Getting Excited About 24 Hours Of Reading!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to actually be able to participate in the 24 hour read-a-thon this year. I actually took a vacation day off of work just for this! I don’t have too many books picked out for the read-a-thon yet, because I mostly want to read on a whim. But I do have two! One is going to be Terry Pratchett’s Nation and the other will be Norman Partige’s Dark Harvest. We’ll see where I go from there. Saturday can’t come soon enough!

I’ve also started to see bloggers announce that they’re reading for a cause and thought this would be a good time to announce that I will too! I was originally going to donate to some charity that helps people with disabilities because I’ve always worked with kids with disabilities, but there are so many good ones out there that I couldn’t decide. So I thought I’d go with something a little different. I’m going to donate to NaNoWriMo! I still haven’t decided if I’m going to participate this year or not, but I do want to help others participate. For every $25 that you donate to NaNoWriMo, they can sponsor an entire classroom of kids in the young readers program. I’ve decided that I’m going to donate 10 cents per page read during the readathon. My goal is to get to a $100 donation which would be 1000 pages. Hopefully I can surpass that, but I didn’t want to set goals that are too unreasonable. If you want to sponsor me as well, feel free to! I’d love it. You can donate whatever you’d like. But of course, don’t feel obligated to donate…or don’t feel obligated to donate to this charity. Donate to whoever you’d like. Cool thing about donating to NaNo too is that you get little goodies back like cool stickers! So if I can get to $100 that will enable NaNo to adopt 140 kids for the young writers program! How cool is that?! I’ll be enabling 140 kids to write books and grow their love of literature. Right on!

Also wanted to mention that Carl announced his RIP mini-challenge for the read-a-thon today. Head on over to his site to check it out! I think I’m going to save Dark Harvest for the witching hour πŸ™‚

Everyone else getting excited??


10 Responses

  1. I’m thrilled you’re participating! It’s great to see you so excited, too.

    I’ll go check out the donation information for NaNoWriMo, because I would love to help get those kids involved.

  2. I’m going to be participating too. I don’t have a set list of books either. I wish that I had a copy of Nation on hand, but I don’t. 😦 Oh well, it’ll come when it comes.

  3. Well, pooh, I can’t. I’ll be at a swim meet. But, in 2 years I’ll have an empty nest and I’m enjoying my son’s HS years, so I’m not going to whine.

    As to Nano — I’m hoping to join in, but that one’s a “maybe”. I donate, though, always. I love Nano and they always have some worthy cause that they support.

  4. Dew, I’m thrilled too πŸ™‚ NaNo really is a great cause! Can’t wait to see everyone’s stories start popping up in november

    Becky, Oooohh, I hope you get Nation soon! If it’s as good as Nymeth made it out to be we’re in for a real

    Bookfool, 😦 I wish you could participate…I’m holding you to participating in 2 years though!! Good luck to your son by the way! I don’t know if I’m going to do NaNo either…I don’t think I’ve recovered yet from last year, lol.

  5. Annie and I are most definitely getting excited here, too!!! In fact, more than once I’ve caught myself daydreaming about it when I was supposed to be working on school stuff. Bad Mom! Annie and I both have a stack half a mile high of possible reads. You gotta be prepared for any mood, right? I’ve got both Dark Harvest and Nation in my pile, too. I just wish I was a faster reader…

    I love your “donation” plan. Annie and I hadn’t really decided where we were going to donate, but maybe we’ll jump on the bandwagon with you. By the way, Annie is so excited for November to arrive!

  6. NaNoWriMo is an awesome cause. I think it’s great that you picked them!

    And yay, you’re reading Nation πŸ˜€ I actually get a little nervous when people read books I love that much…because if they don’t like them I just might cry a little πŸ˜›

    J/k, you’re allowed not to like it πŸ˜› But I think you will. Nation is the opposite of The Colour of Magic in the sense that it shows the other side of Terry Pratchett…the side that is the reason why I love him so much.

    And yes, I’m definitely getting excited too!

  7. I’m a cheerleader, so I’ll be popping in to see how you’re doing with those 1000 pages.

    I’ve been looking for a charity to donate to…I love your idea. And this comment:
    “I’ll be enabling 140 kids to write books and grow their love of literature. Right on!”
    I’m tempted to match you if you make it to 1000 pages, but I need to look at my bank balance before I make any promises. I’ll get back to you.

  8. […] fund get a thank-you package with pictures and notes from the kids. Very cool! Chris at Stuff As Dreams Are Made OnΒ had the brilliant idea of donating 10 cents per page read, and I’m not above stealing great […]

  9. Okay, here’s your challenge…I’ll match your donation, up to $100.

    So good luck on making it to 1000 pages!

  10. Softdrink, You rock!! Thanks so much for helping me donate πŸ˜€ I’ll try my best to get to 1000!!

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