Weekly Geeks #1 and Mooching

I’m thinking that I’m probably one of the last people signed up for Dewey’s Weekly Geeks to actually do my week 1 post, but what matters is that I’m actually doing it! This first week’s geek-out was to find a few blogs out of the participants that you weren’t familiar with and familiarize yourself with them! So here’s some that I found:

1. The first one I found was JellyJules at Thinking About… She left a comment on my Prince Caspian review and I paid her a visit and found a blog that I really loved and added to my Google Reader right away! Her first post cracked me up and might be the funniest thing I’ve read since I started blogging…it’s called “The ‘F’ Word” You should go read it now!

2. Megan’s blog Leafing Through Life is one that I’ve lurked at occasionally for awhile now but I’m so bad at adding blogs to my blogroll that I haven’t become a regular reader. But everytime I’m there I really enjoy her blog! This time was no different as I truly related to her latest post about falling behind on reading blogs on feeds!! And now that I’m reading blogs on Google Reader, she’s added 🙂

3. Bottle of Shine is just an awesome blog! I love everything about it. She’s hosting the Herding Cats challenge that is taking over the blogosphere and she has awesome taste in books. She also linked to me in her weekly geeks post and had some really nice stuff to say. Who knew I was organized? I certainly didn’t :p Check out her blog for fun posts on just about every topic you can imagine…it’s one of those hodge podge blogs that you never get bored with!

4. In The Louvre is quite the cool blog as well. I love the design of this one. She’s a fellow NaNoWriMo participant and she’s an amazing writer. She does these “Sunday Scribblings” posts that are really great where she writes a short story and I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read. Her other posts are great too!

5. Finally, Lightheaded is another blog that I stop by occasionally but haven’t become a regular reader of because I just haven’t updated my blogroll. So I’m really taking the time to familiarize myself with her blog now and I’ve added her to my reader. I know she’s a big fan of both Gaiman and Murakami which is very cool!

Now thanks a lot Dewey for adding to my already overwhelmed Reader 😉 Kidding of course…I’m always glad to have more great reading material!


Topic 2: I’ve finally joined Bookmooch! I’m not one to part with my books even if I don’t plan on ever reading them again…but there are a few that I really can live without. And there are a few that I have duplicate copies of, so I decided what the hell, I’ll join up and see what it’s all about. It’s a really cool website…you get rid of books that you don’t want and in return you get books that you do want…well ok, you wait and hope that some day someone will post a book that you want and you’ll be lucky enough to see it before someone else :p But you can also browse and find some cool stuff. I already mooched a copy of Don’t Let’s Go To The Dogs Tonight (non-fic about an African childhood) which Stephanie recommended ages ago and a copy of The Golden Compass! And I still have 8 points left! Those Bookmoochers are agressive! I listed 10 books and without exaggerating, 6 of them were gone within an hour! So now I just need some of the books on my wishlist to become available. Anyone else a Bookmooch member?


24 Responses

  1. I like this idea. It gives me the chance and incentive by reading others’ posts to go visit places I may not have stumbled across before. Very cool.

  2. often, in my aol journal (duplicate), the aol folks do this quite a bit, put up others journals in hopes they will check them out. It really is a good idea…(and I did look at these you listed!)… I think I am one of the few that, on ocassion, I click on links in other peoples blogs to see what they are reading lol..

    you joined the bookmooch?… heh.. that should help your TBR pile lol lol

  3. Yay, bookmooch! 🙂 I’m a member, and I was a little unsure how often I would add books to my inventory at first, but I actually find it QUITE helpful at keeping the books I own to a reasonable level. (Of course, the term “reasonable level” is completely relative here.) What’s your username there?

  4. I love both Megan’s blog and Lightheaded’s blog. The others you listed weren’t familiar to me, although I think JellyJules might have commented once? Not sure. I always love finding new book blogs – thanks!

    I’m a member of Bookmooch, too, and I love it. I’ve sent more books than I have received, only because I haven’t found searched the inventory much. I agree Moochers are aggressive – mine are usually gone within a day or two. Interestingly, the only one of mine that stayed on longer than that was The March by E.L. Doctorow.

  5. Well, at least you’re not the very last to do your post for week one. I still haven’t done mine. I decided on Saturday when I read Dewey’s theme that I would check out one new one each day and just keep my post as a draft until Friday. Then I started seeing everyone’s posts popping up everywhere and started feeling like a slacker! Oh well…sticking with my plan anyway.

