Enslaved by Ducks by Bob Tarte

enslaved1Enslaved by Ducks by Bob Tarte
308 pgs.

Are you an animal lover? Does your love for animals go beyond filling the food and water bowls and occasionally scratching your animal’s head? If so, then you will fall in love with this book. I was expecting a treat after reading Bookfool’s review of this book, but ended up enjoying it even more than I thought I would. If you’ve ever let out a little giggle at your animal’s behavior, worried sick over an odd behavior, or even just enjoyed the idea of owning an animal, you’re in for a treat with this book.

Enslaved by Ducks is the story of Bob Tarte and his wife Linda who moved from the big city to a quiet country town. It all started when they decided to buy a rabbit. They kept Binky, the rabbit, as a house pet and let him roam freely throughout the house. He was less than friendly. But they fell in love with him anyway in that odd way that we do. What followed was a slew of animals to come. By the end of the book, the Tarte’s own rabbits, parrots, doves, parakeets, cats,  ducks (many ducks), geese, and turkeys…and I’m sure I’m leaving something out. They begin to feel hopeless really…they know that they really don’t need another animal, but everytime one becomes available they just don’t have the heart to say no.

This is a story about the love of animals and our devotion to them. We experience the loss of some of Bob’s beloved pets with him, we accompany him on very strange trips to the vet, and we learn some fascinating behavior! I assure you that after you read this book, you’ll never look at animals in quite the same light again. Their behaviors are just fascinating and smile inducing and I’ve been looking at birds especially in a whole different light. 

I hope you do check this one out. It’s a delightful story! You can learn more about all of Bob’s animals and see photos and videos of them on his website


I also wanted to remind everyone to head on over to the Dewey’s Books Challenge blog to find out all of the information on Robin’s knitting challenge and Carl’s sci-fi challenge. There’s some fun stuff going on right now!!

Also, don’t forget to enter my giveaway if you haven’t yet…I’m drawing a winner Saturday night. 

Finally, I apologize for not commenting on blogs for the last couple of days…work has been so busy lately that when I get home, I just pass out! I’ll be around now though!


25 Responses

  1. Hilarious book! I loved it too, although it’s been several years so I don’t remember many details. Just that it was very enjoyable and often funny.

  2. Sounds like something I would really like.

  3. Jeane, I knew you must have read this one! lol..It was hilarious. He has a new book out with further adventures and I hear it has a much more serious tone to it. I definitely want to read that one too.

    Sherry, I hope you enjoy it if you get around to it! It’s a great book.

  4. I sent for this book thanks to you. I am starting a “It’s Your Fault ” list! So far you are number one on the list (I’ll be adding it to my blog soon)
    Two are “pending”.. Kailana & Nymeth for Time Travelers Wife (put on wish list) and Beck for Farwalker’s Quest (put on wish list) But they can’t be accused until I actually send for a book.. you have the honor of number one! (better than number 2 huh? LOL LOL… never mind)

  5. oh this sounds so good! And it’s non-fiction too. Okay, am gonna get this one. -C

  6. Oh man, so you loved it too, huh? As I told Nancy, I bought this one for Rich a few years ago, but he hasn’t read it yet. And I think Nancy kind of agreed with me that the statute of limitations is up on this one, and I can just go ahead and read it. Oh hell, I can do whatever I want anyway…like he’s gonna argue with me now, huh? 😉

  7. Awww-so cute! 😉 I plan to get a pet as soon as I’m out on my own, with an actual career, so that I can afford the more expensive apartment! Probably a small shelter dog. My dog (Chloe) died the day before I got home for Christmas break. 😦 I didn’t talk about it on the blog, because I already mentioned the car accident, but it was very sad. And my little niece kept talking about ‘Chloe coming home,’ which would bring my mom and I close to tears. *sigh* That’s the hard part about pets-having to watch them get old.

  8. Definitely sounds like my kind of book!

  9. This looks like a really fun book. I am at a friend’s house right now watching football…and blogging obviously…and am sitting next to, of all things, a fluffy rabbit!!! I just told my friend’s wife, the rabbit’s owner, about this book and told her she needed to read it.

  10. Deslily, It’s an awesome book! I think you’d like it quite a bit 🙂 It’s right up your alley! Oh no!!! The blame game! LOL…I really need to start my own blame game, you know…you, Debi, Nymeth, Becky and Carl are responsible for EVERYTHING I buy…yeahrightsure as you would say :p I’m very glad I’m not number 2 😉 Although I’ve been called a piece of number 2 by patients at work! I really hope you get The Time Traveler’s Wife!!! It’s such a fantastic book!

    Carole, Oh yay!!! You’ll love it, I just know it. It’s a fantastic little book and he has a second one out now too! You might as well just get them both :p

    Debi, Damn straight! lol…take that book off of your husbands nightstand. All it’s doing is collecting dust right now and I’m sure, absolutely sure, that you would love this one with you myriad of pets 😉

    Eva, I’m so so so sorry to hear about Chloe 😦 It’s the saddest thing when our beloved pets pass away. I know that was a rough month for you but didn’t know about that. I hope you’re doing ok. I’m with you…as soon as I get my own place I’m getting my own dog! I just love dogs so much. My little poodle is in Texas right now…after the seperation, he stayed with Megan…but she’s always kept him and she’s a great mommy to him. I miss him though. I want a little french bulldog! Those are the coolest dogs…or a retriever…or a little fluffy dog, but they tend to be so yappy!

