In Which Randomness Occurs

Me and the little bro just got back from Target where I succumbed to something that I have long avoided. That something is World of Warcraft. Oh yes…I did it. Now I’m waiting while it takes an estimated 2 hours to download onto my computer. And then the crack addiction begins. Austin got Skate 2 for his xbox 360 which looks cool. We’ll play that later on. Anyone else play WoW? 

Lets see…what else…Oh yeah, over on the Dewey’s blog challenge website, two things have been announced. The first is the new mini challenge hosted by Vasilly during February. The second is the first random giveaway of the challenge which involves a tshirt that some may find offensive…head on over there to check it out.

And finally, I have to pick my Penpals! Ok, lets see…I’m picking all of you! So Stephanie, Debi, Nymeth, Susan, and Joanne please send me your addresses and we’ll get the letter writing started. Ok, I have Debi and Nymeth’s address for sure, so y’all don’t have to worry about it…and I know I had Stephanie and Joanne’s address at some time, but no idea where it is now. And Susan, I just never had the opportunity to send you anything, so I need the three of y’alls addresses. 

K, that’s all…Mailbox monday and Bad Bloggers! up next!


12 Responses

  1. I gave WoW a try a couple years ago during a free trial period. Then I remembered that I have an addictive personality and quickly uninstalled it.

  2. WoW is like a chocolate-heroin milkshake – seriously I never thought I would become so addicted to something. And because I wanted to be both Alliance and Horde I have 2 main characters – Abernathy a Druid NightElf and Jezebhell a Warlock BloodElf.

    Oh and it was completely embarrassing to be the only 30 year old female waiting in line for the Lich King expansion – the gangs of pre-teen geekboys looked at me like I was an alien 😛

  3. My mother plays WoW. I largely avoid video games… I read. That takes up enough of my time! My ex played FF11 and was so addicted that he mostly ignored me near the end…. So, yep, stay away from it!

    I just finished Searching for Alaska! Great book!

  4. Yeah…..I’m one of those that has that addictive personality. When Mike and I were dating, he bought me a gaming system for Christmas. I never liked the sport games he did, but played the fantasy games. I would come home from work, make myself some dinner and sit down to play. The next thing I would know it would be after midnight, and I’d lost HOURS of time.

    When I had kids, I had to give it up. That or let them fend for themselves. I thought about it for awhile….then gave up the games!!

    I hope we see you again after WOW !!

    You should have my address…since you did send me a Christmas card!! But I’ll email you when I get home from work!!

  5. Colin, I have a really addictive personality too :/ I knew it was a bad idea as I was buying it, lol. Great blog by the way! I had never been your way before.

    Joanne, I think that is my favorite description of anything ever, lol. I don’t even know what half of your comment meant but I’m sure I’ll learn soon enough :p

    Kailana, I think that’s awesome that your mom plays WoW! Oh, I’ve played FFXII too…I know all about that addiction, lol. So glad you enjoyed John Green!! I just emailed you :p

    Steph, Same here…very addictive personality, yet I bought it anyway :p I like both sport and fantasy games, so I get in a bit of trouble when it comes to that, lol. I’d rather RPGs anyday though over sports games. I guess you made the right decision choosing your kids over video games…I guess, lol. You’ll definitely still see me…you may just have to hear about WoW now :p I’m sure I have your address in my address book. I was just too lazy to check.

  6. I don’t plat MMORPGs because I know that if I did they’d quickly suck my whole life away. And I’d gladly let them 😛 Have fun with WoW, though!

    I look forward to being your penpal 😀

  7. hehehe Have fun 🙂

  8. I emailed you back! 🙂

  9. Nymeth, I sure will have fun :p They tend to suck my life away too…yet I still play them, lol.

    Eva, I shall!

    Kailana, Got it!

  10. I’ll email you my address right now! Hurray! 🙂 and no, I don’t play WoW…..friends of mine do, they were here for dinner last night and had to email the site to cancel a ‘raid’….and my son plays too, I think. He plays so many online games I can’t keep track (he’s 20). I’m not tempted to play ; I get sucked into blogging and checking everyone’s blogs! lol! Good luck, please don’t play too long!!!

  11. Got it Susan! Can’t wait to write you a letter 🙂 WoW is indeed very addicting…I keep getting attacked and dying though which is quite sad 😦 I used to play some other online games too back in the day, but it’s been a while.

  12. Woohoo…I’m glad you picked us all! Just be prepared to bored to tears when you get my letter. 😦

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