I have been so out of sorts lately. I don’t know what’s going on, but I just can’t get it together. I promise though, I promise. I’ve been good for the past few days about actually reading blogs and keeping my reader under control. Commenting is another story though. I’ve been just awful about writing blog posts lately, and even worse at reading! I think I’ve been reading Ursula LeGuin’s Voices for the past 2 weeks! And it’s a really good relatively short book at just over 300 pages. It’s sad when there’s not even time to read in a day. I think I need a vacation. Scratch that…I know I need a vacation. It’s just not possible right now. 

So we’ve been looking at houses and found one that we really like! I’ll have to post pictures soon. I’m going to meet with the dreaded mortgage lender soon to see what I can get pre-approved for. I checked my credit score today and it’s shockingly excellent! I mean, I knew I had good credit, but it’s still nerve racking checking it. Anyway, what we’re doing is going in on a double shotgun house. Me and my friend Jessica have been friends since I was 15 and while we know we could never live together, we can buy a double together and each have separate sides. It actually works out to cheaper than rent and we’ll actually each own something and have some equity finally! Yay for equity! It’s a really nice classic New Orleans shotgun double with wood floors and 13 foot ceilings and is in a wonderful neighborhood that’s very involved. Lots of young professional type people who are just getting started like us. It’s in mid-city which is sort of in between uptown and downtown New Orleans. You’re close to everything! Yeah, I’m excited…but it’s still stress…good stress, but added stress. 

As for reading, well like I said, it’s not going so good. I have 2 huge stacks of books that I really have to read too. 1 pile of review books which includes R. Scot Johns’ Beowulf, Kim Hanks’ Save the Best for Last, Martin Millar’s Lux the Poet and Max Frei’s The Stranger. Then there are the library books which need to get read before they’re due back! I have 7 out right now. Went to renew them last night and learned that Alice in Sunderland is non-renewable, so I’ll be reading that tonight and tomorrow. 

Car’s in the shop. I dropped it off after work tonight and hopefully it’ll be ready tomorrow night. I hate it when cars start making strange noises :/ I just know that it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg and I really can’t afford that right now…oh well. That’s what credit cards are for right? I love you American Express. 

On the blogging front, have you seen how cool this and this is? Yeah, very cool! I’m so proud of her. 


Friday Fill Ins:

1. I’m stressed, I’m overworked, I still enjoy life though

2. Why do I have books and not bookshelves to fit them on.

3. How does this shit work, anyway? (seriously, one of my favorite things to say :p)

4. Every morning, I put shampoo on my head.

5. I consider myself lucky because I have a great family, a few really good friends, a job during these tough economic times, and a good credit score!.

6. One day we’ll see world peace. (one can hope, right?)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to laying in my nice cozy bed and reading a book knowing that my car is fixed, tomorrow my plans include working all frickin’ day and Sunday, I want to not be at work all frickin’ day, but I will be! (notice that every other weekend, this end bit is the same…..)


9 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been in a funk, Chris! That is such a NOT fun place to be. And no amount of talk from your brain can just snap you out of it. Hope you’re feeling much, much, much better soon!!!

    And a house! Whoa! What exciting news! I’ve never heard the term double shotgun house…I assume it’s another way to say duplex? I can’t wait for you to share pictures! Hope the whole process goes smoothly…oh my goodness, that truly is awesome news!

    And Nymeth! I’m sure you’ve been feeling just the same as I have…just bursting at the seams excited for her!!! Seriously, I’ve been walking with a pronounced bounce in my step since yesterday! Maybe now she’ll start to realize how truly incredible her writing and her book reviews are. 🙂

  2. Good luck on the house! It sounds fabulous. And wow, that’s awesome for Nymeth. I love visiting her blog.

  3. I’m just emerging from a funk myself, so I’m sending positive anti-funk thoughts your way!! That house sounds so awesome; I definitely want to see pictures. Especially of how you decorate it. 😀

    How exciting for Nymeth!! She’s so awesome. 🙂

  4. I’m sorry you’ve been down in the dumps. This has been a crap reading week for me, too. I’ve finished exactly one book. I had hoped to “read ahead” this week, because I’ve got 4 tours, next week. Ack! And, yeah, I have a stack of library books. I don’t read fast enough.

    The house sounds great! I think it’s terrific that you’re moving out on your own. Sorry about the car. I sold an old car that we’ve had on our driveway for years — hubby thought it couldn’t be repaired so it had flat tires and was covered with mold. We sold it for $50 because we really just wanted it off our driveway. Guess what? The guy who bought it is a mechanic and he got it working. He had a borrowed car and was desperate, so it worked out for everyone. Isn’t that cool?

  5. I’m sorry you’ve been out of sorts, Chris 😦 And that’s just so unlucky about your car. But the house! That’s so exciting! And it sounds like the location is perfect too. So…can I stay over when I go to New Orleans? 😛

    And thank you so much, Chris. I swear, you and Debi spoil me rotten 😀

  6. Ursula LeGuin comes in to my work all the time. I work at a video rental store. Sadly, I have never read any of her books.

  7. I hate going through “Blah!” periods – hope you feel more bright-eyed and bushy tailed soon 🙂

  8. I hope this difficult time will melt away for you soon, Chris. And way cool about the house! I hope it works out and that we’ll get fun pics and everything.

    And yes, of course, Nymeth rocks! We all know that. 😀

  9. Debi, Thanks! I’ll get out of it soon enough. You’re right….there’s really no way to talk your brain out of it. I’m very excited about the house!! A double shotgun is a “new orleans term” I guess, lol. It’s basically a house that goes straight back so that one room proceeds to another. It’s named that because if you shot a shotgun from the front door, it would go straight back to the back door. Only in New Orleans, huh? And yes, I’ve been so proud of Nymeth!!

    Jeane, Thanks! I’m so excited about the house 😀

    Eva, There are big plans for how to decorate the house and the work to be done…trust me! lol. I’m sorry to hear that you have been in a funk too 😦

    Bookfool, Hey at least you got one book read! I’ve been working on the same one for 2 weeks now! Sad, huh? I’m super duper excited about the house!! You’ll have to come over for lunch and a day in New Orleans when I’m in and it’s decorated 🙂 I’ll make you a pot of chicken andouille gumbo 😀 And good for you with the car! You helped someone out, got it out of your driveway, and made 50 bucks! Score!

    Nymeth, it’s ok…I’m getting better. And the car didn’t cost even close to as much as I thought it would to fix! Always good news. So does this mean you’re coming to New Orleans?! 😉 It’s such a great city…you’d love it. And of course you have a place to stay if you do come! You and Debi should both come!

    Colin, Dude, that’s awesome! I’m hit and miss with LeGuin. I really dig some of her stuff and then I’ve read things (like The Lathe of Heaven) that I just couldn’t stand. The Gifts series is awesome though!

    Sally, Aren’t they just a pain in the ass? I’m getting better though!

    Darla, Thanks a bunch! I’ll post some pics soon of he house!

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