The Weekly Post

Remember me? I’m starting to become a weekly blogger now which I really don’t like at all, but that’s all that life has given me time for recently. I miss the days of posting at least once a day. Hopefully once I’m settled in this job I can get back to that. Though I have to say that I’m starting to feel pretty darn comfy over there now! And the first paycheck came today which definitely made me like the job even more šŸ™‚

Dad’s back home from the hospital and is doing so much better! Still a ways to go until full recovery but we’re miles ahead of last week. Thanks once again for all of your thoughts. I really think that I’m going to have to do another book giveaway as a thank you for all of your wonderful support during this last month, I just need to think of something special.

I’ve done like no reading at all this week which is just horrible! I don’t think I’ve read anything in the past 3 days. I just don’t feel like picking up a book when I get home at 11 o’clock at night, so I plan on spending the weekend catching up. I’m getting super stressed seeing all of these challenges ending soon. I was tagged by Debi for the Summer Goals meme and that’s definitely going to be one of my goals! Get some of these challenges done or at least organize some sort of method to do that. Anyone else overwhelmed by book piles?

That’s all I’ve really got right now…hope everyone has a good weekend. I’ll be back for another post or two over the weekend. Now to go catch up on this ridiculous number of posts on my google reader!


17 Responses

  1. Hooray! Dad is home!! That sure gave me a scare so I can imagine how you felt!!

    Good to hear you are feeling at home with the new job!! It helps to feel part of everything.

    I sure miss seeing you post more often but I guess I’ll have to settle for less as long as you are still around!

    (I’m doing my Far World giveaway. hope you swing by to check it out.. I know you won’t enter cha! lol)

  2. I’ve been a weekly blogger due to illness recently, so I totally understand missing it. I’m worried about what’ll happen in the fall when I go to grad school, but I figure I’ll deal with that when it comes up!

    I’m so glad you’re settling into your job and that your dad’s home. I’ll keep sending good thoughts for a speedy total recovery. šŸ™‚

    My head wasn’t working at all this last week, so I couldn’t read until yesterday, and suddenly all the bookpiles seemed to just be looming up. I had to take a lot of deep breaths, and remember that it’s a Hobby. And challenges are Voluntary.

    And I still need to do Debi’s summer meme too. Maybe I’ll get to it today aor tomorrow!

  3. Of course we remember you šŸ˜› I’m very glad to hear your dad is recovery and that things are going well at work.

    And it’s like Eva said: It’s a hobby and voluntary, but I know sometimes it really takes an effort to keep that in mind sometimes.

    Have a great weekend, Chris – rest and read lots! You definitely deserve it.

  4. don’t worry about the weekly blogging…! and its so cool about that pay cheque šŸ˜€

    i can totally relate. i’ve been applying for jobs in the last weeks which is why i have been extra quiet lately.

    i’m really glad things are going better with your dad.

  5. Glad to hear your dad is home. I hope he gets plenty of rest – and easy on the diet. šŸ™‚

    I’m pretty overwhelmed by bookpiles lately. Been busy at work and I’ve just resumed my regular yoga practice. So there’s less time for everything – esp. reading.

    Sometimes that’s the compromise when you have to work – you have less time for the things you enjoy. Yet you need to make money for the very things you enjoy. *sigh*

  6. I’m glad to hear that your Dad is home and recovering well from his ordeal. And I’m glad that you are enjoying your job, the paycheck, and your weekends! We’ll be happy with your posts whenever, and completely understand how life and work often interfere with our reading/writing lives!

  7. So, so, so glad to hear that your dad is home and on the way to recovery! I sure hope things go more smoothly from here on!

    Congrats on that first paycheck! I’m sure that’s gotta feel mighty good!

    And don’t worry about the weekly blogging. You know we miss you, but we’ll definitely never give up on you! This has definitely been a busy time for you…hopefully for your sake all will settle down a bit now. Hopefully your dad will continue to feel better every day, and you’ll continue to get settled into your new job. Bet before long you’ll be reading away again!

  8. Deslily, Yeah it was quite scary, but he’s doing really good now…in fact he’s doing a bit too good (so he thinks)…trying to push himself too much! I miss posting often too šŸ˜¦ I swear I’m going to try to post more soon…And I loved your giveaway post! I was laughing out loud at work…not a good thing :p

    Eva, I’m sorry you’ve been sick lately šŸ˜¦ Glad to see you back though, that’s a good sign! I managed to post a good bit while I was in grad school. In fact I started my blog while I was in school and I’d post 3 times a day sometimes, lol…it was my escape. So hopefully that works for you too! And you’re right! Reading is indeed a hobby!! I need to remember that :p

    Nymeth, I’m surprised people still come here with me only posting once a week! I’m going to change that soon though! I don’t know why I get so stressed out about challenges…I think it’s because I can actually see my TBR shelf and it looks so damn intimidating :p If I didn’t see all the TBR books, it wouldn’t be so stressful, lol.

    JP, I didn’t know you were applying for a new job! Staying in the same field or going for something else? Good luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you šŸ™‚

    DO, Easy on the diet is a big one for my dad! He loves his food…he’s not a big guy, he just likes to eat what he likes to eat. In regards to reading, at least you’re replacing reading with something healthy like yoga! I’m just replacing it with work and TV :/ Don’t you love how we make money for the things we enjoy and then don’t have the time to enjoy them? lol…

    Robin, Thanks! We’re all so relieved over here! As for reading/writing, I think things will settle down once I’m at the job for a little while and find that balance between work and leisure..still not there yet really.

    Debi, We’re glad too! Thanks šŸ™‚ Things are looking smooth so far, so lets hope it stays that way. I’m glad no one’s giving up on my blog šŸ™‚ I’ll get back to regular blogging shortly. Like I was telling Robin I think I need to just find a balance between work and fun…once I figure out how that works, life should resume as normal again. Right now it just feels like all work and not a lot of life :/

  9. So glad your dad’s doing well, please give him my best.

    Weekly blogging is an odd thing, I found that it meant that I lost most of the week from my memory the moment I sat down. Real life was home and creative stuff, reading and scribbling, and the unreal world of stressy work vanished for a while. Hope the job’s going well.

  10. I’m so glad to hear that your dad ishome again and doing well. I know what you mean about being a weekly blogger, I am in exactly the same position and I have 3/4 reviews to try and catch up on too bah. LIke you though I am loving my new job and looking forward to my first payday which is on 26th I think.

  11. oh, I’m so glad your dad is back home! I’m sure he’s thrilled to know that all these folks whom he doesn’t know are all here wishing him well and praying for him.

    He’ll be well and running about soon enough. BTW, I totally comprehend the stress of having books to read. Don’t let that pile of unread books get to you. Have a great week. -C

  12. Good to know about grad school. šŸ™‚ Oh, and I mix by TBR books w/ my already read books; that way I’m not as aware of how many there really are! hehe

  13. I’m glad your dad is getting closer to recovery!

  14. So glad your dad is back home and is doing better.

  15. So glad your Dad is home and that your job is going well.

    Yes I am overwhelmed by my TBR pile but luckily I go to the beach next week so should get lots of reading done.

  16. Remember that it is fun, not work to read, right? I have to remind myself that sometimes or I would not enjoy blogging. Because it is easy to feel really behind! I pretty much always have way too many posts to ever possibly catch up on.

  17. Totally understand! I’ve been an erratic blogger for a while now and I hate it! It just seems to difficult to fit everything in at the moment! Add to that the fact that I never seem to find enough time to visit everyone else’s blogs as I used to….:(

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