An Early Christmas

So a funny thing happened this morning. My little brother comes knocking on my door with a bag in his hands. I ask “so what’s that?” He says, “it’s a Wii Fit! Dad bought it for you!” My response “What? Cool!” Him: “Yeah, he bought me two games too!” So I go tell my mom that dad just bought us a Wii Fit! Her response “wait…what?” Turns out that my dad called her from Circuit City this morning telling her that they had Wii Fits in stock and should he get one for her to give us. She says, “oh yeah, pick one up.” Of course, she assumed that my dad would know that she meant “for Christmas”. But alas, he’s missing a few brain cells and sent my little brother over with it right away thinking that my mom always buys us $90 random gifts. So we laughed about it and I’ve now been playing Wii Fit for over an hour.

I have to say, I am so out of shape that it isn’t funny! I keep reading the reviews of Wii Fit saying “oh, it’s not that good of a workout.” “It’s too easy.” Like hell it is! I’m sore already from that crap! Especially the strength training. It would help if I could even do 3 push ups. I am really enjoying the yoga on it. I used to do yoga a long time ago and fell away from it, and I’m glad to start up again. The poses that they give are very true to form.

As for reading, I should finally finish The Good Fairies of New York today! Sad that it took me so long to read it….really sad. It’s only about 250 pages, but I just haven’t been in the mood to read lately. That’s changed though and I read about 100 pages of it last night with just 46 pages left now. It’s great! I also started Glass Houses by Joyce Zonana which is a memoir and if it stays as good as it is so far, I’ll be pressuring everyone to buy a copy! I’m usually not a huge fan of memoirs, but this one is very exotic and full of passion and history and of course it helps that she taught me english and much of it takes place in my home town :p More on that later! For now…peace…