Hurricane Gustav

Just when I was beginning to be a good blogger again this thing comes and screws everything up. Life has been chaos for everyone down here in New Orleans lately so none of us have gotten much done aside from worrying and making plans to get out. As our plans stand, we’re leaving tomorrow morning to head up to Baton Rouge to weather the storm out there. Gustav is still expected to pass close through Baton Rouge, but it’s much better inland than here on the coast so we should be ok. I just really don’t want to be here in New Orleans when a possible category 5 hurricane hits. After that I may have to go up to Tennessee where the hospital I work for is evacuating to. It all just depends on what happens and how long it takes before we can come pack. I just really hope that this isn’t another Katrina thing, but as it is right now the damn thing looks worse than Katrina. Our always well poised mayor, Ray Nagin (can you hear the sarcasm?) has these words “this is the mother of all storms, you all need to get your butts out of New Orleans”. So that’s what we’re doing.

I do want to thank Debi and Nymeth so so so much for the Super Commenter award. That was so incredibly sweet and I think that award means more to me than any one I’ve gotten. Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t left a comment yet in response to getting it 😦 I’ll give out the award to a few more people as soon as things settle down some. We’re taking my mom’s computer to Baton Rouge with us, so as long as I have internet, I’ll try to keep people updated on what’s going on with us and Gustav.

And of course I’ve packed a few books to read for the RIP challenge 😉 I’m most nervous about my books flooding again…that would just suck. I’ve just now built my library up again. I’ve raised them as much as I can but there’s so many of them that they can only go so high. We’ll see what happens!

Until next time guys…hope to talk to y’all soon.

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  1. Stay safe, Chris.

  2. Good luck, hope you weather the storm well. I check here every now and then to see what you’re reading, but for some reason I never realized you were a guy. Guess I never read the “about you” cool though. I don’t know many guys that like to read as much as you do.


  3. Good luck Chris! Hope all goes well for you!

  4. We’ll be thinking of you, Chris. Stay safe, and I hope this disruption in your life doesn’t last very long.

  5. Nothing to apologize for, Chris. I had no idea that the situation with Gustav had become so serious 😦

    Be safe, okay? I really hope your books stay safe too…I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Stay safe Chris. I’ll thinking of you, and hoping that this hurricane fizzles out in time. I saw the pictures of the evacuation on the news this morning, it must be quite tense and scary.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  7. hi baby boy.. geez…. this sure makes you wonder how New Orleans made it thru all the other hurricanes over the years without the disaster happening… I am sure glad your dad is doing so much better and doesn’t need to be in the hospital right now! (there are some blessings after all!)

    you take care!

  8. Keep safe, that’s the important thing. You take care.

  9. I’ve been so worried about you! Be safe. Hopefully, it will be much better than the last.

  10. Chris, I only just read about this and came straight over here. Sorry I haven’t been checking in lately – I’m a terrible blogger right now.

    Stay safe and I’ll join you in hoping your book collection survives.

    Sending you and yours lots of positive thoughts.

  11. You’ve been on my mind constantly, Chris. I’m so glad to hear you all have left! But I’m still hoping, hoping, hoping it won’t be too bad, trying to be optimistic. Please stay safe, my dear friend! You are on so many people’s minds. So many positive thoughts coming your way!

  12. Best wishes, Chris, hope all goes well.

  13. Fingers crossed that your books stay dry but the most important thing is to stay safe! Good luck.

  14. I hope your house and your books stay nice & dry and that you and your family are safe.

    Good Luck!

  15. When I heard of Gustav, I thought of you. Stay safe and dry!

  16. Stay safe!!!!

  17. Put everything up high, including yourself! Nagin is right, this one looks to be worse. I’m glad you’re heading for safety.


  18. If I may, I’ve created a rather new website called Personal Hurricane I’ve recently added forecast tracks, computer forecast models, surface observations, radar and satellite imagery, and more. I believe this info will come in quite handy for this in the path of Gustav and Hanna (don’t forget Ike coming off the African coast!).

  19. I’m glad to read you’re getting out of New Orleans – stay safe! At least you have your emergency books on hand.

  20. oh chris! my heart went out to you the moment i saw heard abotu this bloody gustav! i can’t believe it.

    it must be terrible. i hope you’re safe and the damage is minimal! but even if your house is fine in the end, i’m sure that the damage to new orleans in general will be very disruptive and heartbreaking again… 😦

  21. as soon as I read the paper this morning I thought about you! My heart is with you and your family…Looking forward to here any news
    take care!

  22. I hope everything goes ok and your books survive as well as you and your family/friends. Hope the damage is as limited as possible and you are back home again soon.

  23. You’re in my thoughts that you will be warm, safe and dry. So far, the reports are looking good that Gustav will not be as destructive as Katrina was, and that keeps me hopeful for everyone in its path.

  24. I hear that Gustav is winding down a little, so I do hope you and your family are safe! keep us updated!

  25. A disaster makes us sensitive and supportive of another human being. Because of the global nature of the problem, we realize that anyone could be next.
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