What I’m Thinking About Books Right Now…

First off, I’m sorry I haven’t been responding to individual comments like I usually do…things have been chaos here lately, but I’m going to try to get back on track to responding as of today!! I like to converse with everyone and I really miss it when I can’t πŸ™‚

Time to go back to books for a little while, eh? The best part about getting this new job for me (aside from the fact that I’m actually employed now :p) is the fact that I’ll have a good paycheck in a few weeks! Which means that there are a few things on the wishlist that have been there for a little while that I will most certainly be treating myself to! Most of them are Orson Scott Card books as this is a great year to be a fan of his! And this is what they are:

-Subterranean Press’ edition of Orson Scott Card’s Stonefather. It’s not being released until October, but I’m preordering it! It’s signed by the man himself and it’s a limited edition (2000 copies). It’s actually a short story, or maybe it’s considered a novella, that was originally published in the Wizards anthology and it was my favorite story in the anthology along with Neil Gaiman’s The Witch’s Headstone. Even though I’ve read the story and own it already in an anthology, I’m an OSC completist and have to have this one for my collection :p

-Subterranean Press’ release of Ray Bradbury’s Summer Morning, Summer Night. I am SO excited about this one. I love Ray Bradbury and one of my favorite novels of his is Something Wicked This Way Comes. Well this is a collection of short stories that takes place in the same town as SWTWC and Dandelion Wine: Green Town, Illinois…a county that Bradbury created for these stories. The collection will have 27 stories all set in that town and 17 of the stories have never been published before. Also a limited edition, 2000 copies.

-Orson Scott Card’s Keeper of Dreams. This is his new short story collection that collects all of his short stories since Maps in a Mirror. It was just published, but I haven’t bought it yet because it’s another chunkster and I still have Maps in a Mirror sitting on my TBR shelf (I’ve only read some of the stories). So seeing the two together may just be too overwhelming…but I really want it! I’ve heard on the OSC forums that there is confirmation in this book that there will indeed be another Pastwatch books for Pastwatch fans!!

-Orson Scott Card’s Ender in Exile. I was frikkin thrilled to see a release date and a cover for this the other day on Amazon when I visited their site! I knew that he was working on it but had no idea that it would be out this year. So I’ll definitely be preordering this. This is the direct sequel to Ender’s Game and is the book that will explain the events between Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead. I can’t wait…I’m SO excited about this one. It’ll be released on November 11th.

-Orson Scott Card’s (sick of that name yet?) The Lost Gate. All amazon has up for this one right now is the MP3 and audio book links, but I’m guessing that the book also comes out on August 8th. This is the first book in the new Mithermages trilogy that Orson Scott Card is writing and I’m super excited about this series!! In fact, Stonefather, the story mentioned above that Subterranean is publishing is set in the Mithermages universe…he has one other story set in the Mithermages universe as well that can be found in Maps in a Mirror. Can’t wait for this one either!!

-Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book!! Need I say anything more about this one? I can’t wait for this book to come out. I’ve been following it’s progress on Neil’s journal as I’m sure many of you have and it just sounds great! For a sample, you can check out The Witch’s Headstone in the Wizards anthology. It’ll be gorgeously illustrated by Dave McKean as well…woot!

So that’s the things that have really been at the tip top of my wishlist aside from the Absolute Sandman editions that I don’t own…which I still won’t be able to afford. I have Volume 1 and it is the epitomy of gorgeous. I’ll get volume 2 one of these days, but by then, 3 and 4 will be out :/ I seriously doubt that I’ll buy all of these things with the first paycheck…take that back…I know I won’t buy all of these things with the first paycheck. But I think I’ll treat myself to at least 2 or 3!

In other book news, I am LOVING The Bone Doll’s Twin by Lynn Flewelling. I can’t believe that she hasn’t gotten the same attention as big names like George R.R. Martin. Her writing is amazing and her book (at least this one) is impossible to put down. George RR Martin has a quote in the cover saying “It got it’s hook into me the first page and didn’t let loose until the last” and I totally agree so far. Just an amazing dark fantasy book filled with magic and intrigue.

Also still can’t shake Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life as We Knew It from my head! We had these torrential downpours here last night and I couldn’t help but feel like the world was just ending…they had tornadoes break loose all over the place (luckily not here) and it was just creepy with that book still stuck in my head. Then there’s all of this sad stuff going on in Myanmar and China and it just forces Pfeffer’s book to stick to my brain cells. You know what I mean if you’ve read it. I really have to read The Dead and the Gone when it comes out here.

