Fables Vol. 3 by Bill Willingham

fablesvol3Fables Vol. 3: Storybook Love by Bill Willingham
190 pgs.

I could sit here and rant on and on about how much I love this series, but I suspect that will get old after awhile seeing as there are quite a few volumes of this series out now. So instead, I think I’ll start doing mini-reviews for now on about them. Of course I do have to rant a little bit. Book 3 is just as amazing as it’s two predecessors. Bill Willingham can tell one hell of a story and I want to get my hands on everything the man has written. And the artwork for the Fables series is incredible. I can’t even imagine the amount of time spent on each issue of this series. I think my favorites of the artwork are the covers by James Jean. His artwork is incredible. 

Volume 3 of Fables gives us a few different stories. The first tells the tale of Jack during the American Civil War as he gets into yet another bad idea. He wins a bag that is able to capture anything through a game of poker. As most of Jack’s tricks turn out, it’s not so good. The next story was amazing. A Mundy (that would be one of us non-fairy tale people) has threatened Bigby Wolf with the fact that he is on to the Fables. However, he thinks they’re vampires. Jack realizes that this man must be stopped, but will some go too far in stopping him. We begin to see Bluebeard’s truly evil side during this tale. Bluebeard’s evil side comes out even more during the main story of this volume, Storybook Love. Bluebeard has been keeping a criminal safe and upon this knowledge potentially being let out, he decides that Snow White and Bigby would be better off dead. During this story we also learn more about Snow and Bigby’s relationship and where it may be headed. Loved this one. And finally, we have a wonderful little story of how girls came Smalltown – the home of all of the tiny people. 

Loved this volume as much as the other two and I REALLY can’t wait to read volume 4 now!!


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  1. This was a great arc in Fables, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have you picked up the Fables Covers hardback yet? It is a beautiful volume of work.

  2. Christopher…now I have to go get volume one right now. :p Because I don’t have enough books checked out from the library…why do you do these things to me?!?! 😉

  3. I’ve only read the first of these so far. But oh, how I loved it! Since our library doesn’t have the next one, I made sure it was right at the top of my birthday wish list…and after leaving me for two weeks, Rich is quite prone to get me anything I want right now. 🙂 In fact, maybe I should go back and add the next several, huh?

  4. Like I was telling Kailana, I read books 7 and 8 yesterday morning and I bet I’ll devour 9 and 10 before the end of the week. And then I’ll start having withdrawal symptoms. Like, severe ones. I love Fables so much. I’m so glad you loved this volume as much as I did. And it keeps getting better! The story gets more and more exciting, the characters keep gaining depth…what more can you ask for?

    Also, I always do reviews of two of them at a time because there isn’t much I can say beyond “OMG I LOOOOOVE FABLES” and I worry it will get old too 😛

  5. I think the multiple unconnected stories aspect to this one threw me for a bit of a loop – I’d be interested in going back and re-reading this one now that I’ve seen how the rest of the story goes, and am more used to the format. Still, I agree with Nymeth that it really does keep getting better.

  6. Carl, It was a really cool arc in the story, though it kind of threw me a little bit with the different stories. I still haven’t gotten the James Jean Fables covers book! I really need to. I’m obsessed with his work.

    Eva, Oh, you do it to me too :p And yes indeed! You do need to go get volume 1 right now!!

    Debi, Oh, you’re going to have too much fun laying on the guilt trip to Rich :p You should just tell him that you’re going to need the whole series, so he better start ordering now! lol

    Nymeth, it will indeed be sad when I’m all caught up with this series! Maybe that’s why I’m reading them so slow now…to savor them. I really think this is the best series I’ve read since Sandman. I think I might start doing reviews of 2 at once too. My posts are going to turn into OMG I love Fables too, lol.

    Fyrefly, Yeah, it kind of threw me a little bit too, but it was neat in a way at the same time. I liked the diversity of this one. It was kind of like a little interlude. Can’t wait to read the rest!!

  7. I read #1-5 in less than a week then took a loooong break while waiting for #6 Now I’m all set to get going again. These are so amazing, it’s hard to not go all fangirlish when I review them lol 🙂

  8. I finished 1001 Nights of Snowfall, this weekend. It was great for a while, but some of those stories were just too depressing! I was much relieved when I moved on and read American Born Chinese. I loved that it was funny but meaningful. Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. I have read the first 4 and the first Jack of Fables bok and 4 has been my favourite so far. I hope you love it even more than the first 3 and I can’t wait to read more this year and catch up with the releases.

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