Pumpkin Time!

Halloween’s officially begun over here! Me, my sister and my brother went and bought pumpkins tonight and did some carving! Needless to say, mine was the failure of the bunch. I decided to carve a cat and I managed to cut his left ear off, so now he just looks stupid…but here they all are:

This is Austin’s, my little brother…he carved a scary clown:

This is Michelle’s, my sister…she carved some happy dancing ghosts!:

And here’s my failure of a cat…if you can even tell it’s a cat, lol.:

Sorry for the bad quality of the pics…they’re from my iPhone :/


17 Responses

  1. They’re all awesome!!! And your scrappy cat totally reminds me of that Gaiman short story “The Price” where the stray cat comes to live with the family.

    I really want to carve pumpkins soon…hmmmm….but guess what I just found out? The old 1930s restored theater downtown here is doing several Halloween double-features. My roomie and I are totally going to see The Shining Poltergeist night, and then EVEN BETTER Beetlejuice and The Corpse Bride. Plus, it’s only $8 a night for two movies. 😀 Yay for the R.I.P. spirit everywhere!

  2. Well those pumpkin carvings are far more impressive than anything I have ever produced! Enjoy your Halloween build up!

  3. They’re brilliant! I just about manage to cut triangles out to make a face and that’s about it. I must do better…. I love your cat design.

  4. this is a halloween cat, is it not? ! Well then.. the goblin had an “earily” tasty midnight snack.. don’t knock da poor cat! :o)

    Glad your halloween spirit is having fun!

  5. I can totally tell that’s a cat! I just can’t tell what’s sitting on his head. 😉 No, seriously, those are some incredibly awesome pumpkins! We still with the old boring stand-by variety around here. Anyway, you know what I think is the coolest thing about them? That you did it with your brother and sister! Wish my brother was closer…

  6. Very creative. Great job!

  7. LOVE the pumpkins! Great job. And I maybe Eva’s right, and your scrappy cat will protect you from scary Halloween demons! 🙂

    We’re having a Halloween/birthday party for my daughter next weekend – you’ve inspired me to post some pics of our decorations. But it’s been so hot here we haven’t dared carve any pumpkins yet for fear they’ll look scary moldy when Halloween arrives!!

  8. very impressive! I love the cat’s one, very cute. While the first one is truly scary!

  9. Wow – you guys are amazing. I’m happy when I manage to make 2 eyes and a mouth without screwing up!

  10. Great carvings! I like your cat the best. He looks like one you wouldn’t want to tangle with, especially on Halloween.

  11. You can totally tell it’s a cat! He doesn’t look stupid, he just looks like he’s been through some sort of traumatic accident…poor cat 😛

    You all did a great job, Chris. If I ever tried to carve a pumpkin, by the end you wouldn’t be able to tell it was a pumpkin 😛

  12. They all look great, including the cat!

  13. Nice job! We had some friends over to carve pumpkins last weekend, but they definitely weren’t as awesome. And your cat just looks very… slender 🙂

  14. Those are awsome carvings, I see a cat :} I could never carve a pumkin anything like those three.

    happy carving

  15. Those are works of art! Very good! Even the cat!

  16. Nice designs! I think your cat is way cool!

  17. oh those are so cool!!! chris!

    this is what i love about blogging – experiencing and sharing all this cool stuff 😀

    tell austin that that clown is super scary!

    … very reminiscent of ol’ pennywise!

    and i love the dancing ghosts. and the cat! the cat is so cool! christ that cat has so much character! wow. do you draw?

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