4 Fun Posts Not To Be Missed

About to run off to work, but I thought I’d let everyone know of these fun posts floating around blogger world.

1. Nymeth is celebrating her 1 year blogiversary and is hosting quite a nice book giveaway. 5 books! Go have a look at what she’s giving away..all great books. And if you post about it on your blog, you get entered twice! This blogging community just wouldn’t be the same without her. She’s responsible for quadrupling the size of so many of our wishlists :p And her passion and genuine kindness comes through in everything she writes. So happy blogiversary Nymeth!

2. Eva wrote a post that had me in hysterics and had me shaking my head in an “I can relate all too well” way all at the same time. She started out with her book sluttiness, turned book snobbiness and then went on to talk about the different type of reads on the shelf. Very worthwhile read!

3. Susan posed a question about fairy tales that’s perfect for this Once Upon a Time challenge! I’m really enjoying reading the answers and wish that there were more…so head over there and answer! What’s your favorite fairy tale. While you’re there, you’ll discover a great blog. I just discovered her blog and I’m really enjoying it!

4. And finally, Becky did it again…she started another damn challenge. I haven’t joined yet, but I probably will eventually. But I’m still saying no for now! It’s the Initials Challenge. Simply read authors who publish under their initials. Seeing as I’ve been meaning to reread the Narnia series and LOTR for 2 years now, this would be the perfect outlet to do so. And I’ve always wanted to read the original Winnie the Pooh book by A.A. Milne. May just sign up for that one :/


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  1. I do hope you join, Chris. It wouldn’t be the same without you. I created the challenge because I have so many books in this category at the moment. All my books will be counting for multiple challenges. 🙂 I’ve been saying and saying that I’m going to get to Tolkien this year. I hope I can do it.

  2. Aww, thank you, Chris 🙂 And thanks for spreading the word!

    I didn’t know Susan’s blog and that is a great question. Thanks for the link!

  3. About Nymeth…quadrupling doesn’t begin to cover it…she increased mine by at least tenfold! But she’s just so darn sweet that I can’t even be mad about it 🙂

    Eva’s post cracked me up!

    And Becky, Becky, Becky…what are we going to do with her?!! I’m afraid I can’t resist joining…though I was able to make up a list consisting entirely of books that I already have on other challenges. Though that somehow feels like cheating, and I feel like I really should throw in at least one brand new one.

    And now, I’m off to check out Susan’s post…

  4. yes, Nymeth went all out didn’t she?!! I think that’s great! heck, what’s a few more books when you have nothing but a path to your bed already right?! lol

    Eva’s post was funny! it’s just pathetic that I kept nodding my head in agreement to everything! heh.

    Susan’s post came to me in an instant! Of all the fairy tales I know the one that has stayed with me forever is the first very old black and white movie of Beauty and the Beast… yes.. BEFORE Disney! lol

  5. Wow. I’m blushing. Thank you! Way more than I ever expected. Since you have a cool blog, this is like getting noticed by the coolest guy around! And all the cool people who check you out , came to my blog! thanks! I have only Nymeth’s blog to check out now (if it weren’t 12:30 am I would now, but I do have to go to work tomorrow) so that’s first on my list tomorrow night. I know she reads fantasy like we do, so I’m really curious what her blog is like….as for Becky, I’m already in one of her challenges. I was just thinking, maybe a month of reading fantasy only would be fun….could work in Narnia/Tolkien/- would George R.R. Martin count? Must go check my shelves……I’ll let you (and her) know, in the meantime, I’m thinking I might have to do an additional fairy tale blog since so many great points came up in the responses. Obviously fairy tales are important and are the doorway to myths we live by 🙂 and it’s fascinating to see our responses.
    and I’m really sorry to hear you are renting since Katrina. We don’t hear much about the rebuild anymore up here, but every once in a while we catch a follow-up story on New Orleans. Fingers crossed things get better for all of you soon (permanent home for your mom, new job for you!)

  6. Becky, fear not..I’m sure I’ll be joining soon enough :p Just let me finish one of these other challenges first and then I’ll sign up for that one! I just haven’t been in the Lewis or Tolkien mood, so maybe I’ll find something new to read…

    Nymeth, Of course! You’re one of my favorite bloggers out there, so it’s not a chore at all to celebrate you. Thank YOU for doing that awesome giveaway 😉

    Debi, Yeah…tenfold’s more like it with Nymeth 😉 I think I may just have to do that with Becky’s challenge too if I join…though I’ll probably end up adding some extras too…I always do that! It’s neverending! Susan’s post is awesome..hope you enjoy her blog!

    Deslily, Have you ever seen the old french black and white version of Beauty and the Beast? It’s my all time favorite. It’s just amazing! That may be the one you’re talking about, I’m not sure. And you crack me up with the path of books…I can just see your whole house lined up with books with a little path lined up for you to walk between :p

    Susan, Well now you’re making me blush :p Really…nothing special going on with this blog, lol…I’m glad there are some people heading your way though! You’ll fit right in with this crowd. And you’ll love Nymeth’s blog. Very fantasy and fairy tale oriented. I’m sure that Martin would count towards the challenge, though I wouldn’t commit to too many of his books! They’re monsters! I’m trying to finish up the Song of Ice and Fire series before the next book comes out in September. I’ve only read the first two so far and they’re just amazing. I have the next one now and it’s over 1000 pages and small pring :/ I may try to fit it in for Once Upon a Time though if I finish everything else in time. We’ve all gotten used to Katrina down here. It’s become a way of life and you really can’t imagine life before it any more. It’s strange but it’s become a measurement of time…we say “before Katrina” and “since Katrina” all the time now like it’s B.C. and A.D. kinda comical actually. The city’s just a mess though. Hopefully I’ll be out of it soon!

  7. You’re so sweet-I’m glad you liked me post! 🙂 I’ve never thought of myself as a book snob, but I guess I am. I don’t look down on other people who read books I avoid, though. I hope that makes it ok….

  8. I have put my name down for Nymeth’s book giveaway *fingers crossed* I need to think about my favourite fairy tale though, there are so many great ones to choose from.

  9. I actually think, of all the blogs I visit regularly, Nymeth is the one that adds more to my reading list than any other. Mostly because she picks such obsure books that I’ve never heard of!! (and she’s giving away a Gaiman book…that I can’t get here in the US!) Cross your fingers for me!!

  10. While our ice storm was nothing compared to the power and devastation of Katrina, we have our ice storm that we compare time before and after to…..The Great Ice Storm of 1998, we call it. It was terrible – it destroyed all of Quebec’s power grid, and so many trees were destroyed over hundreds of miles in both provinces, and it took years to clean the branches and destroyed trees away. In the very remote areas,you can still see some damage. People outside of Ottawa in the valley were without power for up to 5 weeks! within the city, it wasn’t so bad, but it was beautiful too. I wish I had taken pictures of how the trees bent over, down to the ground, without breaking, and then as soon as the storm let up, they slowly sprang back up into position. It was awesome. I’ve been through the end of a hurricane, a very long time ago on the ocean and I never want to see or be in swells that high – 20 to 30 feet high. And I was in Florida visiting my mother when Hurricane David started heading towards them. I went to a Hurricane preparation meeting with them, but my flight back to Canada was about two days before the storm hit, so I wasn’t in it. My parents’ house survived that time. So I understand how you tell time down there, before and after Katrina.
    I’ve been working my way through the 4th song of Ice and fire, A Feast For Crows. I stopped reading it about 1/3 of the way in, so now I know there’s a fifth, I better get back to it sometime soon! They are really good fantasy books, aren’t they?

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