The World’s Still Turning

Just writing to tell everyone hi. I feel like I’ve had absolutely nothing to write about lately, hence the lack of posts. I’m so ready for life to move on. Tired of doing nothing…though I doubt I’ll be saying that next week. I have the advisory board meeting on Monday at my old University (that should make me feel special) and then I FINALLY have my interviews in Austin the next week. I think I’m beginning to get arthritis in my fingers from crossing them so much. I can’t tell you how much I’m praying that those interviews go well. I need something to happen on the job front and a move would be really nice too. I’m just getting sick of this doing nothing routine…yeah, I work part time at the same old job with no benefits and I love that job (or the people at least), but it’s not getting me anywhere in life. I need a step forward.

On the book front, reading is the last thing I feel like doing right now. I’m just in one of those moods. I’m actually in the middle of a really good book now, too. I’m reading Witch Ember by John Lawson which he sent to me to review and it’s a totally captivating story which I’m really enjoying, but even that can’t lure me right now. Instead, I think I’ll pop in Stranger Than Fiction which Netflix delivered to me today. I’ve heard good things about it and it’s about a book, so that’s about as close as I’ll get to reading tonight :p Plus, I have a killer migraine…my eyes wouldn’t let me read anyway.

I think tomorrow will be a day of editing. I’ve been feeling more and more motivated lately to do something with that damn NaNoWriMo book of mine, so maybe I’ll finally do something with it tomorrow. We’ll see. That’s the intention anyway…even if it’s just 1 chapter!


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  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling that way 😦 But things will start happening for you soon, you’ll see. I wish you all the luck in the world for the interview in Austin. Hopefully you’ll be posting good news soon!

    Meanwhile, good luck with the editing process. Even if you just work on one chapter, well, it’s a start!

  2. ..ugh…

    I know how you feel!

  3. I know that odd feeling of waiting…that feeling of being at one’s wits’ ends waiting for something to happen, to change, etc. It’s tough as heck to rest when one is feeling jittery and at the same time waiting for stuff and responses that will/can change one’s life. Some folks have a sense of experimentation and can say rather blightly, “ooh, this’ll be fun to try….ooh, let’s see if this turns out …and heck if it doesn’t work, I’ll try something else.” But some of us take changes wwwwaaaaaaayyyyy stressfully. So I comprehend totally. Will say a prayer for you.

    As for editing, I’m here if you need an eye to look at it. I’ve always found the first three chapters ::wink:: are the hardest because so much worldbuilding is involved. Even if the book is non-speculative, there is still the requirement of showing the backstory and showing just what is unique about the characters you have created and the situation you’re in. And often we think the reader is in our head and we assume they know what we know…so we don’t quite get those first chapters right.

    BTW, a great website is:

    God bless and use all that jittery energy to perfect that novel of yours.

    BTW, stranger than fiction is pretty good. I feared they would do me in at the ending…but mercifully, they didn’t. If you can see “all the little animals” with Christian Bale, that’s a sweet little odd little fick also. -C

  4. So sorry to hear about the migraine. I’ve been suffering with those myself lately, this time of year is almost always killer for me. I don’t like the winter sun.

    I hope next week goes better for you!

  5. Nymeth, I think things will start happening soon too…I just get so impatient :p But they should be better soon hopefully. Lots of good stuff coming up! And I’m definitely editing at least a chapter today!!

    Deslily, Its a bitch, huh? How much fun is waiting for something to happen AND not feeling like reading at the same time? What else are you supposed to do??

    Carole, I’m definitely not the experimental/ “this will be fun” type of waiter, lol. Don’t I wish I were! Much more of a stresser..and the longer I wait, the longer I stress. Though I haven’t been stressing too much any more, now I’m just ready for things to happen!! Ready for life to move. Thanks for offering to check out some of my stuff! I’m definitely going to take you up on that…It’ll be nice to have the input of someone who’s “harsh but sweet” 🙂 That’s just what I need! I like it a lot and I just need to know if I’m way off or if I have something that just needs a good bit of polishing. I liked Stranger than Fiction too. Cute movie. Will definitely look for the other one you mentioned. I’ve been looking for that book, but it’s out of print 😦

    Becky, Aren’t these migraines awful? I’m sorry to hear that you get them too. I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy!! Thanks for the wishes for next week 🙂

  6. Oh Chris, I’m so sorry you’re suffering with another migraine! I hope by the time you read this the damn thing will be gone. And I’m sorry about your funk, too. I definitely understand though. I really have a good feeling about your interviews. I know life isn’t always fair. Not by a long shot. But I also believe in karma…and you’re definitely in line for some good stuff coming your way. I can’t wait to hear all about those interviews! And how wonderful you’ll be feeling after seeing Megan, too! (I’m assuming you’ll get to see her while you’re out there, right?)

  7. I’ll join the chorus of “good luck with everything”! I totally get the not feeling like reading thing. I’ve been having that off and on since December i guess. Maybe just getting past all the stress of waiting will help out!

  8. “That damn NaNoWriMo novel”? Hmmm. Maybe now is not the best time to edit? Your frame of mind seems a bit… caustic.

    The committee thing will be great, I just know it. And I’m sure the interviews will go great.

