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Robin wrote a post that I just loved reading the other day about how she acquired both her favorite book and her love of reading…well how she continued to develop her love of reading. I just love reading about the stories behind people’s favorite books in their collections. Even if there’s not much of a story, I love just knowing what they are. So I decided to invite everyone to share just that! What’s your favorite book or books in your library? Not necessarily the title, but the book itself. I couldn’t limit it to one, so I picked 5 :p Before Katrina I would’ve had a much harder time, but here are my favorites now.

My two most prized books are two that I’ve never mentioned on my blog before. They’re both psychology books that I acquired some time ago and I had to hunt them down for a long time before I found them. The first is by a psychologist who I would consider my “hero”. His name is Carl Rogers and I’m sure that many of you have heard of him. He passed away not too long ago and was an amazing therapist with such a gentle soul and worked wonders for the field of psychology. He invented a form of therapy called Person-Centered Therapy which is all about having the client do most of the talking and working through their issues and it’s very open and friendly and non-threatening. He wrote a book in 1967 called Person to Person: The Problem of Being Human and I always wanted a copy. It’s out of print now except for in other anthologies and the old copies you can have don’t have the groovy cover that I wanted. But I finally found it! And here it is! It’s my prize possession straight from 1967.


The other book with it is a copy of Sigmund Freud’s A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis from 1943. It was originally published in the states in 1920 and I would love to have that edition, but I’ll settle for this one. It’s an awesome book and is divided into individual lectures with titles like “Children’s Dreams”, “The Dream-Censorship”, “The Sexual Life of Man”, “Wish Fulfillment”, and “Development of the Libido and Sexual Organizations” among others. Love this book! All the lectures are presented directly from Freud in first person. Really cool. It’s one of those old beat up books with yellow pages…wish I had more of these in my collection.


The other three books are more modern. The first is my copy of Speaker for the Dead. This is my my absolute favorite book and yes, the only copy I own is my little mass-market paperback copy. But my love affair with this book has made this copy so special to me. I could never give it up and it’s almost become like a person to me. It’s the only mass market book that I own that I really love for what it is…the rest of them, I’d trade in a heartbeat for hardcovers or trade paperbacks. I took this with me when I evacuated for the hurricane because I wanted to make sure that it didn’t get ruined. Of course I raised all of my other books up four feet from the ground too, but that just wasn’t enough :/

The Absolute Sandman!!! Volume 1…I finally just sucked it up and bought this one last year. I didn’t pay the $100 that it actually costs…I found a copy for about $60, but it’s worth $100. This book is so beautiful and if you’re a fan of Sandman or Neil Gaiman, I’d say it’s a must have. It’s probably cheaper than buying all the individual Sandman books anyway. It’s leatherbound with gorgeous new coloring, some extras and then put into a slipcase. Definitely a new favorite of my collection and now I want volume 2 so bad! And volume 3 comes out now this year! What am I to do??

And finally, another Neil Gaiman favorite – The Subterranean Press limited signed edition of the illustrated Mirrormask script. I nearly had a heart attack when I found this one! Found you might ask? This is what happened. Every now and then, Subterranean offers these grab bags for $99 which are quite a bargain. For $99, you get like 8 or 9 random books…they choose. Well I bought one and this was in it! This alone is worth $125 and is now worth more than that. And of course it’s signed by one of my favorite authors and artists and it’s put together beautifully. And in case you’re wondering, I got copy 241 or 500. Oh and some Subterranean/Neil Gaiman news…they recently announced in their newsletter that they’ll be doing their own versions of Interworld and The Graveyard Book! So I’m sure I’ll be buying those in the future.

And Lisa Snellings-Clark is listing new poppets in her store as we speak!

That’s it for now. If you do you’re own post, let me know…I’ll link to it!

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36 Responses

  1. Must do. Then again, you probably guessed that I’d be unable to resist this 🙂 I’ll be back with the link when I’m done.

  2. I’ve read Roger’s book (one of my teachers gave us photocopies of it, since it’s out of print) and I can see why he’s one of your heroes. Some of the things he says are good to keep in mind even outside of therapy, just when dealing with people in general.

    The Absolute Sandman. Sigh. One day, one day.

    And how lucky that you got the Mirrmormask script! And how cool!

    I’m going to have to give this some thought.

  3. Awww-I liked seeing your favourite books. 🙂 And that was quite a score on Mirrormask! Darn you for linking to the Poppets…lol-they’ve gone up in the price, though, so I think I’ll be happy with my black, blue, purple, and pink. I’d love to have a red, but my bank account has different plans!

