A Great Weekend

Yes I realize that I’ve disappeared again :p Sorry for that. I think that I just needed a break after reading and blogging so much for the 24 hour read-a-thon, but I’m back now. It is FREEZING down here. Well, it’s in the 40’s and that’s cold in New Orleans. It feels more like Christmas than Halloween, but I’m still plenty in the Halloween mood. I can’t wait! But I have to work 😦 I get off at 11 though, so I’ll just go out after.

This past weekend was so much fun! Megan came in town 🙂 So Friday night we went out to our favorite little restaurant in the quarter, Angeli and got their pasta salad which you have to get if you ever come to New Orleans. I know it’s not very “New Orleans-y” and it may sound like just pasta salad, but it’s amazing! After that we went out to Bourbon street and stayed out at clubs until 5:30 in the morning! I can’t tell you the last time I stayed out that late.

After a late start Saturday morning, we got up and went to Voodoo Fest! Voodoo is a big music and arts festival they have down here every year on the weekend before Halloween. It runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and as you can imagine, there’s great music, great food, lots of amazing art work, jewelry, sculptures, clothing, etc. and all sorts of people. We saw Lil’ Wayne, Mars Volta, Thievery Corporation, and Nine Inch Nails. All of the bands we saw were good, but Nine Inch Nails was just amazing. I’ve seen them 3 times before and I think that this is the best show I’ve seen yet by them. There stage show was incredible and Trent Reznor’s voice is just perfect live as is the rest of the music. I’ve been a fan of them since 1993 and have been known to obsess over them in the past so anytime I get to see them is a special day. It was made even better having Megan there 🙂 If you have a chance to see NIN on this tour, you have to go!

The next day was meant to be a bum day. We were going to go to House of Shock which is a huge haunted house down here and has been rated the scariest in the nation by the Travel Channel among others. I’ve been before and it is well worth the $20 it costs to get in. It’s so much more than a haunted house. It’s interactive and extremely controversial. They can even touch you in this one and they do indeed. It comes complete with a morgue, a satanic church, a butcher shop, a swamp, and it ends with a chainsaw maze. So we tried to go twice this weekend and it was closed both nights 😦 So now we’ll have to wait til next year because Megan had to go back to Texas today…

So what did we do instead? We went and got Megan’s friend’s lip pierced at the tattoo shop! While there I started really thinking that I wanted a piercing and/or a tattoo, but I decided not to act on impulses :p After that we went out to my favorite bar and had a few drinks which was fun.

And now I’m fully recovered from the weekend and trying to get back on track with normal life. I’m still reading The Good Fairies of New York and am only about 1/5th of the way through it. I really haven’t done much reading at all lately. Gotta get back to that one because it’s really great. But there are so many great horror movies on TV that keep distracting me from reading! I’m a horror movie freak and AMC has been having their Fear Fest ’08 which is non-stop horror movies until Halloween. So I’m hooked.

And that’s my update 🙂 I had to do the unthinkable and clear out my google reader marking all as “unread”. I apologize profusely and promise that I’ll get back to normal blog reading now!


7 Responses

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love how random that Voodoo Fest line up was. 🙂

  2. goodness! It sounds like someone got lucky that they didn’t have a horrible hangover! lol.. It’s great that you actually like the area you live in enough to enjoy it all.

    my reading slowed up also.. of course it doesn’t help that this last Cornelia Funke book is 650ish pages long! (but I’m glad ’cause I like the characters and story enough not to want it to end)

  3. If I ever go to the US I definitely want to go to New Orleans! It sounds such a fun place, and that pasta salad made me curious:D
    also cool scary house!

  4. Oh Chris, that truly does sound like an incredible weekend! Glad you all had so much fun…you more than deserved it!

  5. It sounds like you and Megan had a fantastic time! And I’m glad to hear the NIN show was good. I was never able to get into them (though everyone tells me I should because normally people who love the bands I love are NIN fans too :P), but all their fans say they are great live, and it definitely sounds like that was the case.

    Also, good to hear you’re enjoying Good Fairies 😀 I can’t wait to hear your final thoughts. I understand getting distracted by horror movies, though…it is the time of year for them, after all!

  6. Sounds like you had fun! We had a pretty good weekend, too — we went to Biloxi. Those empty foundations are really horrifying, but the beach . . . wow. It’s so nice to be able to see the beach, again, isn’t it?

  7. Jessidee, It really was a great weekend! The Voodoo lineup is always completely random :p But it’s always tons of fun.

    Deslily, That’s not something I think of often, but I guess I really am fortunate to live in a place that I really enjoy. And you’re right…I’m EXTREMELY lucky I didn’t get hungover, lol. Glad to see you’re reading again 🙂 I totally understand not wanting to read during times of stress. Good thing you have an excellent book right now 🙂

    Valentina, I think you’d absolutely love New Orleans. It’s a great city! And yeah, the pasta salad rocks!

    Debi, Thanks 🙂 It really was a great weekend. I wish they happened more often like that.

    Nymeth, We did have a fantastic time! I’ve had many bands pushed on me that I just couldn’t get into because people thought I “should” like them, lol. NIN definitely isn’t everyone’s thing. Though they’re certainly mine. I’m not a big fan of their new stuff, but I love their older stuff. The Fragile is an incredible album and a bit more mellow than the rest. I can’t wait to finish Good Fairies and get my post done! Though these movies keep getting in the way!

    Bookfool, Glad to hear you had a great weekend too! Last time we went to Biloxi I had the same feelings. It was so sad to see all the empty land, but freeing at the same time to see the open beaches. It’s good to see that people are still building here and there though. It’s just creepy when you see the pilings still in the ground with no houses on them!

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