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I haven’t done a web wanderings post in AGES, but I used to love doing them…these are posts of fun things you find on the internet and think that others would find to be interesting as well. The majority of the things I’m posting today could be found on Neil Gaiman’s post from today, so you could just click over there…or you could just stay here, you choose.

The first had me super excited! He released this photo of a pair of book ends designed by Mark Buckingham that are coming out, but no release date was mentioned, nor was a price. Frankly, I’m scared to hear the price, but I’m sure I’ll pay it! Aren’t they beautiful??? I present you with the Sandman and Death bookends (click for larger version):


Next is an incredible artist who takes children’s pictures and translates them into photographs. This guy’s stuff is remarkable and he really does an amazing job at capturing the mind of a child. I would love to hear the childrens’ reaction to the photos. The site was working this morning, but apparently it’s down now, no doubt due to high traffic from Neil’s blog post. So I’m still going to post the link and hope that it’s back up later. It’s not to be missed!

I thought of Carl and his love for Steampunk as soon as I saw this next thing. These are incredible and I want one now! Datamancer is a website for a guy who makes keyboards from brass, aluminum, and copper and old typewriter keys. They’re absolutely gorgeous and although they’re a little bit pricey, if I had the money I’d pay it in a heartbeat! They just blew me away!


Carole McDonnell sent me an email with a link to the New York Foundation for the Arts current newsletter and it’s all about artists talking about New Orleans…called “The New Orleans Issue”…and it focuses on rebuilding the city through the arts. Really an amazing little newsletter and definitely worth a read as you get a lot of different perspectives from a few different artists, what they are doing, what’s going on down here, and what still needs to be done. You have to register with their website to read the article, but it’s worth doing, so please do so!

Carl has an awesome Friday Favorites up right now! Most of you who read my blog read his too, so you’ve probably seen it, but if not, head over there! The artist is Audrey Kawasaki and Carl describes her art much better than I ever could. She paints on wood and uses it like I’ve never seen another artist use their medium. Her paintings are very delicate, sensual, and airy. Check it!

That’s it for the web wanderings. In other news, I got a GPS system with my tax return (that I haven’t received yet, lol) in preparation for the Austin trip and I have been having way too much fun with it. I’ve basically been living in my car now just to hear the little screen tell me when to turn. The fun thing is that I get to discover all kinds of new places in my city as you can type in what kind of places you’re looking for and it gives you a list! So if I want coffee shops it gives me about 100 coffee shops in New Orleans to choose from. I can just see the gas stations smiling at me…I’ve also been tagged by Eva for the meme that I’ve been dreading: “10 ways to tell a book was written by me”. I’m just not very clever and am not really sure I can do that one…but I’ll give it a go! That’ll be next I suppose! Have a good evening everyone!

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  1. Oh boy.. I’ll cross my finger the book ends are under 100.00 (each) for ya! lol

    LOVE the keyboard!!!! But I won’t get one lol

    hmmm 10 ways to know YOU wrote the book?.. you can start with “wrote it in 30 days!” hehe

    And: it would be a fantasy!

    there’s 2!.. now think of 8 more! hahahaha

  2. Deslily, Yeah…I’m hoping that the bookends are under 100 too, but you never know with stuff that’s that detailed…they’re gorgeous though and they’re from one of my favorite comic series by my favorite author…what do I do?? And aren’t those keyboards incredible? I won’t be buying one either though :p You’ve got my first two answers for the meme…I had the fantasy one…didn’t even think of the 30 days one! Start thinking of your own answers 😉

  3. Great web wanderings. Those bookends are certainly on my wishlist. Love the Death figure especially. You have good reason to be worried, my friend. The last set of bookends to come out were pretty pricey!

    Glad you enjoyed the Friday Favorites. She is a great artist.

    Great keyboard. I think I saw this one over at Brass Goggles (brassgoggles.co.uk) They always have such great, creative stuff over there.

  4. I did a little bubble bursting search and found them. They are slated for September release and retail at $295.00. (that sound you hear…that is me in the corner, weeping).

  5. OMG! those bookends are *gulp* pricey !!

    My Bubba Boy better not shovel out that kind of money until he has a really good job in Austin!!

    Get MY 10 answers? Doh!

  6. Carl, Oh crap! That is so out of my price range that it’s not funny…but they’re so gorgeous!!! Maybe next year if my tax refund is big enough, I’ll treat myself…with the Absolute editions and those, I’d really be pumping quite a nice nickel into their pockets! Those keyboards are amazing (and cheaper than the bookends!) Of course, I don’t have a desktop, so it would be a little impractical….

