Under a Blood Red Moon…

One of the thing that sucks about working at a psychiatric hospital is that you can’t vent about your job online due to a little thing called confidentiality. But tonight was crazy…absolutely crazy. Me and my coworker did 15 admissions and they were all some of the most bizarre and acute cases that I’ve seen. Talk about stress levels going through the roof. My head is killing me right now, so hopefully the pills I just popped will get rid of that soon. I kept thinking…”what is causing all of this? All of these people to come in tonight?” And then I left work and saw this GIANT half moon that was blood red…that must be it.

I used to be a total nay-sayer of the whole “lunacy” idea…that the moon affects how people behave and their mental status. But then I started working at a psychiatric hospital and let me tell you, it does! To the point where I even started keeping track of the moon phase to see how busy we’re going to be. It never fails that a full moon is a busy night. It’s very interesting if you think about it and I’d be curious to read some studies on it or a book on it if anyone knows of one.

I was going to finally write my review of Ender in Exile tonight, but I’m just too worn out and mentally exhausted to think right now. So that will have to wait until tomorrow night. It’s good. You can go get it if you were waiting for my review. More to come tomorrow. G’night everyone.


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  1. G’night, sleep well!

    and when you get a chance:
    Tag, you’re it!

  2. *Insert maniacal laughter here*

    Tell me about it, Chris.

    People can laugh all they want but people in your line of work and mine know very well that the moon is a force to be reconned with.

    It ain’t called lunacy for nothing!


  3. I don’t doubt this! You can see it with dogs too. And in a book I have about natural health care for animals by a vet called Martin Goldstein, he discusses it briefly.

  4. Oh, CJ would know. When I was writing a story with a paramedic hero, I read loads of books on emergency medicine and they all say the same — people go nuts on nights with a full moon. Wild, isn’t it? I’d love to find some sort of study about it, too. Let me know if you locate anything. It’s a fascinating topic. Rest up, feel better!

  5. Sorry, no books to recommend. But I work in social services (as in both child welfare and the welfare department…except we’re politically correct and don’t call it that anymore) and I can totally back you up on the full moon thing. It’s like everyone’s common sense just flies out the window whenever the moon is full.

    Hope your headache is gone!

  6. Sorry you had such a rough night! And I hope by the time you’re reading this you’re feeling refreshed and much better!

    I must say though, that I find that stuff about the moon truly fascinating!

  7. Aw-rooooooooo! Aw-rooooooo-oooo-oo!
    Sorry, can’t talk right now. There’s a bad moon on the rise.


  8. Sounds like you had a rough night. Get your rest! I can’t wait to read your review tomorrow.

  9. My friend is an obstetric nurse, and she says the lunacy thing is true, too. They get so many babies during full moons.

  10. I’ve read some stuff about this before *cannot remember if it was in school or what* From what I recall, the moon and tides are pretty closely tied, and people always believed that since humans are 80% water we are effected also. But there are no hard facts. The proof is there, reports from all over the world say more irregular behavior occurs during the full moon, but since science can’t find the answer they tend to blame it on myths. You know when they say that if everyone believed the sky was purple eventually it would be – mass hypnosis or something.
    It’s a fascinating topic, it may help to look for books on metaphysics and lunar cycles for more info.

  11. I work HR and last week my boss and I were like, WTH is with all of these people? Our phones kept ringing off the hook with people with wild, obnoxious requests. And of course, it was a full moon.

  12. I can’t add any books or studies, just what I’ve gained from 20 years studying astrology and the moon: people go crazy at the full moon. I have a family member who works at a hospital in the ER section and she says if it gets crazy, check the moon, sure enough, it will be full or close to it!
    Sorry it’s been so hard on you, stressful….there’s been alot of that lately. I’ve been catching viruses every week it seems! And as a Taurus I have a pretty good immune system usually.
    Take care, remember to have some fun 🙂 and it’s a new moon on the 27th!! (two days….)

  13. Oh, believe me, we get full-moon nights at my library that you wouldn’t believe. Well, you’d believe them if they happened where you work, but you’d probably be surprised at what goes on at my library!

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