    I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t belong to Bookmooch. I really should check it out. I joined Paperback Swap, but since then I’ve just heard so much about Bookmooch that I think I might just use up my credits and then move everything over there.

  6. Carl, You should join weekly geeks! It’s going to be fun. It’s not just visiting blogs…each week we have to do something different…some blog related assignment (mysterious, eh?). This week it’s visit 5 blogs week. Of course you don’t have to participate every week. Especially if it’s redesign your blog week and you happen to like your design!

    Deslily, I tend to click on others’ blog links every now and then too if my regular blogs that I read are all out of new posts for me to read :p And occasionally I’ll find a blog that is really interesting to me and I’ll add it to my reader. I honestly did end up adding all 5 of these blogs to my Reader. They’re all great. Hey Bookmooch actually isn’t that bad 😉 Well, ok it is, lol. But at least for every book that I get, I’m getting rid of one as well!

    Court, Yay for Bookmooch! I’m really enjoying it so far. My username is chrisa511. Well that’s my login so I guess that’s my username…I’m just known as “Chris” when I mooch and that would be hard to find, so try chrisa511! Maybe with a bit of luck, it will tame down my stacks too :p It’ll perhaps give me a reason to weed out the books that have been sitting on the TBR pile for 5 years that I have no intention of reading…

    Susan, Glad I could show you some more blogs! I love finding new blogs too when they’re out there…it’s like little treasures when you find ones that you really enjoy! Isn’t bookmooch great? I too have sent quite a few more books than I have mooched. I’ve sent like 7 and I’ve mooched 2. That is weird that The March stayed on your inventory for awhile. Well known books seem to go real quick over there!!

    Debi, Yay, I’m not the last!!! Just kidding 😉 That’s what got me motivated as well…I started feeling like a big slacker for not doing my post, but let me tell you as an outsider looking in that you don’t look like a slacker at all 🙂 I like your plan…more thought put into it. I sat there spending at least 2 hours last night going through all these blogs trying to find 5 that I honestly liked everything about…so there you go, you’re doing it the right way! Take your time. I like Bookmooch so far, I just haven’t had a lot of luck getting the books that I want yet…but hopefully that will come with time…will see. You probably have better luck getting books on something like Paperback Swap…could be totally wrong there though :p

  7. Isn’t the first Weekly Geeks theme great? I had lots of fun with it. And I’m glad to see people discovering (or rediscovering) Lightheaded’s blog…it’s one of my favourites! She has great taste and writes excellent reviews.

    yay for Bookmooch! I’m so happy that you mooched The Golden Compass. And that book Stephanie recommended sounds great too. That’s nuts that your books were gone so fast! It makes sense though. Mine usually stay in my inventory for long, but that’s because most are in Portuguese and there are less members from Portugal…the number has been growing, though, and I’ve managed to give away quite a few books over the months.

  8. Hi Chris! Thank you very much for the kind words 🙂 Yey, I’m cool 🙂

    Enjoy reading The Golden Compass. I loved that book a lot, talking bears in armor and all that. Oops, sorry. Then again it is more than that.

    I wish I could join Bookmooch. Maybe someday when my mailing address is not located halfway across the globe.

  9. I’m a Moocher too, although my e-mail address somehow became corrupted and no longer works properly. Bummer for me.

  10. You haven’t read The Golden COmpass?!? What is the world coming to :p

  11. Nymeth, The first weekly geeks really has been fun. More fun than I thought actually as I found some really cool blogs. I can wait to see what the rest of the themes are going to be. I’m sure there will be some really cool ones! I love Lightheaded’s blog, but I always forget to go there 😦 But I’ll forget no more! Glad to be on Bookmooch and I’m really excited about the Golden Compass! I know it’s one of your favorites. I was surprised that I got that one with no problem, but the girl I mooched from hasn’t responded yet and she’s brand new…so I may end up not getting it :/ We’ll see. I was shocked how quick the books went too. I was looking at your inventory and you have some cool sounding authors but unfortunately I have no idea what the titles are :p I wish I could read two languages…must be fun! But then again, you’ve probably grown up reading two languages so you’ve always known it…

    Lightheaded, I’m so glad for this first weekly geeks because I finally have you added to my Google Reader! I always enjoy your blog when I stop by. I’m really looking forward to the Golden Compass…everyone has said great things about it…and you have to love talking bears, right? You should join Bookmooch! I’m sure there are people in your country on there!

