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Well I got some damn good news today! I was contacted by TOR to see if I was interested in an ARC of Orson Scott Card’s newest Ender book, Ender in Exile! Of course I am, lol. I have to send a HUGE thank you to Becky because I was told that they got my name from her. Thanks Becky!!! For those who don’t know, it looks like Ender in Exile will be coming out on November 11th now. It’s a direct sequel to Ender’s Game taking place between Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead…two of my favorite books. Can’t wait to tell everyone all about it! If you have read this blog for longer than a week or so, you’ll know that Card is one of my very favorite authors 😉

I also got my copy of Ray Bradbury’s Summer Morning, Summer Night in the mail today from Subterranean Press. It’s beautiful! I love Subterranean’s editions so much and this one is no exception. I think I’m going to make it my Halloween night read this year.

Final book that came in in the last couple of days is The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. It sounds like an incredible book and I read about it on someone’s blog but I have no idea who’s now? Was it you? I dove right into the first chapter and it was tempting to keep going, but I can’t start another read right now.

I need to get to the bookstore soon! I’m really wanting Paper Towns by John Green, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski and Dream Homes: From Cairo to Katrina, an Exile’s Journey by Joyce Zonana. The last one was written by one of my former professors and to this day she remains my absolute favorite professor. When I saw that she published a book I got very excited about it! She taught me an Ancient Greek Lit. class during my freshman year of college and her passion shone through in her teaching.

What are your most recent finds?


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  1. Hooray for Becky! Very sweet of her!

    I think I’m finally ready to give Speaker for the Dead a go. Ender’s Game just moved me so deeply that I just couldn’t bring myself to go on. Yeah, I’m an idiot, I know.

  2. I can’t believe you need to go to the book store!.. oh ! wait ! You don’t NEED to!.. you just want a larger tbr pile! (don’t we all? LOL..

    of the books you want to get I do have one of them!..I have Edgar Sawtelle in my tbr pile.

  3. Ah! I’m so jealous. I really do want to read Ender in Exile. I’m waiting and waiting until it arrives at my public library- because well, I was rather disappointed in Speaker for the Dead and those that followed, so I don’t want to buy it until I find I love it like I did Ender’s Game. I’m hopeful, but not immune to disappointment.

  4. christ you are so lucky!! wow. you love those guys!

    i’m sure you can’t wait to get your hands on the card 😀


  5. I admit I did a little happy dance when I was contacted on Monday. One that was repeated today when it arrived!!! I don’t think I’ve ever received a review copy so fast 🙂

    My TBR pile keeps growing and growing as I visit everyone’s blogs.

    If you (or any of your wonderful readers) have loads of time to kill…this week is the fall bloggy giveaway carnival. There are over 1200 giveaways going on this week. There are many Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble Gift Cards being given away…and every time I see one…I think about all the books I want to buy. 🙂 But I admit, that it *does* take some time to go to all the sites and leave comments.

  6. That’s great news about the Orson Scott Card ARC! I can imagine how excited you were! 😀

    I really look forward to your thoughts on the book. A direct sequel to Ender’s Game sounds like something I’ll want to read!

  7. Have fun with Ender in Exile. I just started reading Paper Towns, and I love it!

  8. You are sooo the right person to review the new Ender book!!! I can’t wait to read your review!

  9. Oh, cooool! I can’t wait to hear what you think. I love Ender’s Game. But, you knew that, right? 🙂

    Just read your reply to me under that last post and yes, it’s really creepy seeing all those empty foundations. Well, maybe not creepy but horrifying to think of how many people came home to nothing . . . absolutely nothing. And, then couldn’t stay. And, of course, the number of dead would have been shocking to us, had New Orleans not been such a disaster. That’s what really gets me — how many people were displaced or killed and you really don’t hear anything about what Katrina did to Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. Or, at least, it seems that way.

    Our old favorite pier is gone and I do miss that, but the fact that the beach has been restored and the casinos moved inland is the one thing I truly love. I still miss the little shrimp shacks, too.

  10. I’m reading Paper Towns RIGHT NOW.

    Hooray for the OSC ARC! I read the Alvin Maker series (twice!) but I couldn’t really get into the Ender stuff.

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