    Nymeth, Oh it definitely is your kind of book! I thought about you while I was reading this one because they take in quite a few injured pets along the way. It’s really quite a touching story despite the hilarity of it. You’d love it.

    Vasilly, You are so incredibly sweet!!! Thank you so much 😀 I’ll cherish that award 🙂

    Carl, It was a really fun book!!! I fell in love with it and I want to get his second one. No way! You have a friend with a housebound rabbit? I thought that was so cool…I want one now, lol. She would definitely love this book..I have no doubt about it. You’d like it too. I didn’t get to watch football 😦 Things have been so busy at work that I haven’t even been able to keep track of football lately! What’d I miss?

  11. let the games begin!..
    it’s official! You are on my blog sidebar under the “it’s your fault” avatar I made ..heh.. I suspect the list to grow and also expect your name to appear there more than once this year!

  12. Sounds fantastic Chris! I’m a sucker for animal related books, I grew up on James Herriott and Gerald Durrell stories. I’ll have to search the library for this one! Thanks, great review.

  13. Thanks for the nice review, Chris. I appreciate your generosity. You may also enjoy the sequel, “Fowl Weather,” which takes a more in-depth look at the impact of animals on my life. And for folks who aren’t that enamored with birds, I’m working on a book about our six cats called “The Funnel of Happiness.”

  14. ACK !
    ACK ! ACK!

    you made me buy a book that has a SEQUAL?
    I am going shopping for a squirt gun and I’m going to hunt you down!!!!!

  15. sequel.. *banging hed* one day i will use spell check

  16. Deslily – It’s only a sequel in the sense that it documents further events in my life. I’ll stop writing books if you like.

  17. LOL Noooooo don’t do that! lol… I have to torment Chris! I have yet to read your book but I will soon!! I’m an animal person, I have no doubts I will enjoy the book!

  18. You missed two great teams who played lackluster football at times and great football at times…mostly because there is just way too much time off between the end of the season and the championship. It is ridiculous. Oklahoma had the game won over and over again and then couldn’t execute.

    Yes, she has a flop-eared bunny named Rosie. It is super soft and thumps very loud when it is unhappy. It is fun to watch their cat try to play with it. I never knew rabbits growled, but God help me the thing growls at that cat. Weird.

  19. Deslily, I think I’m going to announce my own blame game today!! Ths will be too much fun. I can’t way for you to read Mr. Tarte’s book…I know you’ll love it, especially with all of your cats and your time at the preserve!! Looking forward to your thoughts on it…and don’t you dare try to make Bob stop writing books! LOL 😉

    Mariel, This is definitely one that you’ll enjoy! It’s a fabulous book and with all of your time spent with animals, you’re sure to like it!

    Bob, Thanks so much for stopping by! I already have Fowl Weather put on the wishlist!! It went up there as soon as I finished Enslaved by Ducks. And I’m thrilled to hear that you’re working on a third book! Hope all of the animals are doing ok Bob! Say hi to them for me. And please don’t stop writing books 😉

    Carl, I’m all caught up on the game now! Aggravated that I missed it though. If you enjoyed watching that rabbit, then you’d enjoy this book, lol. I learned so many characteristics of animals that I had never heard of before and it was great!

  20. haha! this sounds absolutely brilliant. quite reminiscent of the love for animals that pervades gerald durrel’s stuff.

  21. Chris, Thanks for the shout. Actually, I’m always looking for an excuse to stop writing books, since it’s nerve-wracking on several levels. But at the same time it seems to be at least mildly therapeutic.

    The animals are doing well, except that we just took in a Muscovy duck who, although really likable, is going after Victor, who had been alpha duck. And I don’t like seeing Victor vanquished. So we’ll need to find another home for ‘Roscoe.’

    If you do get to “Fowl Weather,” let me know how you like it. (There’s lots about Victor, the parrots, and various rabbits in it.)

    Thanks to everyone who has read or is thinking of reading my books. Please check out my website – especially the videos. Three or so of them take a little while to load, maybe even up to two minutes, but I think you’ll like them. (www.bobtarte.com)

  22. This looks terrific! I’m a huge animal lover – Every month I make donations to our local shelter but I’ve begun mailing the cheques since I cannot go to the shelter without crying because I can’t bring all the animals home.
    I’ll be picking this book up ASAP – the Tarte family sound like amazing people and I can’t wait to read their story.

  23. JP, I really need to read some Durrel! I loved this one so much, I’m sure I’d love those as well.

    Bob, LOL, I’m sure it is nerve-wracking writing the books. After the writing you have all of the pain in the butt editing and publishing process. Great to hear that the animals are doing well! Hopefully Victor gets to reclaim his place as alpha duck soon 🙂 I’m sure Roscoe will be happy and take on the leader role wherever he goes. I’ll be sure to let you know when I finish Fowl Weather. I’ll have a review up here whenever I read it!

    Joanne, Oh, you’re going to love this one. That’s awesome that you donate to your local shelter! They’re lucky to have you. I totally understand not wanting to actually go to the shelter…you just want to take all of them home!

  24. I’d love to read this!

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