Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

twilightTwilight by Stephenie Meyer
498 pgs. 
Rating: 4.0/5

Ok, I have to admit it….I absolutely loved this book and if you haven’t read it yet, you really should. Don’t be mad :p Twilight was a book that I resisted for a long time, mostly because it was the “cool thing.” This is the same reason that I don’t read the “Oprah’s Book Club” books. When I do read the Oprah books, I usually like those too. Though I couldn’t even begin to like Edgar Sawtelle, on of the last ones she did. I don’t know why I shy away from popular books. I guess it’s just me trying to be some cool, bad ass, rebel guy, but in the end, they all get me. Though I never shied away from Harry Potter. Always loved those. 

Twilight combines three of my favorite things: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, and Vampires. Seriously…what’s not to love. I’m sure that most of you know the details of Twilight already, so I won’t go into too much depth. But for those who don’t, it’s the story of Bella, who moves away from her mother to a quiet town up north called Forks. On her first day at the new school, she sees a boy sitting with a group of the most beautiful and mysterious people she’s ever seen. The boy’s name is Edward, and he’s a vampire. They fall in love, both constantly intrigued by each other, and much danger and excitement ensues. 

It’s not a perfect novel. There are so many cliches in this book that it’s not funny, but honestly, I didn’t mind them much. Things happen in the novel that would never happen in reality. A convenience of sorts. But there’s way more good than bad in this one. Meyer can write a damn good story! She kept me turning the pages until my eyes would literally just not stay open any more. I thought all of her characters were excellent and despite everyone’s annoyance with Bella, I actually found her likeable. Perhaps that will change with the future books, but I thought she was a great main character. 

Will I be reading the sequels? Well yeah! I have to now. I’ve found my self enamored by these characters and really want to follow them on their journey. Maybe not an A+ here, but definitely an A. And guys out there, don’t be afraid of this book. Yes there’s romance in it, and it’s a bit sappy (just a little) at times, but there’s enough adventure and intrigue in this one for anyone!


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  1. How do YOU think it compares to The Host which we read last summer? Just curious 🙂

    I’m glad you liked it. I’ll be curious to see if you think the sequels are as good as this first book. And I’m really, really curious what you make of the last book in the series–Breaking Dawn.

  2. Nooooooooo…you were not supposed to like this book!!!! Traitor!

  3. Ahh, Twilight. Confession time: the thing with Twilight is that I’ve completely ruined it for myself by 1) ignoring all spoilers warnings (I know the plot of all 4 books in great detail 2) reading countless parodies, including those famous and hilarious recaps on livejournal 3) reading so much about the subtext that I bet I no longer can see anything else in the books 4) reading aloud from a site of Twilight quotes to my boyfriend from time to time just for laughs (come on, at least taken out of context some of those passages DO have comedy value)

    This has led my boyfriend to make fun of me for being as obsessed with Twilight as the crazed fans. Which I’m not…if anything I’m just slightly obsessed with mocking it.

    I hesitate to say this out loud because I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me and think I’d look down on those who enjoy the books, and I also don’t want to be someone who goes on and on about books she hasn’t even read. But hopefully you’ll understand 😛

    So yeah…if I ever do read the books it’ll have to be years from now, because I have to admit that at the moment I lack the ability to take them seriously. I bet I’d be constantly remembering the parodies and chucking 😛

  4. I’d be interested in the how it compares to The Host answer too. I liked this book a lot, but loved The Host!

  5. It’ll be interesting to read your thoughts on the rest of the books. I enjoyed them…but at the same time I was glad to see them end. And I refuse to see the movie. I’m perfectly happy with my imagination.

  6. I avoid the “in” books, too — or, at least, I used to. Lately, with so many ARCs coming in, I guess I’m reading more books that everyone’s talking about. Maybe. I loved Twilight, but I haven’t read on and still don’t feel compelled to do so after over a year.

  7. I love hearing a guys perspective. My husband in not a reader. A very reluctant one. But in 2008 he read like 12 books which is a RECORD! I’m so proud of him. Those books also included all of Stephenie Meyer’s books. He loved the Twilight series. Particularly, the first book and the last one. He couldn’t put Breaking Dawn down and loved it more than I did. He hated The Host though. There is a guy at his office who has read the series like 4 times. He likes to talk to him about it all the time.

  8. Twilight is just so addictive. It is hard not to like. 🙂

  9. Glad to hear you liked it! Its one of my favorites.
    Great review 🙂 I agree, Meyer does write an awesome story. I didnt begin to dislike Bella till book 2.

  10. Becky, You know what….I think I actually liked Twilight a good bit more than The Host! I really enjoyed the Host and will certainly read the sequel if she writes one, but I found this one to be more captivating. Both very good books though. I’ll definitely let you know what I think of the rest of the series. I know a big spoiler for the last book and we’ll see exactly how that all plays out!

    Debi, yes, yes…I know I’m a traitor :p Come join the dark side Debi!!

    Nymeth, I totally understand what you’re saying. I had actually avoided all of the spoilers, fan pages, etc. because I knew deep down inside that eventually I would read this series :p It was surprisingly better than what I had imagined. But yeah, there are definitely some mega-hilarious passages in this one that just made me say “oh brother…” Like I said in the review…it’s not without it’s cliches.

    Marg, I liked this one better than THe Host. Which was a really great book! But overall, I enjoyed Twilight more.