    The migraines suck, no doubt. Wish there was something I could do. Have you checked into additional therapies, like massage? I know getting a 30 minute massage once a week has made a world of difference for me – especially when it comes to my back and neck.

    Good thoughts all around.


  9. Debi, The headache’s gone 🙂 Thanks! I have a good feeling about the interviews too. I’m thinking that even if the jobs don’t pan out, maybe I’ll find some other possibilities while I’m in Austin. It’s all about the right attitude, right? I’m just so damn impatient! I’m a huge believer in karma too, so I hope I’ve done enough to have some good stuff coming my way 😉 And of course I’ll be stopping to see Megan…In fact, I’m scooping her up and taking her to Austin with me. She’ll be my good luck charm 🙂

    Melanie, Thanks! You know, I’ve been the same way ever since December. Maybe it’s something in the water. I have these spurts of reading a lot and then these spurts of not wanting to read anything. I think that once I’m done with all this stressful stuff I’ll be back in reading mode too.

    CJ, You know…maybe you’re right, lol. I didn’t even realize that I called it “that damn Nanowwrimo novel” lol! I really do like it though. I hope the interviews go great…I’m so nervous about them :/ I’ve never had a massage before but I’ve always wanted one…maybe it’s about time I treated myself to one, huh? I’ve been thinking about turning to more homeopathic stuff because the prescription drugs just aren’t working. Thanks for the suggestion CJ 🙂

  10. Boy, I can feel your pain with a migraine. I’ve always had headaches…my whole life. But after Bella was born, they turned to migraines. Hopefully, you are feeling better now.

    When do you leave for Austin?? How many interviews do you have?? Just let me know, so I can send good vibes and spirit fingers your way!!

  11. Steph, My migraines turned into migraines about 4 or 5 years back and I’d give anything to be rid of them! Same as you though….I’ve had headaches my whole life and they just recently turned to migraines. I leave for Texas on Sunday morning and the interviews are on Monday and Tuesday (March 3rd and 4th)! Well, hopefully. I’m supposed to have 3, though I only have 1 definitely lined up as of now. Thanks for the good vibes and spirit fingers 😉

  12. I imagine it is pretty disheartening to be in between jobs and I’ve got my fingers crossed and my prayers and good thoughts out there that something amazing will open up for you in Austin.

    Stranger Than Fiction is one of my favorite recent movies. I just love the relationships in that film and the ending montage is something that I can just watch over and over again. Hope you enjoyed it.

  13. Hey Carl, Thanks a bunch! I’m hoping for good things in Austin too. Appreciate the good thoughts. I enjoyed Stranger than Fiction. Love Maggie Gyllenhaal, so that just made the movie for me. I didn’t even know she was in it! Her character was great. The relationships really were great and all in all it was a very well made movie with an awesome cast and a great story…and I want that watch!

  14. i’ll be crossing my fingers too!

    i can totally relate about not reading. sometimes one just isn’t in the right place for that…

    good luck with the editing!!

  15. good luck with the job hunt, I can really relate to you! It sucks to sit and wait. Maybe you’ll hear something this week?

    Enjoy Stranger than Fiction. I loved it. Will Ferrell, for once, isn’t insanely over the top. He’s just right.

  16. Hey–if you want a tour guide or suggestions for good/affordable places to eat, drop me a line, and I’ll mail you my cell#.

    gmail dotcom

  17. Yeah, I’ve felt that way for about 20 years. LOL

    So, did you watch Stranger Than Fiction? I just checked that out from the library and watched it on Thursday. I thought it was terrific — depressing, at times, but I loved the story and thought the actors were all phenomenal. Will Farrell was awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a movie that starred Will Farrell, till now.

    Good luck on that job hunt.

  18. JP, Thanks! Yeah..I’m doing a bit better with the reading now. Luckily I have a really good book right now that I can’t help but like, so that always helps!

    Kim, Doesn’t waiting suck…I’m hoping it’s not too long of a wait…we shall see! I really liked Stranger than Fiction. You’re right. It was so good to see Will Farrell in a not so goofy role. He really toned it down for this one yet kept a bit of his charm and it worked perfectly.

    Marina, I totally forgot that you live in Austin! Yay! If I move there I’ll actually know someone, lol. I don’t think I’ll be there long enough to do much this time unfortunately…just get in, do a few interviews and get back home which sucks. I have to come right back for work. I’m hoping to go back for good though soon if any of these jobs pan out!

    Bookfool, You have the most important job of all, MOM! I liked Stranger than Fiction…like you said, depressing at times, but a great movie. I had no idea that it had such a great cast! I love Maggie Gyllenhaal, so I was so glad to see her in it. Her character was great. And Will Farrell did a terrific job. It was great to see him tone it down for a change. I can’t take his wild movies…they drive me nuts!

  19. Oh, well, yeah, Mom. That’s my job, all right. Mom gets to be the passenger in a teenager-driven car, right now. I’m afraid my new vehicle is getting finger impressions in the door handle. Scary.

    I like Maggie Gyllenhall, too, and loved her character. You know, the reason I haven’t seen any of Will Farrell’s other movies is because they just looked too over-the-top to me. And, people don’t usually seem to like them all that much. But, I just thought he was perfect in that role.

  20. Bookfool, You’re trusting the teenager in the drivers seat of the new car! 😮 Brave you! My mom did the same 😉 He loves you for it.

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