So Sleepy…

This has been the most exhausting week, but I decided to stay up and write a blog post before I crash since I never seem to have time to blog anymore. Work was crazy busy all week followed by a couple of nights out and all concluded with a really intense and exhausting LSU vs. Auburn game which I’m proud to say that LSU won! The thing I really hated about being so busy this week was that I missed much of BBAW. But what I followed along with was so much fun and a huge thanks goes out to My Friend Amy for hosting the whole thing. It was so great to see our little community come together even more than it usually does and I found quite a few new cool blogs to read through it.

I also managed to finish a book this week! Albeit a short one, it was still a pretty good read. The book was A Soul in a Bottle by Tim Powers. Perfect little haunting RIP read about the ghost of a poet who has passed enticing a young book lover living in Hollywood. It’s so short that I really can’t give much more of a plot summary without giving away the book, but I enjoyed my first experience with Powers. His words were poetic, the story was engaging and the characters were ones that I quickly enjoyed. Can’t ask for much more than that. The one thing that disappointed me a little was it’s length. I think it would’ve been even better had it been fleshed out a bit more into a novel, but it’s all good. I wanted to know more about certain aspects of the story, but my imagination had to fill in the blanks which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

What else, what else?? Oh yeah, as if I don’t have enough problems keeping up with my blog and blog reading, I now went and joined Twitter too, which I can see as being horribly addicting. My username is chrisa511 if you’re interested in friending me. I just discovered Twitter after hearing people talk about it for ages. It’s basically just like the facebook and myspace feature that allows you to tell other people what you’re doing by updating your “status box” only there’s nothing else to the website! You just post status messages so that people all over the world can know what’s going on in your life. I think it’s fun :p

Another thing…if you’re a video game fan, you have to check out the new Star Wars Unleashed game. It’s awesome! I bought it today and me and my brother were playing it all night. It’s incredibly cool. Especially for the Wii…yes, you get to use the Wii remote as a light saber and you do indeed have the powers of the force as well!! The graphics are the best I’ve seen for Wii so far and it’s highly addictive. One of those games where you stop playing and wonder where the last 3 hours of your life went.

Finally, a belated thank you to the hilarious Chartroose for inducting me into the Kool Kids Klub and to the oh so sweet Becky for saying that she loves my blog 🙂 Right back at you both of you! I would pass the award on to other people, but I just hate having to only pick a certain number of people. I love so many blogs out there and anyone who stops by here is just the epitome of Kool for sticking with my sporadic blogging, for supporting me during stressful times, and for just being great people. So consider yourself awarded!

Go read this incredibly cool interview with Neil Gaiman over at GoodReads…sounds like a new book is in the works! And it’s going to be non-fiction….interesting!

As for tomorrow…Go Saints!


7 Responses

  1. I’m glad you found a little time to post! 🙂

    And I Can’t Wait until Gaiman’s next book comes out. 😀 I’m avoiding Twitter at all costs, but I recently realised that the little ‘what I’m reading’ updates are kinda like a daily twitter. I also think that I should probably start recording them somewhere…might make reviews a little easier!

  2. good to hear you are still around.. it’s too quiet when you aren’t!! which is most of the time anymore. I miss your excitement about everything… but glad things are going well with work and dad and all..

    I’m reading Rebecca now.. then I will have finished the Peril for 4 books and the Peril for 2 books. Did you send in a tiny story????

  3. Congrats on the well-deserved awards, Chris. I’m glad the Tim Powers novella was good, even if it could have been a bit more developed. He seems to have a thing for writing about poets…The Stress of Her Regard is about Shelley and Byron. I’m really looking forward to reading that one.

    The GoodReads interview was great. And that book he recommended, Tender Morsels, sounds so good. I was looking it up and the cover alone makes me really want to read it!

  4. Eva, I’m so psyched about The Graveyard Book…I’ll definitely be reading that one the day it comes out…just 8 more days! And now the new non-fic travel book sounds incredible. You really should join Twitter 😉 I’m having fun on it.

    Deslily, Yeah, I’m around…it seems like everytime I make a conscientous effort to post it just doesn’t happen, lol….I need more than 24 hours in a day now! I really miss being on here all the time. How are you liking Rebecca?? I loved it! And no, I haven’t done a tiny story yet, but I’m really hoping to and to have it in on time!

    Nymeth, Thanks! I’ll have to check out the Tim Powers book that you’re reading…I liked the Poetry aspect, he put lots of actual poems into the novella. Tender Morsels does sound really good. I’m definitely going to check that one out…oh, and you should join Twitter :p

  5. Sheesh, but you’ve been a busy lad, haven’t you?!! Glad you found a few minutes to touch base. Though we understand, we still miss you!

    A Soul in a Bottle sounds great! I’ve never really heard anything about Tim Powers before. (Yep, that whole living in a cave thing once again rears its ugly head.) But I did on a whim buy one of his books (Three Days to Nowhere, I think it is) several months back. Of course, buying a book does not nearly often enough equate to reading a book. I do hope to get to it one of these days though, as I remember being really excited when I read the cover.

    Hope the week treats you kindly!

  6. Liking Rebecca a lot ! The old black and white movie seems to have done it justice!… for whatever reasons if I’ve seen the movie I seem to not care for the book, but this time that’s not the case…

    I miss seeing your comments all over the place, but know that means you have to be on line.. I don’t even see carl commenting as much as he generally does!

  7. Debi, I miss everyone too! I still read blogs every day, just don’t have time to comment because I’m reading them on my cellphone :p Modern technology rocks, huh? I had never heard of Tim Powers either before getting this book…but people kept talking about him all of the time all of a sudden, so I decided to read him! Hope you enjoy him too when you get to it!

    Deslily, Yay, I’m glad you’re enjoying Rebecca 🙂 I know what you mean about not really being able to get into a book after you’ve seen the movie…that’s why I try to avoid the movies until I’ve read the book. I miss commenting all over the place too, but I’m trying to get back to it…again :/

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