    Softdrink, I went and watched the trailer after I had finished the book, and to be honest, the movie just looks stupid, lol. I could tell that they had changed a lot and none of the characters looked like what I had imagined. So yeah, no film version for me either!

    Bookfool, I’ll let you know if you should read on after I finish up with the next book 😉 Then you can blame me again, lol. I had forgotten that you had read this one too! In fact, I remember you reviewing it awhile back and thinking “maybe I’ll like this after all.” And I did 🙂

    Natasha, Go hubby for reading 12 books! How can he not read with all of those books that you have, lol. That’s awesome. I’m glad to hear that he enjoyed the Twilight series too! I have to admit that I do like the Host quite a bit. Not as much as I did this, but it’s still a really good novel I think. That cracks me up that the other guy has read them 4 times! lol.

    Mari, Agreed for sure! Can’t wait to check out the next book.

  11. Bookworm, Oh book 2 where everyone starts to complain about Bella being whiny? lol…I just know that it will annoy me if she’s too whiny.

  12. Well, in case anyone has forgotten, Bella annoys the hell out of me. She did from book one…. 🙂 I still read the series, but yeah, will never read them again! Twilight wasn’t so bad. I gave that a half-decent review. I think I started to hate Twilight more when I read on in the series… as weird as that might sound!

    I actually read the first book in this series before all the ‘hype’. If I hadn’t, I probably never would have read it. I tend to stick clear of overly hyped books… Including Harry Potter…

  13. Hee, hee, hee!! *Smile* See? I avoided these like the plague and you know I LOVE Vampire books!! But when my own son said I “had to read them”, I forced myself…..for about 6 pages. Then I just couldn’t stop. I agree, not great lit, but Meyers writing is just so addictive!!

    New Moon is way more about Jacob Black than Edward (well…he’s there is the background). I didn’t like it as much….but still addictive. I’m not allowed to read the rest of the series until Chad does. He’s 1/2 through Eclipse now.

  14. I still can’t decide whether to give this one a go. On the one hand it’s vampires, on the other hand……

  15. ohhhh! Thankfully this is NOT my thing! whew! This is a good thing for me not to be adding more books! lol
    Yet once again you don’t read the series together!! ARGH!! you drive me nuts! lol lol

  16. This must the first review of Twilight by a guy that I read!
    I read this two years ago,and although I thought it was alright it didn’t make me want to go read the second book. In fact, I bookcrossed my ARC:P
    I liked the beginning and the ending,but I wasn’t in love with the characters, nor Edward or Bella who I thought was a bit too clumsy and clingy.
    But I can see why people loved it so I’m not too critical:D

  17. I read the first book a few years ago after having it forcibly stuffed into my hands 😀 I actually really enjoyed it and have read the rest of the series since then. It’s probably a ‘book’ too long and should maybe have been a trilogy. I don’t necessarily mean the forth book should have been left out, but I think bits and pieces from all the books could have been stripped out to make a tighter ‘trilogy.’

  18. What is it about this book that makes you want to read it even when you know it is full of cliches and bad writing?

  19. This book (and it’s movie) were SO good!!!

  20. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Twilight. As much as I complain about not liking the series, I will admit this first book was a good read. But for me the problem is the sequels which I thought went from being fun reads to books that want to be more serious than they are. The bratty Bella, doesn’t help either.

  21. I’m so glad you enjoyed Twilight! I don’t avoid books that are “in” (unless its a richard and judy title…our version of oprah’s book club) but do avoid genres I don’t tend to enjoy. I managed to get hooked on this series though, and before it became big in the UK. I actually hadn’t heard of them before they were recommended to me, I completely missed all the US hype, and I’m glad. It meant that I had no expectations of the books and I had not read any spoilers, so I really enjoyed them. I’m now completely hooked on vampire mythology and have been stocking up on vampire tv shows and series like the sookie stackhouse novels ever since! I’ve actually seen the Twilight film three times now (groan) and really like it!

    Having said all that. The books are very cliched, and not the best quality writing. But like a lot of successful childrens/young adult authors, Meyer has created some really unforgettable characters and I’m sure I’ll be rereading the series as the films start coming out.

    Great review, thanks!

  22. I must admit i tore through the first 2 books this past fall and have simply had too many other things to read to get to the last two. I liked them but understand the “it’s really not that good of writing” crowd. to me they are like the funnel cake of the reading world, Probably not good for you, probably you could do better, but so sweet and delicious you don’t regret it!

  23. I could have written almost exactly the same post (avoiding the popular books but ending up liking them, Twilight being full of cliches but still addicting, and Bella being not all that bad). However I will say that Bella only got annoying to me in book 2 – there I wanted to smack her. I look forward to seeing that you think about it. 🙂

  24. Nope, did not like this book at all. I was rooting for James by the end of the book.

  25. Sometimes reading a book for entertainment and enjoyment is good enough. I’m guessing Twilight will be for times like this? I am on the fence, haven’t decided if I’m going to start reading it, but if I can find the set at a good discount, I might just go ahead and buy it for an entertaining read. Can’t wait to hear your views about the sequels.

  26. I really loved Twilight and am glad you did to. Have you seen the movie yet? What I liked about the book was it wasn’t just any old vampire tale, it was much more character driven. I love my vampire books as you know so it’s always good when one is a little different and stands out.

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