  4. Becky, Looking forward to your post! I had fun doing this 🙂

    Nymeth, Totally agree on Rogers…he’s definitely good to keep in mind outside of therapy…he was a very wise man. Very cool that you’ve read it! I haven’t met many people who have. One of these days I know you’ll get a copy of Absolute Sandman…of course one of these days, you’ll have to get all FOUR of them…or are there going to be five? Yikes! I really lucked out with mirrormask! I hope you do a post too 🙂

    Eva, Of course these are just a few of my favorite books 😉 Yeah, I really lucked out with the Mirrormask book. The poppets have definitely gone up in price…I guess it’s that old supply and demand thing. My bank account has different plans this round too, but I thought I’d share the goodness with other people…maybe I’ll sneak in a buy with the next paycheck if there’s anything left…I do like those little green ones with the shamrocks on them!

  5. well… I can’t say you gave me any real surprises on favorite books lol…

    ya’ll have been hearing about my favorite books since I have been rereading them… got more to go too!

    In case I forget: I do want to wish you luck in Texas on those interviews.. I know that’s any day now isn’t it?

  6. Deslily, Surprise, surprise, huh? We know about your favorites, yes..but you should do one big post about them all! And thanks for the good luck wishes 😀 Yep, I’m leaving on Sunday and my interviews are on Monday and Tuesday…I’m nervous but I think I’ll be ok…at least I hope!

  7. Your first two picks surprised me but after reading your explanation, they make perfect sense.

    I’ll be giving this some thought and I’ll definitely get back to you.

    And I’ll add my good wishes for next week! I know the interviews will go great!


  8. Great post. I have a book of poems, signed to me by Maya Angelou. Can you believe it? That is my most favorite book.

  9. CJ, The first two were definitely ones that I hadn’t mentioned before, but they’re favorite “books” of mine…not necessarily content, but I love the books themselves. Can’t wait to hear your favorites! Thanks for the good wishes!

    Stephanie, Oh wow! Now that’s one to cherish! Not many can say that…that would definitely be a favorite of anyone. She’s such an inspiration…she writes beautifully!

  10. Oh Chris, what a wonderful, wonderful post! I loved reading this so much! I’m afraid I could never answer this one though…I don’t tend to get terribly attached to an actual physical book, but more to the stories/words within it. Not that I don’t love to hold a book, not that I don’t appreciate the beauty of a particular book…but I don’t know, I just don’t seem to get that attachment. My husband is the exact opposite. In fact, your first two books reminded me so much of him. Only instead of psychology books, his prizes are old biology books (like Darwin, Lorenz, Huxley, etc.)…he just treasures them. I really should have both him and Annie write a post about this though. I think one of Annie’s would probably be a copy of E.O. Wilson’s In Search of Nature. I think he was impressed that a 9-year-old kid would come and listen to his lecture, so instead of just signing his name in her book like he seemed to be doing for everyone else, he not only signed it to her but also drew a little ant 🙂

    Speaker for the Dead, huh? I’m not sure I’m going to able to read that one. I’m up to the final chapter in Ender’s Game right now, and I can’t begin to explain what an emotional experience reading it has been. (Well, I guess I will have to try to explain when I write my review, huh?) Anyway, it’s not because of not liking Ender’s Game that I can’t see myself reading Speaker for the Dead, but because I’m loving it so much that I’m afraid to “change” the experience (if that makes any sense). But I suppose I should wait until I actually finish Ender’s Game to decide. And I’m guessing you’ll be able to change my mind anyway 🙂

  11. What a great post!! I think it’s cool to see your favorite posessions!! Maybe next week I’ll do my own post.

    I love the Gaiman books!!

  12. Debi, I can totally relate to Rich and Annie’s love of Biology books. I’ve always thought that biology books were the coolest thing and when I was a kid, I used to love biology books. In fact, I was the little nerdy kid who used to get excited when the school was getting rid of old textbooks, because it meant I would get the old yellowed biology books! Love that Rich drew a little ant for Annie in her book 😉 Very sweet! Well…you KNOW I’m going to make you read Speaker for the Dead 😉 Yes, Ender’s Game is quite the emotional experience, particularly if you’re on the final chapter! But let me tell you this much…if you like the final chapter as much as I did and find it as intriguing and amazing as I did, then you will LOVE Speaker for the Dead. Yes it’s different and Ender is grown up, but it’s even better than Ender’s Game…miles better in my opinion. Like I said…it’s my favorite book ever written!! Not to say I didn’t like Ender’s Game…Mind you, Ender’s Game was what originally got me hooked on Card!

    Steph, You’ve gotta do a post! 🙂 I love seeing the Gaiman books too 😉 I want to do a whole little Gaiman shelf on my bookshelf. Their sort of all split up because some are children’s books and some are too big and don’t fit on the shelf…I need a custom sized shelf just for Gaiman! Let me know if you do one…I’ll link to it (Not a Gaiman shelf, a favorites post 😉

  13. No, it wasn’t Rich who drew the ant…it was E.O. Wilson! So, of course, Annie treasures that book!

    At this point, I have a hard time believing Ender’s story came get any more compelling. But of course, I do trust you. I’m sure I’ll have to read Speaker for the Dead, but I’m going to have to let Ender’s Game sit alone in my brain, and my heart, for a while.

