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Hey everyone…guess how much reading I got done this week? Nada, zilch, zip, zero! Things have been so hectic at work ever since we reopened the hospital after Gustav. Psychiatric hospitals in New Orleans are busy as it is, but since we evacuated most of our patients for the hurricane it left us with an empty hospital when we reopened…and I’m an admissions counselor, so now we have TONS of people coming in to fill the hospital up again and it’s been crazy to say the least (and I mean “crazy” in the nicest way possible). Then of course we’ve had Ike in the gulf which is also causing a huge influx of patients as people just tend to lose it down here whenever a hurricane comes around.

Luckily though, it looks like we’ll be spared from Ike! We’re having some tropical storm conditions right now, but that doesn’t bug me…as long as the house isn’t blowing down. I do feel for the people in Texas though. They don’t need this either. Hurricanes just suck…you don’t want them to hit you, but you don’t want them to hit anyone else either…but it has to hit somewhere. Hopefully after Ike the tropics will just stay quiet!

Some good news: as soon as I saw that Dewey announced the date for the 24 hour read-a-thon I went and took off the whole weekend from work! Friday through Saturday….so for the first time, I’ll actually be able to participate this year. I’m so excited about it! I wish it were tomorrow!

Other news, John Lawson’s wonderful book Witch Ember is going out of print for awhile soon 😦 I’ve reviewed it and interviewed him here on the site and the book is absolutely amazing and will most probably be in my top 10 of the year. So here’s your last chance to get a copy for awhile. Head on over to this site to scoop it up!


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  1. I hope you enjoy the next read-a-thon and will actually have some time to read!

  2. I hear ya about the hurricanes! It sure has come much higher in texas than they first predicted. But I am glad that it has missed both my son and my adopted son! The pictures from our weather shows this hurricane has almost taken up the entire Gulf! geez!

    wow.. no reading at all?!! This has got to be a first! And it’s a De Lint book you have been putting off?!! That’s TWO shocks!! I hope things slow down so you can read again!!

  3. I’m very excited about the read-a-thon too! The date is perfect for me, so unless something unexpected happens I will also be a reader for the first time.

    I’m glad Ike is sparing you….hurricanes really do suck. I hope things get more manageable at work soon and that you finally get some reading time.

  4. I was so relieved to see that you all were going to be spared a major hit this time! Like you said though, you sure don’t wish it on anyone else either.

    Sheesh, I’m obviously behind on my blog reading again, as I hadn’t even heard about read-a-thon yet. Will immediately be hopping over to Dewey’s to find out when it is. I’m soooo excited that you’ll be able to join in this time!!!!

  5. I know what you mean about those hurricanes. I always hope that they’ll fizzle out because regardless, someone is going to suffer and yeah — you don’t wish it on yourself or your friends, but it has to hit somewhere. We’re getting some stiff wind and alternating cloud cover, so I guess the far outer bands have made it our way. Hope you don’t get too much rain. That sucker is HUGE!

    No reading at all? Really? Wowee, that’s kind of unusual, isn’t it?

    Swim season will probably get in the way of the readathon for me. I’m going to check my calendar, though. I’d love to participate instead of sitting on the sidelines, for once. So cool that you were able to take off the weekend!

  6. I’m glad you all have been spared major damage by these storms. I feel for you every time I hear of another tropical storm, whether it is headed your way or not.

    I’m worried about your priorities…there is always time for reading!!! You have to sit on the throne once in awhile, don’t you? πŸ˜‰

    I am disappointed that once again I will be unable to participate in the 24 hour event. I’ll be in Nebraska helping my parents move on that weekend. Maybe next time!!!

  7. Today was the first day I’ve read for pleasure all week! It felt crazy good, lol.

    Yay for you participating in the read-a-thon!!! I’m going to be one of Dewey’s helpers this time around, so I’m not sure how much reading I’ll get done. The kinks are still being worked out.

  8. Hey Chris,

    I have done only slightly more reading than you in the past week…not sure why. Possibly having a cold and trying to get a lot done didn’t help.

    Glad you guys are doing ok and aren’t being hit too badly.

  9. I know I’m late with this, but once again, I’m so glad you were spared Ike. Just heard on the news that Galveston is still trying to restore basic power, two weeks after it hit. And excellent you can join in the read-a-thon, until my kids are older, I don’t have a chance of reading for 24 hours straight unless I leave home!!

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