Quick Update

I’ve been doing a lot of these quick update posts lately, huh? Life has been nuts lately. You don’t realize how much you depend on a computer until it’s taken away. I had a computer guy look at it and I got the doomed “M” word…Motherboard…so it looks like I need to get a new laptop, because I’m not putting the money into that piece of crap to replace the motherboard. I want a Mac! Do I hear gasps from PC people? I think I do, lol. So I’m saving up and using my mom’s computer for now which is working ok I guess.

I’ve also had a friend in from Florida this week which explains the complete lack of posts. She only comes in a couple of times a year and we’ve been friends since high school, so it’s always nice to catch up. I’ve been playing the tourist in my own city again which I’ve come to really enjoy lately. Anyone else ever do that?

Because of that I’ve done absolutely no reading this week. Well I’ve read about 100 pages of Blackness Tower, my 3rd book for the Once Upon a Time, but that’s it. I’m having a horrible reading year this year. I realized that as I was going through blogs today and seeing all of these challenges that people are signing up for. I’d love to sign up, but how can I commit, when I haven’t even managed to read 20 books in 3 months?! I’m in enough of these things already. That’s too bad because the challenges are all so cool. I’ll probably end up joining some of them anyway.

Then there are all of these amazing BAFAB week giveaways going on! I’ve never seen a BAFAB week quite this big. I think my favorite of all has to be Eva’s. You get to play a little game with her’s. Although I have to admit that I did horrible…I think I managed to get 3 of the 15 quotes correct…the important word in that sentence being “think”. Hope everyone else is having a good week. Once again, sorry for the lack of posts 😦


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  1. Aww-thanks! Sounds like you’ve been having fun, even if you haven’t been reading a lot. 😀 And if my laptop turns out to be dead, I want a Mac as well-everyone I know whose Mac dies gets a free replacement, lol.

    I’ve never seen a BAFAB this big either; this is my first time participating!

  2. Eva, I’ve been having a pretty good time 🙂 I can’t wait to see the results of your quiz so I can say “doh!” I’ve been checking out Macs and they get such great reviews…and they’re just oh so neat! I did BAFAB week last time and it was fun. Should’ve joined in this time too, but I was busy…next time!

  3. Don’t feel bad about the reading. Gosh I’m right there with you on the reading. I don’t really post my stats because they seem so pathetically small… even though I feel like I spend all my time reading and blogging.

    Good luck with getting a new computer. It is kind of a pain, like getting a new car.

    And about being a tourist in my own city- every time someone from out of town comes to visit its “Let’s visit the Mall of America”. Not that the mall isn’t cool, but come on, there’s plenty of other things to do here.

  4. My brother has Mac. It is awesome!! We were playing with the music and photo programs on Easter. If I didn’t have kids, that would be the computer I would want!!

    Computer problems suck. Trust me….I feel your pain!

  5. Read when you can. It is just supposed to be for fun, not a chore 🙂
    Speak did start today by the way. But I can already tell that this may not be the time to remind you 🙂 I can relate to computer problems. And I’m very very happy with my new Mac. (My computer died in October in a very dramatic way.)

  6. You definitely have to live in one of the most fun cities in the entire world…you’d be crazy not to play tourist now and then! But it is really easy to take advantage of what’s right in your neighborhood…glad you’re not doing that. We lived outside of Philadelphia for a few years and I still kick myself for all the things I never went to see.

    Sorry your computer problems haven’t yet resolved themselves 😦
    But if you are going to have to buy a new one, I’d definitely recommend a Mac. We’d never own anything else here. They’re just so user friendly even for a technological idiot like me.

    Don’t worry about the slump in reading. 20 books in 3 months is hardly anything to sneeze at…for some of us that’s pretty darn good! I think we all have slower periods from time to time. But it does feel pretty intimidating, I admit, when you see people who manage to knock of 20 books per month. Sounds like you’re enjoying life in many ways, and that’s what matters!

  7. Oh bummer on the computer! I love the looks of Macs and before I ever had ANY computer i wanted it to be a Mac because they were designed best for art programs which i love to play in. However.. now I am way too mouse oriented / and drop box choices to relearn keystrokes lol..

    One thing that remains the same in both PC and Mac is that they keep changing their OS (operating system) and the newer ones take a bit to work out the bugs. THAT drive me crazy with the PC! And I do know a number of folks that went to PC’s because t hey didn’t like the newest OS for Macs… so it’s probably neither here nor there.. ya get what you want so you are happy!! I just hope you can get it soon and be back here like “normal”.. if there is such a thing lol

  8. I want a Mac too! So I totally get you. 🙂

  9. I know what you mean about playing tourist in your own city! I’ve done that quite a few times and it can be fun. Of course, I don’t live in a place half as cool as New Orleans, so I can only imagine how much fun you’re having!

    Even though you haven’t been reading as much you have been doing lots of other interesting things this year, and that’s what matters!

    And that sucks about the computer, but at least you can save up for a better one now. (HP told me that downgrading my laptop to Windows XP – I refused to have Vista for many of the reasons Neil pointed out in his blog recently – “voided my warranty”, and therefore they won’t fix my keyboard. Gotta love them, huh?)

  10. One more word about Macs. It’s best to buy after they’ve been out a while. That way both the hardware and software have been tested and improved upon. 🙂 They may not be perfectly perfectly perfect right from the box, but Apple is good about updating and fixing their problems. When I bought mine in October, not all the bugs had been worked out yet. But an update (or two) later, everything was great and I haven’t had any problems since. (It was a hardware (graphic) issue that I had.)

  11. Kim, I try not to get down about reading…it’s just that when I see the gigantic TBR pile I have in my room it’s overwhelming. I have to remind myself that reading is supposed to be a pleasurable experience :p I know exactly what you mean about that one tourist spot in the city…everytime someone comes here it’s “lets go to Bourbon street!” I LOATHE Bourbon street…it’s so dirty and over priced and there are such cooler things to see here.

