Back Home and All is Well

First off, thank you so much to everyone for your comments and emails over the past few days. I could still check my email on my phone so I got every one of them and I was overwhelmed by it all. We’re back home now and things aren’t too bad. No damage to the house, to the family, or to the books! Unfortunately the sewerage isn’t working and they’re worried now that it may start backing up into people’s houses, so that’s a little scary and just disgusting. We actually have electricity though and many people don’t, so we’re thankful for that.

We didn’t have electricity in Baton Rouge. For the past 3 days we didn’t have electricity and that was just miserable. Being in a hotel with hundreds of other people with no electricity, no showers, etc. is just well…disgusting. The smell got to be pretty disturbing by the time we left. The hotel staff was great though. They had one small generator for the main lobby so they cooked us breakfast and dinner and served cocktails every night in true New Orleans style 😉 We had jambalaya and red beans one night and dirty rice last night. All in all it was pretty surreal and I was reminded a bit of the movie Cloverfield for a couple of nights as it was complete blackness and you just heard voices in the dark accompanied by flashlights. Fun stuff.

So basically, we evacuated to a worse place than where we were when it came to Gustav :p But we had no way of knowing that. I watched fences come apart, roofs get blown off, gutters fall, etc. It was actually kind of neat to see the power of a hurricane behind double reinforced windows. I’ve always been amazed by weather. I’m glad it didn’t do any damage to us this time, but my heart truly goes out to those that were affected by Gustav as it affected many many people in Louisiana from north to south.

I did get some RIP reading done! I finished Gossamer by Lois Lowry which was a great book and I’ll have my review up of that one either later tonight or tomorrow and I’m almost finished Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest which I read by flashlight and I’m in love with! Perfect RIP book and made even better when you’re reading it in a pitch dark room with only a flashlight and some candles with the wind howling outside.

So thanks again everyone. I’m back now and I’m going to see how everyone else is doing!


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  1. hmmm, you read 2 books huh? you must have chosen books with only 100 pages! (snicker)
    I’m glad all is well back home though (well, nearly).. and hope things get back to normal quickly for everyone down there…. and of course, hope the other storms brewing don’t amount to anything for anyone!!!

  2. Deslily, One was 140 pages and the other about 300 :p There was nothing else to do but watch the weather! I don’t even want to think about the other storms out there…Ike looks scary right now, but I’m trying to not even watch the weather. I really don’t want to evacuate ever again…miserable. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you too! That projected path for Hannah looks like it takes it close to Jersey.

  3. Phew! I’m so glad you’re safe, Chris, and that there wasn’t much damage this time. Welcome back! I look forward to your reviews.

  4. So glad you made it through ok and even got some reading done!

  5. I was so worried about you! I’m glad you are ok, and the hurricane wasn’t as bad. We are just now starting to get the after affects up here. The rain is predicted for the next 3 days!!

  6. Glad to hear everyone is okay. Hope you don’t have further sewage problems. I had a neighbor once and the main line backed up in his house. It was terrible! He finally got someone to fix the problem, but of course had to do all the cleanup himself. Ugh.

  7. Oh, thank goodness you’re okay! When I saw your message saying you’d evacuated to Baton Rouge, I thought, “Oh, no!” Because by then we knew B.R. was going to get the worst of it. I thought about you the whole time. We never did lose power — just had flickering, for once, and bucketloads of rain. Hope your sewage problem is fixed quickly. We’ve had pipe backups and the smell is unreal.

  8. Hey Nymeth! Thanks…I’m thrilled that everything is ok over here too. I hope to have the reviews pouring in soon!

    Ladytink, Thanks! There wasn’t much else to do but read, so that was one good side of it :p

    Steph, I’m ok :p I hope that the rains aren’t too bad up there! It’s caused some pretty bad flooding in Louisiana…hopefully it’ll thin out a little bit before it gets up to you. Bunker down!

    Jeane, Thanks! So far so good on the sewage front. That would really just be disgusting if the lines backed up into the house. I don’t think I have it in me to clean it up!

    Bookfool, Hey! Yeah, I’m ok…glad y’all are ok too. I thought about y’all while I was in Baton Rouge. It’s such a mess up there. I feel horrible for those people. So glad you didn’t lose power! That’s the worst part of these things. We’ve had the sewage back up before too and you’re right…the smell is unreal…blech!

    Bellezza, phew is right! lol.

  9. I’m so glad you’re ok, but I’m sorry you had such an icky evacuation. 😦 You know, you can always come visit in California!! They don’t have crazy weather out here apparently.

    I’m coveting Four and Twenty Blackbirds; I even looked for it at my ‘de-stressing’ trip to Borders today (there isn’t a B&N around, and I must say the Borders inventory did not help my destressing too much) but couldn’t find it. In fact, the only book on my whole list that the store actually had was The Haunting of Hill House. Crazy, huh?

    Ok-I’m rambling. They have cheap, yummy wine here (right near wine country), and this week has stressed me out!