  14. Debi, Oh cool!!! Wow! That really is a book to treasure 🙂 I’m telling you…Ender’s story can get MUCH more compelling! In fact…I feel horrible saying this, but I always have a hard time going back and reading Ender’s Game after reading Speaker for the Dead because it’s just not nearly AS compelling as Speaker for the Dead. Definitely let EG sit for awhile though. It’s certainly one of those books that needs to rest on the brain and the heart. Glad you had that experience 🙂

  15. What great selections! I studied psych in college, and sadly though I studied about the great Rogers and Freud I had not read any of their full works. Probly I was too overloaded at the time with stupid textbooks. Now that I’m done with school, I need to pick those up.

    You have some wonderful treasures in your collection! I’m looking forward to reading Speaker For the Dead sometime soon!

  16. Hey Kim! I didn’t really appreciate Freud and Rogers until I got into grad school…that’s when I bought everything by them! Freud’s not hugely applicable nowadays, but his writing is so interesting! And Rogers is just my hero! I love his stuff and I use it all the time. I think you’d love their writing. I hope you enjoy Speaker for the Dead…it’s an amazing book!

  17. […] be back to normal posting then! Please continue posting your links though in the previous “favorite books” post for everyone else to read and keep checking the comments for others’ posts. […]

  18. What a nice post, Chris. Carl Rogers is one of my heroes, too. It was fun to see which books are your treasures!

  19. Robin, Nice to find another Rogers fan 🙂 I was so inspired by your post that I had to do my own! I really have too many “treasures” to pick from, but these are my favorites

  20. oh what a cool post!

    i can totally relate to being attached to books, regardless of their shape or condition. its the experience of having read the story in that specific book – its a very personal connection to that actual book.

  21. My post is up!

  22. I enjoyed reading your post about your favorites. I have done a similar post. My blog is
    and my post is up, here:

  23. What did you go to grad school for?

    I like Freud, even though he’s a little cracked. And Rogers is great, his theories are ones I would probably incorporate if I were a therapist.

  24. I’m going to post my favorites later. It sounds like great fun.

    You lucked out with that “Mirrormask” script. I’m envious! I love “The Doll’s House” and “Men of Good Fortune” is my favorite story from that, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with the Ken & Barbie theme.

    Gaiman is a genius!

  25. JP, It’s funny how we become attached to our books, huh? I swear..there are books in my collection that I could never part with! Well…that would be about all of them!

    Nymeth, Yay! I’ll link you!

    Kimmery, glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I’ll put your link in the post!

    Kim, I went to grad school for Rehabilitation Counseling. LOL…totally agree that Freud’s a little cracked :p That’s why I enjoy reading him so much. Rogers is just amazing. He’s a therapists best friend!

    Chartroose, I’d love to hear about your favorites!! Yeah, I really did luck out with the Mirrormask book 🙂 I have every Gaiman book in just about every edition, but could never afford that one…and there you go! I wish I could afford the Hill House editions of Anansi Boys and Neverwhere…have you seen those? They’re gorgeous!

  26. I just went to the Hill House website to check out their numbered/lettered editions. They’re gorgeous! I love the slipcase for Anansi Boys.

    I wish I were a book collector – then I’d know whether they were worth purchasing.

  27. Hey Chartroose, I love the slipcase for Anansi Boys too! I wanted to buy it just for that alone. From what I’ve heard they’re definitely worth purchasing, I’ve just never been able to afford them :p But they’re gorgeous. I know that Gaiman wholeheartedly supports them and he’s always been honest about what he likes and dislikes. I don’t think he’d back something that he didn’t like.

  28. Chris I did post something inspired by this post here.

  29. Kim, Already got you linked 😉 I must have been blog surfing right after you posted!

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  31. I answered this question today and tagged you for the 6 word meme. Here it is:

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  33. I just found your site and am enjoying it immensely. I love the idea of choosing your favourite book – and love the cover of the Carl Rogers that you have as yours! I’ve sent the link to my choices on my blog, on the website link. Thanks! And I read Ender’s Game about 15 years ago, so will have to go back and reread it as it keeps showing up on people’s blogs again. I did enjoy it the first time. And Neil Gaiman? I don’t read graphic novels (not yet, anyway…) but I really enjoyed American Gods and am reading Fragile Things right now. what an amazing and interesting writer.

  34. Susan, Glad you’re enjoying the site! I’m liking yours a lot too! I’ll add it to the blogroll 🙂 The Rogers book is great. The back cover is really cool too…I’ll have to post a pic one day. I love Ender’s Game and I must fess up that I’m somewhat guilty of having everyone in blogland reading that one right now :p I pushed it on everyone because it’s such a great book. I really wanted people to read it so that they would read the sequel, my all time favorite book, Speaker for the Dead. Neil Gaiman’s American God’s is my other favorite book. Isn’t it just amazing? He’s right up there with Orson Scott Card as my favorite author. He can’t write a bad book! I loved Fragile Things. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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