    Stephanie, What a bummer is right! The internet is a great thing and can be a royal pain in the butt at the same time. Hope that gets fixed for you!!

    Rhinoa, I know :/ It’s truly a sad thing isn’t it? What matters is that I’m reading it now though, right? lol…

  12. I must be really modest about my writing; it always surprises me when someone likes it! Thanks for the comments (and the link). 😛 I loved this WG topic and I am really looking forward to the rest!

    I tried doing Bookmooch for a while but I’m just way too lazy to go to the post office. 😛 So instead I usually end up either donating my books or giving them to a used bookstore for trade credit, which I suppose is also good. 🙂

  13. You aren’t the last….I think I was!! I love finding new blogs to visit!!

    I’m not a book moocher, though I probably should be. I am in need of a serious cleanse of my book shelves. They are overflowing!! Of course, with Book Mooch, I’d just get more books to take their places!!

    I hope you like Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight. It was a great book. Such a bad time in Rhodesia’s history!

  14. Okay so I stumbled onto you blog when skipping through the blogsphere and now I am hooked. Bookmooch is the greatest website ever. I have listed all the books that I have stuffed in the 5 bookshelves through out my house and can’t wait to get rid of them (the ones I don’t want to keep). I look forward to reading more of your blog! Good luck with your challenge!!!

  15. Michelle, You really shouldn’t be so modest about your writing! It’s wonderful. I’ll be looking forward to it from now on since I’ve discovered your site. I feel you on going to the post office :p I’m lazy too…so much in fact that I bought a postal scale (a cheap one) awhile back and just print postage online at home! Saves waiting in those lines at the post office.

    Steph, I doubt you’re the last! It’s funny…I keep seeing posts pop up now that start “I must be the last person…” :p Oh well, there will always be someone else to be the last I guess, lol. You’re right about bookmooch…I think you end up just replacing the books that you get rid of :p Of course some people do a 2 for 1 deal where you give 2 books away for 1 point that way you clear off your shelves quicker and only replace those 2 books with 1! Not a bad idea.

    Monique, Well thanks! What a compliment 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the blog. I just stopped by your blog too and am enjoying it as well. Your recent trip to Malibu sounds really nice. Bookmooch is really cool though I wish more books that I want would become available! You’ve got me beat with your 5 bookshelves, so I guess you’re a little worse than me :p I only have 4 filled at the moment, but one is a bit overflowing….

  16. Oh, let’s be bookmooch friends! I’m Dewey over there, too.

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  18. I’m on bookmooch too, and am finding it very useful for clearing out my shelves. I’m racking up a decent amount of points, as I’ve sent a few books overseas.

    Most of my books are ones I can’t see myself parting with any time soon, but I have come to the conclusion that books like the Jodi Picoult novels, and many of the Dean Koontz novels really won’t be revisited, and are taking up valuable shelf space! I have a load of books to list actually, when I can be bothered!

  19. Dewey, Yay, more bookmooch friends!! I’ve just added you!

    Quix, I seriously need to do some more clearing out of my bookshelves! I know I have so many books on there that I’ll never read again, but I just can’t part with for some ungodly reason…What is it with us bookfiends? :p I added you as a friend! 😀

  20. Nope you are not the last person in the world to post about weekly geeks. Pretty sure I am. And I was very tired as I was writing, so definitely not what I like to think of as my usual quality.

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  22. Hey Chris, thanks for the link. I lurk by here every now again – especially when I’m uh….keeping up with my feed reader! This Weekly Geek thing sure hasn’t helped my reader but it’s definitely helped me meet some cool new bloggers. I’ve managed to resist joining bookmooch so far, blogging and Bookcrossing already do a bit too much to feed my book addiction. I got a copy of Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I’m so looking forward to reading it… maybe right after I manage to emerge from this pile of books that I’ve agreed (and continue to agree) to review in my weaker moments… 😉

  23. Megan, I see we’re co-lurkers, lol! I’m trying to be a better commenter now, so hopefully you’ll see more comments from me! I always enjoy your blog 🙂 I’m really looking forward to Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight. I’m usually not a huge nonfic reader, but this one really does sound great. It’s been on my list for awhile. She has a sequel out too.

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