    Steph, I know you feel my pain on the computer problems! I’ve been researching computers a lot lately and I’ve just about fallen in love with macs without owning one. Lots of friends use them though, so I’m familiar with them…they’re so cool!

    Becky, I did read the first part of Speak yesterday!! Sorry I didn’t post on the board…I’ll try to do that today. Really liking it so far. Easy read and enjoyable. Flows well, good story. I didn’t know that you had a Mac! Cool…glad to hear that you like it. I think it’s inevitable that any new OS is going to have it’s problems, but eventually they get their problems worked out. Mac seems to do it much faster than Microsoft though!

    Debi, I have to agree that this is one of the coolest cities…though I’d definitely like to see more of other cities. There’s always something going on here and as dirty of a city as it is, it still has a nice charm to it. I didn’t know that y’all used Macs either! Very cool…You learn something new every day. Glad to hear that you’ve had good experiences with them. You’re kicking my ass in books this year! Every time I turn around you have a new one under your belt. Go on with your bad self Ms. Reading Machine 😉 I need to play catch up.

    Deslily, I know what you mean…it’s very intimidating to learn a whole different system after you’ve grown up with PCs, but I’ve been playing on my friends’ macs and they’re really not difficult at all! They’re quite obvious actually. I think every OS has it’s problems when they’re first released but Macs seem to work out the kinks a lot faster than Microsoft does. Who the hell knows what I’ll end up doing..I just need a damn computer, lol!

    Dark Orpheus, Yes, we’re having a moment of Zen 😉

    Nymeth, I’d say that you live in a place 50 times cooler than New Orleans!! I’d kill to live in a place like Portugal. It’s gorgeous. Quite a bit of our famed architecture comes from Portugal actually…every time I see pictures of cities there I think of New Orleans….the balconies with the iron work…or am I thinking of Brazil? Or is the architecture the same? LOL…Not a world traveler here. As far as HP, I’ve written them off for the last time. I’ll never buy another product by them and will never recommend them to another person. Their computers are horrible and their support has been horrendous. It’s ashame really. Sorry to hear about your keyboard 😦 I mean seriously, who can tolerate Vista?

  12. No need to apologize, life is just like that sometimes.

    Glad you enjoyed your time with your friend. It is fun to play tour director of one’s city, with the right sort of person (s) of course.

    Hang in there, it will all get better and work itself out!

  13. Carl, Indeed life is like that sometimes…I’m just going with the flow…what else can you do! This friend is from here, so it really is fun to play tour director with her. We just go places that neither of us have been to in awhile and it’s not the usual tourist traps. Thanks for the support 🙂

  14. I loved Eva’s too! I think I knew more than three of her questions, but not all! I’d hate to look like a book snob here…

  15. I love Macs! I wouldn’t use anything else. I have to actually, for work, and I’m continually annoyed by the invasive pop-ups and longer processes to do everything and also the weird settings that I am not used to and the way everything likes to crash or mysteriously close when I most need it! Not that Macs are perfect, but for me they just work so much better….

  16. I’m so glad someone else is as slow as I seem to be at reading books this year! Ok, now that I’ve said it – I feel really guilty when I see other people have read 20+ (some have read 50!!! already!!) books, and I haven’t gotten to 15 yet!!! then I slow down and say, wait, reading is supposed to be fun, more than anything else. I’ve signed up for all these challenges, but it was more to get me reading more that I had been. If I can get to 60 books this year it will be one of my best years in a long time. (in my imagination I get to 80 easily…..)it’s not who reads the most books, it’s who reads the best books – and not just literary, but who enjoys and learns from all the books they read that year, that wins 🙂
    and you’ve been reading some really good books so far this year.
    Tourist in my own city? Oh yes! Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, so every time someone comes to visit, we go all over. I like showing off what we do have, especially as we have so many national museums, the Rideau Canal (skating in winter, boat rides in summer), the river, there’s always something to see and do. And it’s fun to re-see things again when showing them to a stranger, isn’t it? Did you see anything new of New Orleans this past week? Or revisit favourite places? What are some of your favourite parts of New Orleans, since most of us,your readers, think it is a fabulous city and would love to visit it!! What would you show us?
    As for computer problems…..I’m sorry to hear it is the Motherboard. Have just gone through that with my eldest son, who did buy another one. He forgot he doesn’t have word or any office disk so all he can do is play games and go online, can’t do any writing or work on it! Our disk is lost somewhere in the house…..I can’t say if a Mac is better than PC, since we have only ever had a PC. I’m about as computer illiterate as you can get and still get the computer to work!!!

  17. Susan, You’re absolutely right..it’s just that when you get in over your head in all of these challenges you start thinking of output! Have to get everything read! But I’m calming down now :p And you’re also right about it not being about how much you read, but about what you read. I’ve sort of been diverting away from challenge lists if something catches my eye. I figure that if I don’t finish a challenge, the world won’t end. I’d love to go to Canada sometime! I’ve met quite a few bloggers in Canada and it sounds and looks so beautiful. Very peaceful up there. I have a friend in a band who toured Canada and he wanted to stay. Said he loved it. As for favorite parts of New Orleans, I love the uptown area…it’s gorgeous with the streetcars and old mansions with new orleans architecture and magazine street with all it’s boutiques…I like parts of the french quarter, but it’s really over rated..it’s dirty. A tourist attraction for the most part these days, but certain parts are beautiful and still have a lot of down home local flair. My favorite restaurant is there and so is the St. Louis Cathedral which is just stunning. Nothing new…I’ve pretty much seen everything here…I’ve lived here my whole life. I’ll have to do a post one day!

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