A Winner And A Good Weekend

We Have a winner for David Sedaris’ When You Are Engulfed in Flames and I’m excited to say that it’s Trish of Hey Lady, Whatcha Readin? Why am I excited you may ask? She’s going to see David Sedaris speak in October, so this should really add to the experience for her. I wanted to go see him here a few weeks ago but couldn’t get off of work. Hope you enjoy it Trish and I hope you enjoy the book! Send me your address at chrisa511(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll get it out to you ASAP.

This weekend was great. I’m horribly behind on blog reading now I’m afraid, but I’m about to go get caught up on all of that :p We drove about 40 miles to go eat at a little seafood restaurant down here called Middendorf’s that’s famous for their fried catfish. I hadn’t been there in years…like since I was a kid years. This place is literally a little shack in the middle of nowhere. Lots of people go crabbing around there or take boats out to fish, but aside from that, it’s just a bunch of trees. But the food is delicious and the whole family went. It was good getting dad and grandma out of the house.

Today was spent mostly in front of the Wii :p The golf game on Wii sports just wasn’t enough any more so I went and bough Tiger Woods ’08 which is highly addictive and I also bought Okami which is an incredible game that I’ve been wanting for the PS2 for over a year now. I didn’t know that they made it for the Wii. The graphics are stunning and are done in this beautiful traditional looking Japanese brushstroke type style. Your main character is a wolf and you use a brush and ink to change your surroundings. It all takes place in ancient Japan…love it!

I picked up the Mouseguard graphic novel over the weekend finally after coveting that for about a year now as well and I think I’m going to start that one tonight. May just read the whole thing tonight. I first heard about it from Carl and then Nymeth…the art is amazing in that one. Can’t wait to dig into it. In other book related news, I think I’m going to admit defeat to the series challenge. Even though it doesn’t end until November, it’s just stressing me out entirely too much knowing that I’m committing myself to reading three more books in the Song of Ice and Fire series by then on top of everything else I need to read. I love that series so far, but that’s just too much. I’ll certainly read them, but in my own time! I already feel better!

How was everyone else’s weekend??


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  1. Spent the weekend in front of the Wii?? Sounds like fun. I was so good….I stayed away from the kids’ Wii for months. Then one day, they begged me to play tennis with them. Now I’m hooked on the damn thing!

    You know me….my weekend was filled with work!! But it’s all good!

  2. Congratulations Trish! It sounds like the perfect win! Read his book and then go see him live and in person.. how cool is that!?!!!

    as you know, I had a good weekend… which I sorely needed.

    So… the Wii is how you are getting your excercise now eh?? hehe.. it’s surely better than sitting on the butt all day! lol..

  3. Hey there, glad you had a great weekend! That catfsh sounds sooo good. And that shack sounds wonderful. In NY, one never finds great catfish cooks unless they’re from downsouth. So eating fried catfish is always a kind of hit and miss affair. When it’s done well, it’s good.

    That wii game sounds wonderful too. To be engulfed and surrounded and enveloped in old Japan! Ah, don’t make me dream! Have a great week! -C

  4. Yay for a good weekend!

    I’m doing pretty bad on blog reading at the moment too, but I have now started using google reader, which is just so useful I have no idea how I have lived without it.

    Yay for the Wii! I am looking forward to trying some of the new games coming out that use the balance board from Wii Fit.

    My weekend was decent. Bit busy sorting out stuff for my ebay and etsy shops, but that’s all good really! Started watching the fifth season of 24 on DVD, which annoys and entertains me in equal measure!

  5. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve “almost” bought Mouseguard…I really need to just break down and do it, so I can stop the cravings. πŸ™‚

    Sounds like giving up on the series challenge is a smart move. You know you’ll read those books eventually, but if now isn’t the time, don’t force it. Challenges are supposed to be fun, not stress-inducing, right?

  6. Yay! This is PERFECT! I hope I like David Sedaris as much as everyone else. πŸ™‚ I’ll send you my address via email later today.

  7. I’ve been getting the Mouseguard comics for the kids and I since they started coming out and we love it. I hope you do as well.

  8. Weekends, as usual are too short.

    Stepping out of the challenge sounds like the best move for you. Reading shouldn’t be that much pressure.

    Wii, eh?

  9. I’m glad you had a good week, Chris! And oooh, you got Mouse Guard! I look forward to your thoughts on it. It’s such a stunning book.

  10. Stephanie, Tennis is one of my favorite games on the Wii! My arm was sore forever after I first got it from playing so much :p I’m finally getting used to that. Sorry you had to work all weekend! Hope you’re still enjoying your job

    Deslily, I’m so glad that you had the weekend that you had. It really did sound like a great one! The Wii really is good exercise. I had heard people say that before but I didn’t realize how much it really worked you out!

    Carole, There are ALL kinds of good places down here to get fried catfish. We have seafood restaurants everywhere you look in New Orleans as you might imagine. So if it’s fried seafood you’re looking for, this is the place to come πŸ˜‰ And the Wii game is incredible…I can’t get over it. It’s certainly lived up to the expectations I had for it!

    Quix, Google reader is the best thing ever invented! Ever since I discovered it I can read so many more blogs and I can read them so much quicker. I really love it. I’m sure you will too. I’m loving your Etsy shop πŸ˜€ You did an awesome job! I want a Wii Fit so bad 😦 They sell out so quick over here and I still haven’t been able to get one. They literally sell out within 10 minutes of getting in stock…it sucks.

    Debi, You DEFINITELY need to get Mouseguard! It’s so incredible! And Annie would love it too. It’s adorable, but it’s a wonderful story all at the same time. It’s like a Watership Down with mice. Love it! I think that giving up on the series challenge was certainly the right move…I feel better already!

    Trish, I’m so happy you won the drawing! It couldn’t have gone to a better person! Hope you enjoy it!

    Jeff, I’m really loving the Mouseguard comic. Now I just need the second trade to come out!! Any idea when that’s supposed to happen???

    Carrie, Weekends are ENTIRELY too short, lol. Stepping out of the challenge really was the best move. Pressure is right. That’s exactly what it was…it’s like a huge weight has been lifted! I love the Wii! I can’t get enough, lol

    Nymeth, Thanks πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a good week too…what am I talking about, I know you are! I’m loving Mouseguard! It really is stunning!

  11. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I had a good one too-I haven’t seen most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins in six years. πŸ˜€ The cousins played a lot of Wii, but I’m horrible at video games. I didn’t grow up with them, and I definitely don’t have a natural talent, so I prefer to just watch other people play. πŸ˜‰

  12. Chris I still think there a couple issues left to come out in the second mini-series so I’m guessing you won’t see a second collection until late 08 or most likely early 09. If I read anything specific I’ll try to drop you a line ( or hey Carl if you read this help me be on the lookout for this in Previews as well for Chris please. πŸ™‚ )

  13. […] I won this book from Chris at Stuff As Dreams Are Made OnΒ and I was totally stoked because I’ve never read any David Sedaris, but I’d bought a ticket to go see him with a few of my friends. […]

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