Ok…I’ve rambled enough…seriously, sorry…


23 Responses

  1. Nothing to apologize for, Chris! I’m sure that I’m not the only one who missed your rambles πŸ˜€

    You most certainly deserve to treat yourself to some of those things. I’m actually excited about Ender in Exile! Hopefully I’ll read Speaker for the Dead before its release.

    And when I saw “Stonefather” I thought it was going to be that full-length novel set in that world that I heard he was working on…. please let me know when that one is released! I really loved that novella.

    Summer Morning, Summer Night sounds great too!

  2. All those OSC titles….I’m going to want some of those too! I had no idea Ender in Exile was this close to being published. (Like November is close?!) I’m just thankful for the November release. So very close (almost) to my birthday. Maybe the family will indulge me πŸ™‚

  3. I forgot to mention this in the comment above, but I was watching Secrets of the Dead last night–and it was about the disappearance of the Minoans. Anyway, the focus was on a massive volcano eruption and the subsequent tsunamis. Anyway, it just brought LAWKI to mind so much. I’ve read the book three (maybe four) times since it’s release and it is one that is always with me.

  4. Do NOT apologize…this was totally delightful to read…you could have gone on for pages more and I’d have been happy to read it!

    What a bunch of cool stuff on your wish list there! I’d really love to get Summer Morning, Summer Night!!! Can’t wait to see which things you’ll be indulging on first!

    I do get what you mean about LAWKI. Weird thoughts pop into my head now and then related to it…like just a few days ago I was sitting out in the back yard and out of nowhere I thought, “Man, these trees sure wouldn’t last long if we had to burn them.” Which is an idiotic thought anyway, as we don’t have a wood-burning stove. But seriously, that’s the kind of thing this book has done to me.

  5. Nymeth, I’m glad I didn’t drive you nuts with my rambles :p I have a feeling Ender in Exile is going to be really good! I’m excited about it. I always get so excited when he releases a new Ender story…I guess it’s kind of like when there’s a new Discworld story for you πŸ™‚ And the full length novel that was mentioned with Stonefather is coming out this year! It’s the one I mentioned called The Lost Gate. It’s the first in a trilogy πŸ˜€ I’m really excited about that one!

    Becky, November is close enough for me!! I remember last year November felt like so long to wait for War of Gifts but it came pretty quick…and we’ll have The Lost Gate while we’re waiting πŸ™‚ And did you see that there’s going to be more Pastwatch??? Isn’t it crazy how LAWKI just permeates our minds. What a powerful book…

    Debi, Glad you enjoyed the post!! I think I could’ve gone on forever with this post if I hadn’t stopped myself πŸ˜‰ You really should get the Bradbury. I think it’s going to be a good one. I don’t know which I’m going to get first. Isn’t it weird how much LAWKI hangs onto the brain. Certainly a testament to how good of a writer she is and to the current times I think. We should all go buy us a wood burning stove, huh? lol!! And don’t worry Deb…you can just cut down your neighbors trees before they think of it :O

  6. Yay for new books! That is so great that you are able to get some new things! Hope things start settling down for you so you have a chance to actually read them.

  7. No worries Chris. I know it’s a busy time for you. Though I have to admit, I do miss seeing you around the blogosphere!! If you keep haunting Subterranean Press you might not have much a paycheck left! Looks like a wonderful wishlist!!

    How’s your Dad doing, by the way??

  8. oh thats very exciting! and i can’t wait for the gaiman book either. its like a red-letter year when gaiman brings out a book.

    hold on, he brings out a book round about every year… (well, very nearly). but still, it feels like a red-letter year every time i know he’s bringing one out in a few months time…!

    hooray for job that allows you to buy books!

  9. There he goes spending all his money before he gets it! * laughing here* hehe… I know how you can’t wait to feel “human” again by having a paycheck! You deserve to treat yourself babyboy!!!

    I remember Stonefather.. it was one of the few stories in Wizards I liked. I thought it was going to be a full story not just a novella..bummer.. oh well, I know YOU will love owning it! :o)

    If I had a few bucks more I’d get the Indy movies in dvd (have them in old vhs) I watched an interview this morning with Harrison, Lucas and Spielburg.. it made my day!

  10. Kim, Isn’t that sad that money I don’t even have yet is burning a hole in my pocket? :p I think things will start settling down soon…they’ll probably get busier before they settle, but that’s fine…that’s how life works!

