No Ender For Me :(

So the new Ender’s Game comic book came out and like any die hard fan, I went to go get a copy of it from my local comic book shop. Unfortunately they already sold out of all of their copies!! I was told that they’re ordering some more, but they can’t be sure that they’ll receive any 😦 What a bummer. If Issue 1 doesn’t come in, I’ll just wait for the trade paperback to start reading it. I’m assuming there’ll be one. Did anyone snag a copy?? I really want to know how it is!

Migraines have been claiming my head again for the past couple of days which is why I’ve been away from blogland for the last few days. None today though, so I can finally catch up on my reader! I stopped my other medications that I was taking as a preventative for migraines because they were just putting me in really bad moods. They were working though. So now I’m kind of stuck. Do I stay in bad moods and not have too many headaches, or do I just deal with the headaches and hope that the pain relievers work? I think I’m just going to stay off of the preventatives I was on because I’d much rather just be happy and deal with the occasional headache….sorry for that boring rant!

I finished Veins by Lawrence Connolly, but to be completely honest it just didn’t do it for me. It just wasn’t my kind of book and I think I just read it at the wrong time. However, I feel bad now because it was a review copy and I don’t want to give the author a bad review. So if anyone else wants to take a shot at this one, just leave me a comment telling me so and I’ll do a drawing for it on Sunday at Midnight central time if there’s more than one entry. Only catch is that you have to promise to review it for Mr. Connolly on your blog!

And finally, my wonderful mom bought me this shirt today 🙂 You may remember it from a previous post. If it comes in time for the read-a-thon, you can be sure that I’ll be wearing it that day!


11 Responses

  1. Chris –

    The migraines suck. I’d say dumb the ones you’ve been taking but go back to your doctor to see if there isn’t another treatment for you. You should be able to find something that doesn’t mess with your moods but helps with the headaches.

    The T-shirt is great!


  2. just ordered one for myself. It’s too cool!:D

  3. I didn’t know Ender’s Game was made into a comic. Isn’t there a movie of it coming out soon?

  4. I’m sorry that you didn’t get a copy of that comic! And that sucks about the migraines :/ I think I’d choose to be in a good mood and deal with them too, but it sucks that you have to choose at all.

    That t-shirt is the perfect read-a-thon uniform 😀

  5. ouchie… migraines suck! I hope it is gone soon!

    you sure have some great “moms”!! heh..

  6. CJ, I’m going to talk to my doctor next time I see her and see about trying something else. It’s just so frustrating to find something that works. And yes, the tshirt is great!

    Valentina, Yay! I think we should have a whole pack of people who wear them

    Jeane, They’ve been working on the Ender’s game movie FOREVER! They say that it’s coming out eventually but it’s faced so many road blocks…who knows.

    Nymeth, I can’t even find the comic online! It’s crazy that it’s sold out everywhere. And I think that the shirt should be the official uniform for the read a thon and we should all get one :p

    Deslily, I do indeed! Migraines are gone for now…I hope they stay that way!

  7. Glad to hear that, Chris. I know how you feel because I’ve only had one thing help me with my arthritis pain – Vioxx. It’s gone and I’m pretty much stuck because nothing else seems to work. I hope you have much luck, quickly! Have you ever tried oxygen therapy for a migraine? A friend recently told me how much it has helped him.


  8. I can totally relate to your medication woes. I have a particular med that makes me miserable, and I have tried switching it, but getting off of it is just not an option and boy it sucks.

    Can you get the book online? Bummer that they were all out!

  9. I think you need to say to yourself, “I don’t want it,” and see if the comic magically appears.

    Sorry about the head. I know that frustration all too well.

  10. I do love that t shirt! It’s the sort of thing I’d always wished I could wear to school!

    Migraines are awful. Relax when you can and feel better soon.

  11. Ha ha, I do remember that shirt! I looked around that site for a long time after you posted about that shirt. I hope it does arrive by Saturday. Sorry about the migraines. 😦

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