Mailbox Monday

I’m really enjoying this new little blogging thing going around called Mailbox Monday, so I decided I’d join in the fun. Unfortunately, only 2 books came into the house this week. Isn’t that sad? Just think about it…if I got two books every week (which it’s usually much worse than that) that would be 104 books a year..more than I manage to read! I’ll never get this TBR pile down :/ But here’s what came in the mail:


Plum Wine by Angela Davis-Gardner courtesy of Tanabata! and For the Love of St. Nick by Garasamo Maccagone for review. Looking forward to them!

I also wanted to pass along a site that I found today! It’s incredible. Great prices on books. Not the biggest selection, but what they have is really good. Like we all need another site to buy from, huh? lol…anyway, it’s Edward R Hamilton’s website. Enjoy!


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  1. Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller is wonderful! I’ve actually never been to their website before though. We’ve been getting their catalogs for many years…and have bought literally hundreds and hundreds of books from them. Around our house they’re known simply as “Ed”. In fact I just wrote up another order to them yesterday for 20+ books (mostly Christmas presents).

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of For the Love of St. Nick!

  2. funny that you should do this as I just took a picture of my most recent purchases too.. might have to write a tiny something and post it too.. *sigh*

  3. That’s a nice site. I’m not planning on buying any books soon, but I see a lot of great ones in their catalog, so I’m bookmarking it for later!

  4. lol, “only” two books…that says a lot about the way we think 😛

    For the Love of St. Nick has such a gorgeous cover. I hope the content’s just as good!

  5. I got For the Love of St. Nick. Isn’t that a beautiful cover?

  6. Debi, Awesome! Glad to hear that you’ve heard of them before and that you all love “ed” lol. I think I’ll be placing an order soon myself…they have incredible stuff! I hope For the Love of St. Nick is good too! I’ll let you know in December.

    Deslily, Yay for book porn! Heading on over to check it out in a sec!

    Jeane, It’s a great site! I really shouldn’t be buying books anytime soon either. In fact I bookmarked it too for “later”…but I’ll probably be over there much sooner than later, lol.

    Nymeth, Isn’t it sad, lol. We’re addicts…true addicts. Isn’t the cover gorgeous? That’s one of the main reasons that I requested it…I couldn’t pass up owning that cover!

    Bookfool, Awesome! We can compare notes 😀 And yes, I love the cover! Like I told Nymeth, that’s one of the reasons that I requested it.

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