Weekly Geeks #27

hiddenIt still just doesn’t feel real to me that Dewey is gone. I look at that little button to the right that’s gone onto my sidebar and I can’t believe that it’s there, what it symbolizes. Nymeth made a comment on her post that things are different when someone online passes away because there’s nothing left but silence where there used to be words. And that’s perfectly said. It’s strange, I just keep expecting that one day, any day now, there will be another post from Dewey and none of this will have really happened. It still chokes me up everytime I think of it.

She left behind an amazing family and my heart goes out to those two guys so much. I remember drooling over Dewey’s lunch during the read-a-thons when her husband would make her these fantastic plates of food! It was always everything I loved onto one plate. And her son was just a cool kid. He loved to read and shared that love with his mother and just seemed genuinely cool. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about him because I work with adolescents in the psychology field and I can’t imagine his loss. I can’t imagine the loss anyone must be feeling who knew her. She was such a wonderful person.

There was a time a few months back that I’m sure you all remember well seeing as I complained so much that things just weren’t going well for me. Bad things just kept happening in my personal life back to back. One day I got a package in the mail from Amazon and I swear I didn’t remember ordering anything from them. It was a book from Dewey with a short note just to let me know that she was thinking about me and was hoping that things got better soon. I was so touched by that. I returned that book because I had already read it and had just forgotten to take it off of my wishlist! lol. So I asked Dewey what I should get instead…what her favorite book of the year had been so far, and she told me to get the graphic novel, American Born Chinese. I never did get it, but I’m going to now and read it for her. I wish I wouldn’t have returned the second copy of the book that she had sent me. It was The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer and I never could have known how much that book would’ve meant to me just for what it was. 

I was commenting on Debi’s post that I’m not really sure how or when we became more than just readers of each other’s blogs, but we did. We got to the point where I would get the occasional email from her and I would get so thrilled every time I got a new comment from her! Her last comment is one that brings me to tears now. It was in my 7 bookish things about me post and she said “I can really identify with #2, too. I look at my two TBR bookcase and wonder if I could possibly live long enough to read them all. And #7. I have a bookshop/cafe all planned out for “someday.”” It’s so upsetting to read that now. 

On a more chipper note, is there anyone else out there thinking about the book Dewey now and how that cat is totally her?! lol. It’s a cat (which she loved) named Dewey who lives in a library…come on! That’s Dewey’s heaven right there. 

Wherever you are Dewey, you were a ray of light in this world that’s filled with so many clouds these days. You put a smile on my face more times than you could’ve known and you’re someone that I won’t forget nor will this community. You’ve made us a big part of who we’ve become as a group and that won’t change, we won’t let it (right people?! lol) On a personal note, you were one of my favorite people in this community and you became so much more than just a blogger to me. It crossed over into my life and I would find myself talking about you with friends and it felt like we should be having a cup of coffee at the table for you too! (I do this with a few of you). Rest well Dewey.

Once again, I need to take this time to let you all know how much I cherish every comment, every email, every thought from every one of you. If it’s possible, I think Dewey has brought this community even closer together than she did in life. Big hugs to you all. I’ll try to get back to regular blogging now…I know Dewey would want us to.


18 Responses

  1. That made me teary. Lovely post.

  2. beautiful tribute Chris.
    I didn’t know Dewy but I had seen some things she did and saw her name around. It’s amazing how we begin to feel like we really know each other over the computer and come to rely they will always be there just as we do with our own families.

  3. Very well said, Chris. Dewey was amazing, and we’re all going to miss her.

  4. What a beautiful tribute, Chris.

  5. That was beautiful Chris 🙂

  6. Sweetly said, Chris. Thank you.

  7. Very well said, Chris.

    I was thinking the other day I should get that book about Dewey the library cat just because… haha

  8. That was lovely Chris. I especially love the last paragraph – I too cherish all my readers and their comments really do bring me joy. And much of my blog roll can be attributed to Dewey in one way or another. 🙂

  9. So sad to read those comments from her you mentioned. Her presence around the blogsphere will be missed.

  10. This is a lovely post Chris. Hang in there, I’m sure that Dewey is watching over you (and the rest of her book blogging friends she met virtually) wherever she is now.

  11. Oh my dear sweet Chris, that was beautiful. Truly, truly beautiful.

    As grateful as I am that the internet can bring such wonderful friends, friends I love so dearly, friends like you, into my life, I hate that we’re so far apart in physical miles. Because I would give just about anything to give you a real, honest-to-goodness, in person hug right now. You know, as much as I hate it that my friends are hurting so much right now, it’s also so very comforting to not be grieving alone.

  12. “I just keep expecting that one day, any day now, there will be another post from Dewey and none of this will have really happened.”

    Me too.

    American Born Chinese will always remind me of her. I once won of her winner gets a book of their choice giveaways, and I picked that book. She sent it to me all nicely wrapped up and with a lovely note. And that’s only one of many, many things that will always remind me of her.

    Beautiful post, Chris. Like Debi, I so wish I could give you an actual hug right now.

  13. Dammit Chris. You made me start crying again. BUT it is a beautiful post, and I’m glad I read it.

    You are right. Somewhere along the line, the comments just sort of melted into friendship. And these are friendships that I truly cherish, whether I am online or not.

  14. That was beautiful, Chris. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that she’s just – gone. And I was so offline last Nov that I barely kept up with her blog.

    That was really sweet of her to send you that book!

  15. That’s a beautiful post, Chris. And I agree…Dewey has brought us all closer together in the past week.

  16. Agree w/ previous posters… lovely tribute. I didn’t get to know her all that well, but I can still see the legacy she’s left. I still feel a loss, if different, because I missed what y’all got to experience.

  17. Beautiful tribute. And I feel like we’re all closer, too.

  18. Beautiful post.

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