    Steph, I miss being around here too!!! Though I’m committed to change that. I’m going to get coffee now and then I’m just vegging out in front of the computer and catching up on blogs :p Yeah, subterannean is really dangerous…I should stay away from them. Dad’s doing ok…basically just playing the waiting game until his surgery next friday. It’s a long wait when you have all of that stuff to think about. Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

    Deslily, Pathetic, huh? I NEED books though! Do I sound like an addict or what? Go figure…instead of thinking about paying bills, I think of buying more stuff. Yeah, as far as Stonefather goes, Subpress is just rereleasing it in it’s own editioin, but The Lost Gate is a full novel and first in a series set in the Stonefather world! And that one comes out in August…I’m thrilled about that. I want the Indy movies too!!! So bad…they just released those new ones with all of the new interviews and stuff. I wanted to see the interview this morning, but I missed it…I’ll have to check out your blog post when I get back from coffee. Saw the title, but haven’t read the post yet πŸ™‚

  11. JP, I’m so excited about the Gaiman book too! It’s great that he tends to publish at least a book a year for all of us fans…makes me happy πŸ™‚ I don’t know what the hell has been going on with the comments and why they were putting yours in SPAM…but I took them out! WordPress does that sometimes but it usually fixes itself…so just keep commenting and I’ll check the spam filter and be sure to despam your comments if they end up in there!

  12. Wasn’t that rain something? I call that “God kicked over the bucket” rain. Our backyard was a swamp for a while — it took time to drain off.

    I’ve just added Life as We Knew It to my wish list. I have no idea why post-apocalyptic novels are so appealing, but I love them. So, thanks for the recommendation. I’d join Becky’s challenge, if I hadn’t just joined the Southern Reading Challenge. I can definitely see how you’d equate that particular book to recent events.

    I think it’s a very strong possibility that you’re more than a little addicted to Orson Scott Card’s work? πŸ˜‰

  13. Bookfool, Yeah, that rain was nuts! We’re still flooded in the backyard, lol…starting to go down though. You’ll love LAWKI…it’s right up your alley, though I have to warn you ahead of time that it’s a bit terrifying. Not so much the book itself, but the thoughts that it puts in your head! And um…yeah, I may be just a tad bit addicted to his books but they’re so damn good! Like I always say…there are far worse addictions!

  14. I have tried to read Lynn Flewelling before and I could not make it through the book! It was her other trilogy, though. I didn’t lose faith. I have this trilogy on mount TBR, so maybe I will like it since you are loving it so much. πŸ™‚

  15. Okay, so prepare for nightmares, when I get a copy of LAWKI. Gotcha.

    There are definitely worse addictions. Yep, yep, yep.

  16. Kailana, I hope that you do try her again! This first book in the trilogy was amazing and I can’t imagine anyone not liking this one…so give it a go! I think you’ll like it!

    Bookfool, Definitely prepare for nightmares πŸ˜‰

  17. Ender’s Exile…hadn’t even knew that was in the works! Wooo!!!

    I am so slobbering over that collector’s edition of The Graveyard Book.

    Subterranean Press has always been a source of temptation but they are getting out of control! It feels like I get an email every day with some new ‘must have’ book that tugs at my heart and wallet with equal pressure! I’m going to have to get another full time job if I want to get all their books that I crave.

    It is tempting to limit myself to only buying S.P. books for awhile because they have such great stuff on the way!

  18. And by the way, saw my niece in her high school performance of The Tempest on Friday and thought of you when that line came up.

    Off this topic but I hope things are going well with your dad.

  19. Carl, Yeah, I’ve been waiting for Ender in Exile for about 2 years now so I’m really excited! There’s also going to be another book called Shadows in Flight that will connect the Ender Books with the Shadow books and that one should be really good too! But who knows when that one will come out…I’m slobbering over The Graveyard Book too, but I really can’t afford that one right now…it sounds GORGEOUS though! I know what you mean about cutting out all your other book buying so you can afford those. Very cool that your niece was in The Tempest! It’s my favorite Shakespeare play if you couldn’t figure that one out :p I’m revisiting it for the challenge hopefully! Things are ok with dad for now…he’s scheduled to have his surgery this Friday and we’ll all be with him.

  20. Glad for the update Chris, thanks. I’ll be sure to keep you all in my prayers that day as well.

  21. I am SO glad you mentioned Ender in Exile because I really want to read it now! I never much liked the sequels after Speaker, but this one sounds like it might be more for me- focused on Ender and not the world problems… Can’t wait until it comes out now.

  22. Carl, Thanks again! You’ve been such a great friend through all this…really appreciate it!

    Jeane, Ender in Exile should be great! Personally I enjoyed all of the sequels, but I’m also a OSC fanatic…I can’t get enough of his writing…I see how a lot of people don’t get into Xenocide and CHildren of the Mind though…it’s a departure from the style of EG and SFTD…takes on a more philosophical approach. But yeah, I can’t wait for it either! November can’t come soon enough!

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