Library Loot, More Bad Bloggers, and Haunted Nether Regions

library-lootGuess what?? I actually went to the library today and can participate in Eva’s weekly meme! That also means that more people get points for Bad Bloggers! Here’s my theory, by going to the library, I can take books off of the wishlist slowly and stop adding so much to the ridiculously huge TBR pile that I have at my house. When it went over 200 I realized that we have a problem. I found some fun stuff at the library today and had even more fun just browsing the shelves. Despite the fact that I got two graphic novels, I came to the conclusion that our library seriously sucks in that category. But they’re well stocked elsewhere. Here’s what I got:


1. Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman – I decided that I want to reread this series. I haven’t read it in ages and I just loved it the first time around. I have the Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 which is beautiful but it’s more of a collectors item. Hard to hold up to read for long periods of time. So I’m just going to check them out at the library one at a time!

2. The Polysyllabic Spree by Nick Hornby – Ok, who hasn’t wanted to read this one since reading Nymeth’s review of it. It’s Nick’s thoughts on various books that he’s read and it looks so good! Yep, 1 point for Nymeth

3. Voices by Ursula LeGuin – I read the first one in this series last year (?) and fell in love with it! So I had to get the second one when I spotted it. This series is all Nymeth’s fault…2nd point for Nymeth (seriously Nymeth, you should just tell me which book you want now :p)

4. Little (Grrl) Lost by Charles de Lint – I’ve been wanting to read this one for awhile now…it’s no one’s fault really. It’s just a book with a great cover by a great author.

5. The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman – I know, I know…I’m the last person in the world to read this one. I’m so excited that I got my hands on this one though. The person who really got me to want this one was Dewey. So one point for her. I’ve decided that what I’m going to do if Dewey wins is donate to charity in her name. She should definitely still get points after the effect she had on my reading.

Ah yes, and I’m sure you’re all wondering what the haunted nether regions thing is about. I found this courtesy of here if you want to read all about haunted vaginas.


14 Responses

  1. Yay for new library loot participants! 😀 And I’m so glad you’re going to read P&P; I’ll put a hold on Speaker for the Dead.

    I love that girl’s hair on the cover of Voices-mine could never do that, so I’m in awe.

    And I haven’t read Maus. I try to avoid Holocaust (fictional) books and movies as much as humanly possible. The Book Thief was an exception, which usually only happens every few years. I’m such a coward.

  2. Maus, is such an amazing book. The contrast between the cute graphics and what is being discussed is really disarming at times, and completely effective.

    Nice haul of books there. I’m off to the library myself today – for the first time in years – need to be good… must be good…

  3. YOU GOT VOICES! I’m so excited that you got Voices! I liked it even more than Gifts and that series needs to get more bloglove. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. And the Spree! I have no doubt that you’ll love it too.

    Bart said it well. Maus is amazing, and the art is a big part of the reason why. I can’t imagine that story being told any other way.

    About haunted vaginas: the whole concept is gold, but it’s the “you have to get out of here” that gets me, lol.

  4. Whoa…that is one amazing little haul from the library there!!! Our graphic novels sections is certainly lacking, too. What bugs me most is the way they’ll have the first in a series and then one later in the series, like the fourth or fifth one. Very frustrating. Thus the reason I just need to buy Fables.
    Annie’s been begging for Little (Grrl) Lost. I’ll probably get it for her for her birthday. I just love the cover, too!

  5. Enjoy the spree my friend! Nick Hornby could be one of the worst bad bloggers out there considering the impact he’s had on my TBR list!

  6. The graphic novel section at my library is terrible, too! But, it is not nearly as bad as the fantasy/sci-fi section! Gifts is in for me at the library (finally), so I guess I will be reading that soonish! We are having a snowstorm so I am trying to decide if it is worth heading out in it to go to the library…

    I want the Nick Hornby book. I had to inter-library loan it and it is taking forever!

  7. Eva, I’m really looking forward to continuing on with Library Loot! I need to start getting into the habit of going there again. LOL…I love that you want that girl’s hair. I’m sure she’d happily trade with you. And I know what you mean about holocaust books. I tend to like books that are depressing, but not in that way…those are just truly depressing 😦

    Bart, Great! I’m really looking forward to Maus. I’ve read so much about it. This was my first time going to the library in a year, and I’m glad I did! It was quite fun and I didn’t spend a dime!

    Nymeth, I was really excited about Voices!! I remember you talking about how you liked it better than Gifts so I knew I had to have it…and I’ve already flipped through the Spree a bit 😉 That she has to escape from her vagina is my favorite part of the whole thing too…like she can run away from it :p

    Debi, That’s what annoys me too! That’s how they are with Sandman, so I’ll either end up having to buy some of them (and then have an incomplete collection) or see if I can get them on interlibrary loan which is a pain in the ass. You should definitely get the de lint for Annie! I can’t wait to dig into that one.

    Mariel, I know EXACTLY what you mean, lol. I started flipping through the book and I’m already like trying to add stuff to my wishlist, lol. That may be a dangerous one!

    Kailana, It sounds like we need to start a library graphic novel revolution! That just sucks. Our fantasy/sci-fi section isn’t horrible, but it’s not great. It’s about 4 shelves front and back whereas the fiction section is probably about 35 shelves. I’d stay home and play it safe if I were you, lol. And I can’t wait til you read Gifts! I really liked it!

  8. I found out about the haunted vagina from book zombie and oh my god. 😦 that killed my dinner.

  9. I thought I knew about all of Hornby’s books.. apparently not. The Spree sounds wonderful.. I definitely have to get my hands on them.. I guess that makes you a bad blogger! 🙂

  10. Now, no complaining about your library if they have any graphic novels at all. Ours has none, of course. Talk about major suckage. But, I did get some library loot, today. I don’t know if I’ll post about it because I’m never going to catch up, never, never!! I always have 5 post ideas in my head and I usually get to one of them, at best. Is Bookfool being negative? Just bop her on the head and send her on her way.

  11. Nope, you’re not the last one to read Maus. I will be…because B&N didn’t have that one, either. Grrrrr. And I tried to go to the library yesterday. But it was closed! There should be a law about that.

    Also…Dream Homes arrived over the weekend. Thank you!!!

  12. Your best Monday Mailbox post yet, in my opinion. What a great lot of books!!!

  13. I am reading Gifts right now, actually.

    Oh, and I stole your Bad Blogger graphic. That’s okay, right?

  14. Great lot of books! I picked up “Little (Grrl) Lost” last week at the library – I think the cover is so beautiful.

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