    Deslily, Don’t worry, I won’t be shoveling that kind of money out any time soon! Waaaaay too broke and I’m sure I still will be in Austin…and yep, get your answers ready….I’ll be tagging people who have written a book…I think I have my 3 people picked out already!

  7. you can only choose published authors!! neener! (right?…I hope lol)

  8. Deslily, No! You can choose anyone…they don’t even have to have written anything before :p I just decided that I’d pick people who have written something.

  9. snot! lol

  10. Neat stuff, without a doubt.

    I’m feeling a growing desire to revisit your beautiful city…

    But, a word of warning about the GPS – don’t get too dependent on it. They can be wrong.


  11. I saw that Sandman/Death bookends in the Preview catalogue last week. I think they are coming in September, if I remember correctly. But I have to have it – it has little Goldie next to Morpheus.

    So sweet!

  12. I am very tempted by the bookends….will have to see what funds are like after the Summer…maybe I can save up for them! They do look awesome. Damn companies and their tempting merchandise.

    The Friday Favourites was (as always) awesome.

    I love the steam punk keyboards – saw the step by step guide ages ago. Would love one, but I’d also have to have a nice big antique wooden desk to sit it on and some sort of coordinating monitor. 🙂

  13. Cool links! I really like the typewriter/keyboard. I’m trying to keep hubby from buying a GPS for that very reason. He wants one so bad though so I’ll probably give in around his birthday.

  14. Posts like this really are a lot of fun. Thanks for linking to all those awesome things!

    The Sandman bookends are absolutely GORGEOUS. I’m sure the price will be quite frightening, though :/ But ah well…to the “someday” list they go.

  15. Those bookends are so cool, but that is a ton of money! And you are clever. 😛 I’m looking forward to reading your answers!

  16. CJ, Come on down! We could use some more visitors 🙂 I’m hoping my GPS doesn’t get me too lost…I’ve already experienced it telling me to go straight when I couldn’t, but it brought me the right way when I turned, so hopefully it works out in the end!

    DO, Yes, it comes out in September! And did you see the price?! O_o $295! But I think I have to have it too 😉 It’s incredible!

    Quix, Same way I feel…”Damn companies and their tempting merchandise” They know we’ll buy it if they put it out! I may have to start saving now for them too. I still don’t have Absolute Sandman 2 yet! I’m sure 3 will be coming out before I know it.

    Ladytink, The GPS systems really have become quite affordable these days. I remember when they first came out they were over $1000 dollars but I paid under $300 for this one and it’s really nice. All kinds of cool features. It would make an excellent guy gadget birthday gift 😉 I’m all about the electronic gadgets!

    Nymeth, You’re very welcome! The price for the bookends is EXTREMELY frightening…much more than I thought…$295! I wanted to put them on the “someday” list too, but I’m thinking they may be released as a limited edition, so they may have to be an “immediate” buy. I hope not :/

    Eva, Aren’t they awesome? Just incredibly expensive! I’m kinda looking forward to answering this meme now….as the ideas begin to flow into the brain….slowly…

  17. Damn I want those book ends, they are so cool! Do you have a GPS system that lets you download other voices for it? One of the ones in the UK lets you download and use Yoda’s voice to give you directions which is pretty fun.

  18. I loved your web wanderings, Chris!…especially the artist that translates children’s art into photographs. That was incredible!

  19. Rhinoa, Yoda’s voice?!! Help you, he will? No way! I don’t think mine lets you download other voices…but I have this very soothing lady’s voice which works…I’d trade it for yoda in a second though!

    Robin, Wasn’t that awesome! I must have stayed on that website for an hour when I first found it just going back and forth from the drawing to the photo. It really was incredible. I’d love to go to a gallery, meet some of the kids and talk to them…and talk to the artist of course. So unique!

  20. My husband says those keyboards are ubercool. He is totally wanting one now

    Isn’t GPS fun? I don’t have one now, but on vacation we rented a car with gps. It was the most awesome-tastic thing for a vacation, because you never have to rely on mapquest or directions from a random stranger. We loved being able to look up tourist attractions and just head there. We were all about to buy one, but decided we have to pay off our student loans before we make any big purchases like that.

  21. Kim, Tell him he should get one and tell me how they work 😉 The GPS rocks! It really is great…that’s why I got it – to erase all the mapquest hassles. When I go to Austin for interviews in a few weeks I’m going to be going all over the place, so it makes life a lot easier. And if I end up moving, it will help me to get to know the city. I really should have put the money towards student loans too, but…..

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