January Wrap Up

endofmonthCan you believe that the first month of the year is gone already?! Crazy. January was a great reading month for me and if the rest of the year is this good, I’m in for a treat. I read 8 books this month which is excellent for me and 3 of them were even chunksters (over 450 pages)! Can’t wait to see what February has in store! Here’s a breakdown of what I read:

January Totals: 8 books, 2,876 Pages

1. Comic Book Tattoo – Edited by Rantz A. Hoseley, 2008, 480 pgs., 4.25/5
2. A Fine and Private Place by Peter Beagle, 1960, 264 pgs., 5/5
3. Enslaved by Ducks by Bob Tarte, 2003, 308 pgs., 4.25/5
4. Blood Harvest by Brant Randall, 2008, 286 pgs., 3.75/5
5. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, 2005, 498 pgs., 4.0/5
6. Fables Volume 3: Storybook Love by Bill Willingham, 2004, 190 pgs., 4.0/5
7. Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, 2005, 320 pgs., 5/5
8. The Starry Rift: Tales of New Tomorrows edited by Jonathan Strahan, 2008, 530 pgs., 3.25/5

I also picked a few people to write to as penpals! Don’t worry guys…I haven’t forgotten about you all. I just need to a.)find some stationery that I like and b.)find the time to write, which will be on Monday when I’m off of work! Can’t wait. And I got my first letter from Debi in the mail today!!!! Loved it 😀

Hope everyone else had as good and enjoyable of a reading month in January as I did!


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  1. I did a January wrap-up post, too, but my totals aren’t nearly as impressive as yours. What’s really cool is how many of your choices earned 4/5 or better!!!
    Glad your letter arrived safe and sound, despite the fact that it was just totally idiotic. I do promise to do better next time. 🙂
    Anyway, here’s to a February that’s every bit as full of good reading!

  2. I love writing letters and have decided that Feb will be a joyous letter writing frenzy. I wish the same for you! On the book note, however, I’m disappointed with my results of only reading 5 books and hope that Feb (my hub will be traveling for work so maybe I’ll have more time?) but then again, I also want to see as many oscar nom’d movies as I can. Oh dilemma!

  3. What a great selection of books. I’ve heard great things about: Enslaved By Ducks.

    I think it is so cool you found some pen pals. I had several when I was a teenager and really enjoyed writing letters. Hope you have fun.

  4. Sheesh. Last year FLEW by and now January is over?? Why is it time stands still when you are too young to appreciate it and speeds up when you are older??

  5. I’m seriously contemplating reading the first few stories of Starry Rift in Barnes & Noble (since my library doesn’t have it). I’ve been working on my penpal letters too-in fact I’m in the middle of my one to you!

  6. Debi, I thought your totals were much more impressive than mine! And DEBI! You better stop that, lol. I absolutely adored my letter from you. It wasn’t “idiotic” in the least bit. I can’t wait to get more 😀

    Care, I’m really looking forward to writing letters!! I haven’t done that in ages. I have a brand new fountain pen to sport too 🙂 Hey, 5 books isn’t bad at all! I had many months last year where I only read 4.

    Diane, Thanks! Enslaved by Ducks is fantastic! I hope you enjoy it if you get to read it. I used to have penpals when I was a teenager too…I loved it!

    Stephanie, I know! Tell me about it. It really is true. When you’re a kid you just want to grow up so fast and then when you get older you just wish time would sloooooow down, lol.

    Eva, You should definitely go park it in Barnes and Noble for awhile 😉 It’s a great read! And I’m so excited that you’re writing my letter!!! I’m going to go out Monday and find some really great stationery 🙂

  7. I am so dying to read Old Man’s War, but it’s due back at the library this week. Darn it! I may have to just fork over the big bucks.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Enslaved by Ducks!

    You won’t believe how many books I read in January, but I feel like a cheated because I read 3 graphic novels (LOVED American Born Chinese — any more great recommendations?) and a lot of short books. Ready?? I read 19 books, total. Still, I felt like I cheated. Only about 4000 pages, in all. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  8. If you have to choose a favorite between the books you rated 5’s, which one would it be?


  9. this is so funny… listing the books and that there are “chunksters”.. I am laughing because I just wrote the same thing for a post that I haven’t posted yet LOL.. I may only be your adopted mom but somehow we ARE related! LOL LOl..

  10. Congrats on reading so many books in January – especially those chunksters!

  11. Well done on reading so many and chunksters too. Your reviews have made me want to get hold of Fables.

  12. I can’t believe that you read so much in January. You are off to a great start! I didn’t get in a single chunkster. Everything I read was short.

  13. Congrats on THREE chunksters in one month! You had a good month of reading later! I hope February is just as great.

  14. Congrats on THREE chunksters in one month! You had a good month of reading! I hope February is just as great.

  15. Can you send my your address? I don’t have it, so I can’t send you any letters yet. 😦 you can get my email from by blogger profile 🙂

    YOu read 8! Lucky! I read 6, which is pretty good for me, but not the 8 I was aiming for. And An Old man’s War was in my hands earlier this week, I put it back on the shelf for when I go on my next book-buying spree, so get ready for a point!! 3 chunksters….way to go, Chris!!! I read one…

  16. Nancy, It’s worth a few bucks to keep Old Man’s War out 😉 It’s fantastic! You can’t just renew, or are you over your limit? I really did love Enslaved by Ducks! Such a fantastic book and he was kind enough to stop by and leave a few comments. Can’t wait to read Fowl Weather now! 19 books?! That’s incredible!! Congrats 🙂 And Graphic Novels definitely count…otherwise I would’ve only read 6 😉

    Renay, Ok, Ok…it’s Scalzi :p Honestly though, I really couldn’t choose between the two! I think you’d really like A Fine and Private Place by the way. It seems right up your alley!

    Deslily, I think that we must be related somewhere along the bloodline, LOL! Either that or we’re just telepathically connected. Go us and our chunksters!!

    Alyce, Thanks! I really enjoyed pretty much everything this month!

    Alexa, Ooooh, Fables is such an incredible series! I find it hard to believe that I’ve managed to restrain myself enough to only read 3 of them so far…they’re fantastic!

    Natasha, It’s really not that great compared to what I’m seeing everyone else has read, but thanks! It is indeed great for me, lol. I rarely read chunksters, but I really have to start getting them off of my shelf!

    Lena, Thnaks! I’m hoping that February is greta too!

    Susan, Sure thing! But I’m going to send your letter out soon 🙂 So, you’ll get it on the envelope too. I’ve just been such a slacker in writing! Debi just happened to beat me to it! 6 is really good Susan! Much better than what a NORMAL month looks like for me…I usually read anywhere from 4-7 books in an average month. Yey! Another point! lol…Old Man’s War is just fantastic!

  17. You got off to a great start this past month. I’ve really got to follow your good example and start reviewing what I read, rather than jumping into another book right away.

    I just got a copy of Enslaved By Ducks, and I’m hoping to get a go at it this week.

    And umm you need to send me your address too, I did write it down last time, but I have a bad habit of using little scraps of note paper which I then proceed to lose almost immediately :/ But this year I got smart and bought a datebook / address book 😛

  18. Chris,

    I just renewed my library check-out of Old Man’s War, actually. 🙂 Nope, not over my limit — I was just thinking I probably won’t get to it so I ought to take it back. Which is likely true, but I can dream, so I went ahead and rechecked.

  19. You had a really good month. I cannot believe how quickly January went by. I got through far fewer novels than I did last January during the opening month of Sci Fi Experience…only 4 this time…but I read so many more short stories and all of my reading experiences for January were a joy. I’m looking forward to the stuff I have slated to read for February.

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