  10. Chris! So glad that you are all okay! Ick on the sewage…hope it doesn’t affect you too much.

    I’m so pleased you loved Four and Twenty Blackbirds. I’ve just finished Not Flesh Nor Feathers, the third Eden Moore book, and I’ll be posting about that one later on today. Looking forward to your review of Four and Twenty Blackbirds!

  11. That hotel sounds a little disgusting. No showers, but now that it’s over – you have stories to tell. 🙂

    At least there wasn’t much damage.

  12. glad to hear your home was ok. being stranded in hotel sounds awful though. If you’d felt like being stranded in Breaux Bridge with no power i could have given you my parent’s address :). My mom actually came up to visit, as well as one of my brothers and my sister. a different brother had his kitchen roof cave in, but as it was a rental they aren’t too upset about it. I heard that the Superdome was fine but that Tiger Stadium wasn’t? hope that isn’t true.

  13. Eva, I’ll have to keep that in mind for future hurricanes! I’ve always wanted to go to California. Hope you’re enjoying it up there. I really hope that you can find Four and Twenty Blackbirds soon. It’s such an incredible book!! And there’s two more books out now in the series that I want immediately! Totally agree with you that Borders has a crappy selection. I had boycotted them awhile ago, but I still go there now every now and then :/ I can never find what I want though. Enjoy your cheap yummy wine!

    Quix, No sewage problems! Yay! lol…I’m so excited to hear that Four and Twenty is the first in a series 😀 It has such a wonderful haunting feel to it. Just love it. Reminds me of the Mayfair Witches series by Anne Rice…in fact, I really want to reread The Witching Hour now!

    D-O, I can’t tell you how good it felt to finally take a shower!! It was heavenly, lol. I do indeed have plenty of stories to tell as does everyone down here.

    Melanie, Breaux Bridge is out of power too? That sucks! This thing really packed a punch. I’m sorry to hear about your brother’s kitchen roof. Even though he’s renting that’s still a pain in the ass. And I did hear that Tiger Stadium had some damage. In fact, they cancelled the game this weekend 😦 But the next game is still on.

  14. So glad to hear you’re home safe and sound, and that you came home to find that all is well! I can’t imagine what it must be like to be away from home, just wondering what is happening with your home. I certainly hope that the sewer situation is taken care of pronto!
    While the hotel situation sounded a bit trying to say the least, it’s always wonderful to hear the stories of people who are trying to make life easier for others, like the hotel staff. Just think how much worse it would have been without them, huh? Again, Chris, I’m just so grateful that you all are okay!

    ***And now, to the powers that be: Could you know please, please, please give this poor guy a break?!! I really think he deserves a little smooth sailing in his life for a while. Thank you.***

  15. Debi, We were so happy to come home and see absolutely no damage to the house! It’s extremely stressful not knowing how your house is. But it’s good and that’s all that matters! The hotel staff really was amazing. They cooked for us every night, kept us good and drunk, and provided entertainment 😉 Thanks so much Debi…I hope we get a break too for the rest of this hurricane season!

  16. I didn’t email or send a comment to you because I wasn’t sure when you would get back. All Sunday and Monday I thought about you and your family and dad, and thought you were on the other side of New Orleans, so safer… what a shock to come here tonight and see you were in the path of it! I am so glad and relieved that it went better than expected – a) you got out, b) you came back and your home was still there, and c) your dad was able to handle the stress of it all. We get CNN up here, so basically we were watching all day both days, until the coverage ended for the republican convention. I’m still so mad the levees aren’t rebuilt yet!! But ever so glad this hurricane wasn’t anything like Katrina. Though, there is Ike now……please let it miss you entirely!
    I have to laugh at you taking books to read, and reading with a flashlight after the power went out – true booklover that you are!!! Welcome back, Chris, and may you have the most wonderful autumn and winter to make up for the spring and summer!

  17. Hey Susan! Thanks so much for all of the thoughts 🙂 Us geniuses down here evacuated from New Orleans right into the eye of the hurricane! Oh well…you never can tell what these things are going to do. I’m just glad things are back to normal now. It really is sad that the levees aren’t built to how they should be by now. We could just be devastated if we got another direct hit. They say they’ll be finished in 2011 but we need them done now! I’m hoping Ike misses us completely too! And of course I brought my books with me! Is that any surprise? lol…In fact I brought about 5 with me because I didn’t know how long we’d be there. After Katrina I was in Baton Rouge for 4 months! I had to just buy bunches of books then….darn :p

  18. Glad you and the family are safe and that there’s no lasting damage. Leaving in the face of such a storm is always a gamble, but its far better to err on the side of caution! I’m glad New Orleans was spared the worst of what could have been an absolute nightmare.

    Reading with a flashlight! At least you had plenty of books with you!

  19. Glad you are safe despite icky conditions. Glad you found time and torch light to get some reading done. Am off to read your Gossamer review now!

  20. hi
    good luck

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