Under a Blood Red Moon…

One of the thing that sucks about working at a psychiatric hospital is that you can’t vent about your job online due to a little thing called confidentiality. But tonight was crazy…absolutely crazy. Me and my coworker did 15 admissions and they were all some of the most bizarre and acute cases that I’ve seen. Talk about stress levels going through the roof. My head is killing me right now, so hopefully the pills I just popped will get rid of that soon. I kept thinking…”what is causing all of this? All of these people to come in tonight?” And then I left work and saw this GIANT half moon that was blood red…that must be it.

I used to be a total nay-sayer of the whole “lunacy” idea…that the moon affects how people behave and their mental status. But then I started working at a psychiatric hospital and let me tell you, it does! To the point where I even started keeping track of the moon phase to see how busy we’re going to be. It never fails that a full moon is a busy night. It’s very interesting if you think about it and I’d be curious to read some studies on it or a book on it if anyone knows of one.

I was going to finally write my review of Ender in Exile tonight, but I’m just too worn out and mentally exhausted to think right now. So that will have to wait until tomorrow night. It’s good. You can go get it if you were waiting for my review. More to come tomorrow. G’night everyone.