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When I first started blogging, I was of a very small breed…the male book blogger. Oddly enough, the first blogger I really started following was Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings. He’s still one of my favorite bloggers today. I soon discovered though that we were a minority in the book blogging world…finally, I’m a minority! lol. But I’ve noticed that things have started to level out a little bit on that front and there are more and more guys joining the book blogging community! And that’s awesome. Nerdy as we may be, guys read too! Here are some of the great guy book bloggers out there:

Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings – Nuff said. He’s become one of the iconic book blogs out there and his is much more than just a book blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that). He reviews art, films, does fantastic challenges, and some great interviews. Seriously, if you’re not following Carl already, you really should be.

Neil Gaiman – One of the world’s most cool dudes (and newly named Newbery Award recepient). Author extraordinaire and whatever other title you deem appropriate. Neil’s blog was actually the first blog I ever followed come to think of it. However, he doesn’t respond to my comments 😦 Because I can’t leave any…nor does he comment on here. But he’s definitely a cool guy blogger. 

Bart at Bart’s Bookshelf – I just “met” Bart last year and he’s one hell of a cool dude! We have extremely similar taste in books and I wish that I would’ve discovered his blog sooner. 

Brandon at Bookstorm – Newly discovered book blogger and I’m quite enjoying his blog!

JP at Bombastic Bagman – One of my favorite book bloggers who I wish had more time to post. I always enjoy his posts. They’re fantastic and his sense of humor always shines through. I think I met JP during one of Carl’s challenges. 

John Green – Yet another author extraordinaire who will never comment on my blog, yet I can comment on his! John always has wonderful things to say and what’s even more fun than his blog is his vlog.

Colin at The Book Pirate – I just discovered Colin’s blog the other day after he left a comment over here and it’s fantastic! I’ve been enjoying going back into his archives and catching up on what I’ve missed. Check him out.

Matthew at Falling Stacks – Just discovered Matthew’s blog today and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed every post that he’s written so far. I can tell that we must have very similar taste in books as well.

Matt at A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook – I’ve been following Matt’s blog for a long time now, but sadly I rarely comment. Great blog though with fantastic posts!

And of course, these are just a few of the many male book bloggers out there. It’s kind of cool to know that I’m not alone in my reclusive ways :p Of course, this post is not meant to discount any of you wonderful book loving ladies out there. Many of your blogs are among my absolute favorites. Just thought that this was an interesting turn of events from 2 years ago!  And now I’ve undoubtedly added to your already too long list of blogs to read :p Night everyone!


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  1. Yeah I’ve noticed the lack of men in the blogging world. What a great list – going to check them out!

  2. It is great that more guys are blogging! I hope the trend keeps up.

    How goes The Sparrow? Still enjoying it?

    And, I think I am going to go email you and tell you my exciting news. Not ready to announce anything on my blog yet!

  3. Thanks for the great suggestion of new blogs. I plan to visit them over the next week.

  4. I love that you included Neil Gaiman and John Green 😀 Sometimes I wish Neil did comments, but then he wouldn’t get any actual writing done, so I guess it’s better this way 😛 I always read the comments over at John Green’s, but I’m not brave enough to comment myself.

    A lot of those male bloggers are new to me, so I’m off to check them out!

    (And speaking of male bloggers, whatever happened to Scott at Booky Ooky? I really liked his blog. Sometimes I wonder about all these missing bloggers. Like Kim… I miss her!)

  5. “And now I’ve undoubtedly added to your already too long list of blogs to read”…yes, you certainly have!!! But I have to say, it will be fun to check them out!

  6. wow, how interesting you would blog about “male bloggers”!.. I say this because I am writing a post that will pose a question to male bloggers!… must be a mother / son thing huh? lol

  7. Thanks for giving us some new blogs to visit! Most of these are new to me. It’s nice to see more men are joining the ranks of book bloggers!

  8. I only have a couple of fella’s on my blog roll, but a lot of those bloggers are new to me too, so I’ll be checking them out! And I didn’t know John Green had a blog…I’m off there now!

  9. Excellent! Half of those guys are already on my list, but the other half are new to me… I’ll have to go check them out!

  10. Yay thanks for mentioning me!

  11. Not a male blogger,but new to blogging.check out my blog and give advice…..http://healthyhead.wordpress.com

  12. Fun! I recently discovered John Green’s youtube videos, and for a brief spell I was in love with him…until I found out he’s a married man. hehe

  13. Now you and Carl aren’t the only men on my blog list =)

  14. I’ve noticed that there seems to be a dearth of male book bloggers, so thanks for this list – I’ll be checking them all out soon.

  15. Thanks for linking to me Chris, and as for the lower numbers of male bloggers, it’s obviously a case of quality not quantity! 😉

  16. A couple of other male bloggers to check out are (I just scanned through my reader):

    Books Are King at http://booksareking.blogspot.com/


    An Unfinished Person at http://unfinishedperson.com


    Ready When You Are C. B at http://readywhenyouarecb.blogspot.com/


    Book Dads: Fathers That Read at http://www.bookdads.com/

  17. Check you spam folder. I had a few links in my comment and I think it went the way of the wind! 😉

  18. I guess I’ve never really thought about it before. But, you’re right. I don’t know that many guy book bloggers. Thanks for the links — I’ll check them out.

  19. Yes yes yes, I’ve noticed this too! Thanks for pointing out some new ones. 😉

    There’s also Adam at lettersonpages.com

  20. dang! i never knew there were so few of us! i’d never noticed it.

    besides yours, carl’s and neil’s the only other blog i know of is “bart’ bookshelf” and i must say i’m very impressed with it. its so well organised and looks very professional – something which i think always makes a very good impression!

    i’ve been really bad with posting this past year. and whats worse is how i have all these half-written posts floating in my mind. its driving me a bit potty!

    i guess its like that promise about trying to cut down on challenges, but i really must try to post more regularly!

    and now i’m off to check out some of those blogs you’ve listed!

  21. What a great post, Chris. It’s nice to find new blogs to enjoy. I’m off to check these out and read some post! Thanks!

  22. I just found another one for you: http://robaroundbooks.com

  23. […] at Stuff as Dreams Are Made On lists all the male book bloggers he knows about. So cool! I knew that those of the XY chromosome persuasion were scarce in the […]

  24. I just started a book blog myself and was surprised by how few male book bloggers I could find. Thank you very much Chris and commenters for pointing out some great blogs. I look forward to reading them.

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