Late Night Post

It’s very late and I’m going to bed, but I thought I’d get my post of the day in first…only it’s two hours into Sunday now :/ Oh well. Today was fun. I got some Christmas shopping done! We went down to Magazine street, which is one of my favorite streets in New Orleans. It’s uptown and it’s filled with tons of little boutiques, restaurants, bakeries, bookstores, etc. Favorite stop of the day was Scriptura. It’s a stationery shop here in New Orleans and they have some of the most incredible stuff there. Handmade journals, stationery, fountain pens, notecards, book lover’s gadgets…I love it! So I found some stuff for my mom to put in my stocking :p I also found a wax sealer stamp that I really wanted but they didn’t have the letter “C” so I didn’t get one 😦 They’re great though.

Fun stuff in the mail today too! I got my copy of Plum Wine all the way from Japan courtesy of Tanabata and the cover is beautiful. Can’t wait to read that one. I also got another Christmas book from an author who would like a review, so I’m looking forward to that one and then I got a package from Anne-Julie Aubry! Yes, I ordered from her again. This time I got a bunch of postcards and a bookmark.

Hopefully the Saints have a miracle game like LSU did tomorrow! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. Goodnight everyone!


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  1. wow, the title Plum Wine brought a flash memory to me! I used to eat at an oriental place when I lived in CA and always had Plum Wine with the meal!.. gads, hadn’t thought of that in ages!

    so far you are doing good with the post every day!!

  2. Scriptura sounds awesome. I love stores like that! And I need to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I hate leaving things for the last minute, yet I seem to do it every year.

  3. I have an Anne-Julie Aubry print, too! It’s the one with the girl who looks like me with a raven on her shoulder. It’s mostly green.

    Real plum wine is soooo sweet it makes my face implode.

    Sounds like you had a great time shopping!

  4. Deslily, I really want to try Plum Wine now! According to Dew it’s sickeningly sweet which I tend to love πŸ™‚ I’m excited about the book now, lol.

    Nymeth, Scriptura is incredible! You really would love it. I’m thinking that whoever I get as my secret santa may end up with a little something from there πŸ˜‰

    Dewey, I have 2 prints, a bookmark, and about 10 postcards now :p I just love her artwork! And I love the print that you have with the girl with the raven. I know exactly the one you’re talking about. It’s great! I’m going to have to try some plum wine…I love sweet wine!

  5. Damn Saints! Why couldn’t Brees have a great game for me when I needed him to? Only one touchdown. Come on!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Carl, Sorry but I can’t complain with you this week :p We won and that’s always an excuse to celebrate with the way this season has been. Brees could’ve done more for you though, but at least Moore had a couple of good plays! U still have him?

  7. I’m glad to hear that the book arrived safely.
    I’ve got a couple of Anne-Julie’s prints and several postcards too. Love her stuff! πŸ™‚

  8. Tan, Indeed it did! Sorry I didn’t email you to let you know it arrived…I really meant to :/ Very cool that you’ve got some Anne-Julie stuff too. Her stuff is just amazing!

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