewey’s book reading challenge. One for Jill’s mini challenge which will probably be a review in list format and the other for Nymeth’s mini challenge. I think I’m going to read something that she recommends, so that is TBD.

Is it all possible? Yes…Probable? No, but I’ll do it dammit! The funny thing is, after this month I have no huge commitments set up! At least I don’t think…please tell me if I do. I have plenty of new ARCs, but there’s no pending date to have them reviewed by. Oh, and I still have like 6 library books checked out too…but I’m not over my renew limit on those yet :p


Friday Fill Ins

1. Giving a kid I was counseling some money to go get a sandwich since his mother wouldn’t feed him was my last random act of kindness. Poor kid, my heart went out to him.

2. Another place is what I need to store my books.

3. Always be true to yourself in matters of the heart. Sounds corny, but very true.

4. Coffee, tea or nicotine are my drugs of choice. I’m not saying they’re all healthy, but hey…

5. People take separate paths. One of life’s hardest lessons to learn.

6. Our lack of services for those with mental illness reminds me that there is still a long way to go with healthcare.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to maybe getting off of work early and reading some of these books, tomorrow my plans include possibly going to see The Watchmen and having birthday cake for my little brother and Sunday, I want to just relax!


12 Responses

  1. So, ASF is another wonderful book.. but I’m with you. It’s sad to see the series end.

    Good luck with the to do list!

    And I enjoy your Friday Fill -ins. I finally did one today!


  2. one word: Pern.

    not going to let that one go to the bottom of the pile!

  3. Your ARCs sound great! Your enthusiasm is so wonderful, Chris, no wonder authors contact you for a review.

    Your Friday Fill Ins are also especially good. I can see a reflection of your heart in them, far beyond the superficial answer so many responses hold. I give money to kids whose mothers aren’t there as well. It’s not their fault, and they need to eat. I liked all your answers, actually, and I smiled at your nicotine.

  4. I got Alice In Sunderland from the library, and now halfway through I’m thinking that I would appreciate it much more if I bought it. It is gorgeous and the info inside is great – a lot of the times I set it down and search out more background info on certain topics on wiki. It just doesn’t seem like I’m meant to read it all in one go – more like a book that I can spend a month going through slowly, and then randomly browsing through again and again. At this point I’m finding it hard to recall what I learnt from 10 pages back and that makes me feel bad, ya know what I mean.

    Happy Friday 🙂

  5. Joanne: I got Alice in Sunderland from the library, too, and I totally think I should’ve bought it! It is not a book you can really get from the library.

    Chris: You have a lot going on! Best of luck in finishing all of your committments!

  6. Sheesh…better you than me! I’d never get through all that reading, as much as I’d love to! But I think you’ll do it…and have a damn good time at it, too!

    Your Friday Fill-Ins touched my heart, Chris. I sure hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!!!

  7. CJ, I loved your Friday Fill ins too! And ASF really is fantastic!!

    Deslily, Fear not! It shall not go unread 😉 I plan on reading it during Carl’s challenge.

    Bellezza, Well thank you! Your friday fill ins are always so wonderful to read too. This poor kid…his mom dropped him off at the psyc hospital because SHE was crazy. He’s 18 and has been continually abused by his mom. We couldn’t admit him because he didn’t need to be there and he had to wait for a ride from his friend. He hadn’t eaten all day, so I just had to give him some money…he was so thankful too!

    Joanne, I’m right there with you on this one. It’s really one that would be fantastic to own and just read over a period of time….which I’m kind of doing anyway even though it’s now overdue :p It’s a great book, but so much information!!!

    Kailana, I think I may eventually buy Alice in Sunderland too. I’m glad to see that all of our libraries carry this one!

    Debi, I’m keeping positive about getting all the reading done! It’ll be a tough one, but I’ll do it! I plan on having a relaxing weekend, thank you 😉

  8. What! But the history is all the fun! Okay, okay, I’m a history nut 😛

    I’ve read the preface of Sorrow too, and it’s indeed fantastic. And my copy of We Never Talk About my Brother arrived today! I’m hoping to get to that one soon. Don’t worry…I’ll be merciful and pick something short for the mini-challenge 😛

    And that poor kid 😦

  9. I loved your Friday fill-ins. Is Alice in Sunderland a graphic novel?

  10. I enjoyed your random book ramblings!! Sounds like you might have a very stressful job and thanks for being there for all of those people that need you!!

  11. Nymeth, I knew you’d say that about Sunderland :p I change my mind on that book every day. Today I read a bit of it before work and I was in love with it! I guess it depends on my ever fluctuating moods :p I can’t wait to get my copy of the Beagle book!!!! Did you get it personalized? I did :p

    Bookfool, Yes!! It is a graphic novel and now that you mentioned it, I think that you would fall in love with it! It’s history, alice in wonderland, lewis carroll and wonderful art all thrown into one! And it’s a big one too…I’ve been reading it for like a week now :p So it’s not so much a “waste of money”. Really great! Check it out if you can find it!

    Staci, I’m glad you enjoyed them 🙂 The job can certainly be super stressful at times. I work as a counselor at a psychiatric hospital and sometimes you’d just swear it’s a full moon every night!

  12. I got my copy of the Beagle book today from my bookstore! I was so excited. I haven’t read any Gleason yet, I must be one of two people (Cath at Read-Warbler is the other from her remark to Carl!) who hasn’t started the series yet! But you or Carl will get the Bad Blogger point when I get the first one 🙂

    I agree with Nymeth, that poor poor kid.

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