In Which Chris Posts From Work

I’m stuck at work right now and I REALLY don’t want to be here. Today’s one of those days where I just could’ve stayed in bed all day and been happy. But alas, here I am with 5 hours of work still to go and no one coming in. It’s been incredibly dead. I was listening to the LSU game to pass the time, but that was a total failure and as disappointing as could be 😦

I should’ve brought a book in to work, but I never do that because it’s a curse. Every time I bring a book to work, I’m slammed and have no time to read it. So I just leave them at home now. I’m in the middle of Found by Margaret Haddix right now and it’s pretty good. The writing bugs me at times, but the story is a great one.

I’m starving too…I had my choice of Southwestern Style Chicken Casserole or a Turkey Burger tonight. Seeing as all of the Casseroles in the cafeteria scare the hell out of me, I went for the turkey burger. It was not good. It had the taste and consistency of dog food.  And that’s not an exaggeration.

Sorry for the completely random post…I’m bored.