Round 3

Back to the hospital we go. This time my dad’s ribcage has suddenly become undone. It’s just never ending. He’s been complaining that his chest has been really uncomfortable and his scar got really inflamed last week. He’s been hearing this popping noise too in his chest, so he called his doctor a couple of days ago. They ordered a catscan and after getting the results, they tell him that his ribcage is basically open! Here’s the best part…the hospital is taking no responsibility of course. They’re telling him that he must have done something to break through the industrial strength wire that’s supposed to keep your chest together for the rest of your life right after he had open heart surgery. Couldn’t have been something that they did wrong…

This is the third time now that he’ll have to go back to the hospital inpatient. This time he has to have surgery again which means cutting him open again through the nerves and muscle and reattaching his ribcage. You really just can’t afford to sick in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. It’s sickening. The resources are so scarce that you get a half ass job no matter where you go because they just want to get you out of the hospital as soon as possible. There’s no reason for my dad to have to go through all of this. So the surgery is scheduled for August 8th.

As things tend to go, my car decided to die yesterday and I had the week from hell at work too. But that’s all behind me now as the car is fixed and the lady from corporate has left the office, so everything else should be back to normal now. Hopefully dad will be soon too.

Reading wasn’t great this month. I got 5 books read, though they were all excellent. I still owe a review on Farworld by J. Scott Savage. It’s really an excellent book. I’m just waiting for some time to write a proper review and get my interview questions together. Then I can get my post up and my giveaway posted! Hope everyone’s doing well. Sorry for not responding to everyone’s comments in the last post. I got overwhelmed with corporate in town!


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  1. Yikes. That all sounds horribly scary for you and your dad! The hospital sound rubbish. I guess there’s no way of taking him to a hospital far away? I’m sorry, my knowledge of the US health system is based on episodes of ER…

    Cars do have a way of breaking down just when you think you can’t take anymore of whatever else is going on! I think they know. Sometimes I think that some people have Deceptacon cars and some people have Autobots.

    Glad things are sorting out at work slightly, and please pass on my best wishes to your dad.

  2. omg, I have never heard of that before! I know your anxioty though… having more than I ever want of it myself…it sucks. It just blows me away that they make him wait a week !!

    glad the car got fixed and the “work problem” has left the building…

  3. Ugh, I’m so sorry your dad is having so many problems. I hope it gets sorted out properly this time…What a nightmare.

    I just had a phone call to say my dad has gone in to hospital for tests….*sigh*

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that your dads recovery has been interrupted in such a horrible way. The public health system certainly has a lot to answer for. I hope next week is better for you too.

    Wishing your dad a swift recovery from his surgery.

  5. Omg! That’s awful. I hope all will be well soon.

    Glad you got the car fixed.

    I don’t know what it is but I just can’t get into Farworld. I think it’s just me though.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad – I hope he’s safe at home and healthy again soon.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that, Chris. I hope they an get things fixed up and recovery goes well and quickly! Thinking of you…

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad, Chris. And it’s really upsetting that the hospital won’t take responsibility for it. I hope his surgery goes well and that he recovers soon.

  9. I hope your dad is ok with his new surgery and that they do a better job this time around. Will be thinking of you and looking out for more book reviews in the meantime.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your father! That has to be one of the most awful things I can imagine…having to basically have open heart surgery again, for all intents and purposes. You all are in my prayers. I hate to hear that medical care in the US is poor in various areas as it just ought not to be this way. It is simply ridiculous.

    Glad work and the car is better and hope to hear good news about your dad soon!

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your dad.That’s so rough. And terrible the hospital won’t own up to its culpability! I hope things go well and he is healed soon. Best wishes to your family.

  12. Hi..I came across your site on someone else blog roll and thought I would stop by. I’m so sorry your dad is going through this right now. I hope his next surgery will go smoothly.

  13. Oh your poor Dad! What, the hospital thinks he’s Popeye? That’s pathetic.

  14. Oh, dear. I’m so sorry your dad has to go through that all over again and that you had such a rough week between work, your father’s trouble and car. Hugs and good wishes to all of you.

  15. So sorry to hear about your dad. Sometimes it just seems like it will never end, doesn’t it?? I hope things are going to get better for you. Hugs!

  16. Good lord, Chris…seems like you and your family just can’t catch a break this year! I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. Geez…I had no idea something like that could even happen! And just what exactly do they think your dad could have done to cause this…yeah right! Not much that pisses me off more than people/corporations/etc. refusing to take responsibility for their actions. Like you all need their pathetic cover up on top of everything else. Anyway, I hope his surgery goes as smoothly as possible and that maybe FINALLY you all can live easy for a while! (((HUGS)))

  17. My mother in law has had to get knee surgery three times because they keep installing her new knee incorrectly. It really sucks when that kind of thing happens. I really hope things start looking up!

  18. Ugh, I’m so sorry that you and your dad have to go through all this pain! I hope things lighten up for you soon.

  19. Chris, perhaps this is not a comfort, but my father had so many repeat visits with his heart surgeries. I know JUST how you’re feeling: all the anxiety, and unknown, and suffering you do vicariously with your dear parent. My dad had a failed ‘experimental’ surgery which they’ve since ceased to do on patients, and at Mayos Clinic (oh, dear, I’m sure that isn’t spelled right) the doctor cut a vein giving my father a heart attack on the operating table…anyway, I will pray for your strenth, and your father’s healing. Bless you.

  20. What’s that saying “when it rains, it pours?” It sure seems true sometimes. Hope that he feels better soon.

  21. That’s awful about your dad. My grandfather had open heart surgery early this year – his surgery and recovery went pretty well, but I still remember how tough it is to sit with someone going through that – can’t imagine him (or you!) having to go through it more than once! Hope the surgery goes well and he is on the real road to recovery soon – you’ll both be in my thoughts.

  22. Oh god, can’t even begin to imagine how it’s like going through this. Take care.

  23. Damn, Chris, I’m really sorry! It just has to get better soon.

  24. Awww: I’m catching up on my blog reading, and I’m sorry about all the ickiness that’s been going on lately. 😦 Wish I could give you a big hug! Or at least go kick that prank caller’s ass for you. I’ll be keeping you and your dad in my thoughts.

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