Rabbit In The Headlights

An afternoon trip to the eye doctor ruined my planned evening of reading. Totally forgot that when you have your pupils dilated it completely incapacitates your reading ability…duh. I’m just now able to barely make out the computer screen as I sit in my dark room, so I decided to blog. Looks like my February reading numbers aren’t going to be all that more impressive than my January reading numbers. In January I managed to read 4 books, this month I’m hoping for 7, though I don’t know if I’ll finish Witch Ember by Friday. I’ve just been so busy and I’ve had so much on my mind that I haven’t had any time to read! So if Witch Ember isn’t finished by Friday it’ll become the first book for March…that’s how I work these things…don’t ask how I came up with that system, because I really don’t know.

I scheduled another interview today that I wasn’t planning on having. I figured I’ll fit in as many as I can while I’m in Austin…knock them all out. This one is at a company called Life Works and it’s a homeless shelter for children. Their aim is to focus on treating kids off the streets who have problems with depression, mental illness, violence, substance abuse, etc. I think it’s an awesome program and the director is a really nice guy. Look forward to meeting with them. That’s a place that I never would’ve seen myself but when I came across it, it felt right…so I set up the interview.

The advisory board meeting thingie was weird last night. I honestly don’t even know what we did. I was made chair of the sub-committee for state/federal relations…I guess that’s cool, but I have no idea what that means and I don’t think anyone else does either. It really sounds like we have an advisory board just to have an advisory board and it meets 3 times a year just to talk about “things”. What happens with those things…I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out. It’ll look good on a resume though and who knows where it will lead.

And finally, I’m starting to review for PYR books, and got my first batch (I asked for a small one) and got 3 really cool books yesterday! First is one that I’ve been wanting for a couple of years now…Ian McDonald’s award winning River of Gods! I can’t wait to read this one. I also got The Crooked Letter by Sean Williams and The Healer by Michael Blumlein, M.D. The books all sound phenomenal and I have the possibility of interviewing all 3 authors…I can’t even imagine an interview with Ian McDonald! So I’m psyched about working with this company. Oh, and a note to Deslily…they have a book called “Here, There, and Everywhere” 😉 Definitely asking for that one in the next batch…it sounds really good!


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  1. more and more I am believing you really might be my son! lol.. generally dilating ones eyes makes it rather hard to read…. duh.. now that’s something “I” would do Chris!!! lol

    Oh my… more and more books coming your way!!! woohoo.!!
    I get a quick pang of jealousy for the free books..but it goes away quickly as I know ME too well and know I want to read what “I” want to read, “when I” want to read etc.. I can’t do things “half assed” and I’d become too commited and feel so obligated that I’d stress out lol… sheesh…

  2. Oops forgot…
    hey, they stole my blog name! lol lol..

  3. Deslily, You would think that after 27 years of life on this planet, I would know that having my eyes dilated would make it hard to read, huh? lol…As far as the free books go, I still kinda read what I want to read, I just throw in a review book in between…and I just pick whichever review book looks the most interesting at the time. So far they’ve been really good. This book, Witch Ember that I’m reading right now is awesome! I’m loving it! I do hate the obligation feeling though…but at the same time, I’m telling myself that whenever I post the review, I’m sure the authors will appreciate it…whether it’s now or a year from now. And yeah! They stole your blog name! But it’s for a really cool sounding book!!

  4. Chris, I’ve tagged you for the 6 word memoir meme 🙂

    I hope your vision returns quickly. I always get so frustrated with not being able to see 🙂 For me, even one night without reading feels like an eternity. I’m all in the ‘reading is breathing’ camp, I suppose.

  5. Bother, bother, just realized that yet again I’ve forgotten to leave the link. It is not my day for leaving comments I suppose. 🙂

    6 word memoir

  6. Life Works sounds wonderful! And wow, they would be so lucky to have you! I’m going to check out your link in a minute, but it sounds like a place where you could really do a lot of good. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. Eyes crossed. (Of course, that makes it a little hard for me to read.)

    Couldn’t help but laugh about your advisory board meeting. You sounded just like my husband when he comes home from half his committee meetings.

  7. Becky, Oooh! That one sounds fun! I’m going to check it out in a second….a 6 word memoir…hmmm. I’m right there with you with the “one night without reading feels like an eternity”! My vision is slowly coming back, lol. I’m definitely going to be signing up for your D.E.A.R. Challenge and will post about it. I read for at LEAST 30 minutes a night anyway!

    Debi, Life Works really is an awesome agency. And I couldn’t help but laugh too because I just pictured you actually crossing your eyes…admit it…you really did :p I feel like it’s a place where I’d fit in well, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed too. And my nerves seemed at ease talking to the guy on the phone which is always a good sign! Yeah, the advisory board meeting was…well, less than stellar. I just don’t get it. We’ll see what it develops into.

  8. Hi Chris:

    That advisory committee thing sounds neat. Hey, maybe it’ll grow into something wonderful. Love that you were getting all the interviews in Austin done… Two birds with one stone and all.

    Are many of the homeless kids in Austin children or displaced New Orleaners …or am i too focus on Katrina?

    Rest those eyes. -C

  9. Carole, The advisory committe thing was….ok, lol. I’m hoping it grows into something more than what it seemed. It wasn’t much last night. I’m glad to be getting all the interviews done too! I’m hoping to squeeze one more in while I’m there! I don’t know if there are many New Orleanians in Austin. I wouldn’t guess that there are, but you never know. It would certainly be neat to work with them if there are…I would love that! I’m resting my eyes now 😉

  10. PYR books looks like the perfect review site for you. Have fun reading! I’d forgotten about the focus thing, too — haven’t had an eye appt. in years. When I do go, the doctor always chastises me for waiting so long between visits.

  11. I used to work for a company called Lifeworks, but it was in MN, it was a day program for adults with disabilities. I’ve been in the social services field forever (although now I’m on the HR end) and it takes a special person, but it is definitely rewarding work. Fingers crossed that you’ll find something you enjoy!

    And you know, if your eyes are too dilated to read, reading the computer probly isn’t the best solution 😛

  12. Bookfool, PYR really is the perfect site for me! They contacted me and asked if I was interested and I felt like I hit the gold mine! My doctor doesn’t even bother chastising me anymore…he told me today “see you in two years or so” lol…I hate the eye doctor. I don’t like people putting things in my eye!

    Kim, I’ve been in social services since I started working. I’ve been a personal care attendant for 7 years now working with kids with disabilities and just started counseling in the mental health field a couple of years ago. While I’m waiting for a job to come through I’m back in the PCA field. And yeah…reading the computer was a bad idea, but I couldn’t stay away from blogs :p I just had to put the computer really far away from me, lol.

  13. OMG! You have River of Gods! I want to read that too!

  14. D-O, hehehehehe, I am SO excited about that book. I’m such a fan of Eastern religion and the tales behind it’s gods, so I just can’t wait to read it! And did you know that there’s a soundtrack to the book in the back of the book? Not an actual CD but he lists artists such as Bjork, Talvin Singh, Sigur Ros, etc…and I thought that was so cool!!!

  15. you’re reveiwing for PYR! thats so exciting!

    is there a chance that this could become a career for you?

  16. JP, Nah, people don’t pay for reviews when someone else will do them for free. I’m not complaining…all these free books and interviews with authors make me one happy guy! And how cool to review for PYR, huh?

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