Yep…it’s monday

Sorry, just couldn’t think of a more clever title than that for a post and it pretty much described my day. It consisted of mostly just laying around all day, reading, watching TV, playing video games and being a bum…just the way a Monday should be spent 😉 I’m almost finished reading the ARC of Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague that I was sent and although I won’t be able to post my review until closer to the review date (April 21st), I can tell you that it’s awesome and in my opinion the best of the series so far! If you’re looking for something in the Young Adult category for the Once Upon a Time challenge this year, I’d highly recommend the first two books in the series in anticipation of this one.

Once I’m done with Fablehaven, me and Kailana are going to read a book together! Kailana seems to think that she’s a slow reader these days, though I doubt that :p But I know for a fact that I have been a slow reader…so we decided we’d pick a book that we both already owned and read it together. So we’re reading Watership Down starting on Wednesday. It’s perfect because it fits with the Four-Legged Friends Challenge that she’s been hosting. In fact, it’ll be my last read for the challenge. Yay, I finished one!  Then my reading plans for the rest of the month are to read Amberlight by Sylvia Kelso which is a review book and Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey from the Pern series. Who knows where I’ll go from there. All this mapping was brought on from Eva’s latest post by the way.

I watched Everything is Illuminated tonight and it was a wonderful movie! I can’t wait to read the book now…anyone read it? To put it very simply, it’s the story of a young Jewish man named Jonathan, played by Elijah Wood, who goes to the Ukraine and seeks the help of a young Ukrainian translator and his grandfather to discover his family’s past – specifically the story behind a woman in a picture with his grandfather. It was a beautiful film filled with history, gorgeous scenery, emotion, humor, sadness, and nostalgia. Loved it. Definitely a 5 star movie.

Finally, tomorrow’s Mardi Gras! My plans…stay home…how anti-climatic, huh? I’m not big on Mardi Gras day. I like a lot of the parades leading up to it, but normally for Mardi Gras day, I stay home and watch the parades on TV. So I think I’ll do that tomorrow.  I’m exciting, what can I say!


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  1. I hope both you and Kailana enjoy Watership Down as much as I did! I think it’s really cool that you’re reading it together.

    Everything is Illuminated is one of my favourite books ever. I just wrote a little rant about it on my post about Number the Stars, in fact 😛 The movie is good, but as often is the case, the book is much better!

    It’s that (for understandable reasons) they left out a whole section of the story, this magic realistic-ish retelling of the story of the place his grandfather came from, starting a few centuries back and going until it was destroyed in the war. That’s my favourite section of the book. But yeah, if you loved the movie, do pick up the book; you’ll love it even more!

  2. Nymeth, Looking forward to Watership Down…especially after your review! We figured that reading it together would get us motivated to plug away at a book! How weird that you just happened to write about Everything is Illuminated in your post! I’ve been wanting to read Number the Stars too…can’t wait to read your review. Everything is Illuminated has been on my list of books to read for awhile and I’m really excited about it now. I figured the book would be even better which is hard to imagine. It’s impossible though to fit all the goodness of a book into a movie. They barely hinted at the part you’re talking about in the movie. His grandpa just looked out at a field and said “this place was so much more beautiful before the war” I guess that was a reference to that. I can’t wait to read the whole story behind that!

  3. Sounds like a good Monday to me! Mine was spent doing creative journal exercises, playing with Taika, and pottering about on the internet. Today I’m thinking we’ll take a walk and then I’ll get some reading done.

    Everything is Illuminated sounds great, I’ve added it to my Lovefilm rental list now, thanks for the recommendation.

    Your Mardi Gras plans sound pretty much like what I would do. I’m not big on crowds and excitement, so I tend to either hang back or stay in when something big is on.

  4. Watership Down is a great book and reading it together sounds like a great piece of motivation! Good luck.

    Funny you ask about Everything is Illuminated – Nymeth mentions it in her latest review! Sounds like an interesting book.

    I envy your Monday. I didn’t do much myself but it was because I was under the weather and didn’t even feel like reading!


  5. Love love love Everything is Illuminated – one of my favourite movies (and musical scores), and a charming book. Like Nymeth said, they do leave out a good part of the book in the movie – it’s set up in two parts, the narration of the journey (from Alex’s point of view) and the story that Elijah Wood’s character writes. Definitely read it, it’s a fabulous book.

  6. I forgot all about that movie. I had wanted to see it in the theatre and that just didn’t happen. Thanks for the reminder. Glad it is a worthwhile film.

    Reading a book together, that is fun. I thought about doing a post and encouraging people to read Keith Miller’s The Book of Flying a week or two before the Once Upon a Time Challenge this year so that we could talk about it. It is one of those books that has stayed with me for a couple of years and I’ve never reviewed it. I may do that.

  7. ARGH! I can’t believe you aren’t going to post the review of Fablehaven right away!!! You like to torture me eh? ppllsstt!

    That’s neat that you and Kailana are reading the same book at the same time. Makes for good chatting lol.

    you already know I can’t wait for you to read Dragonflight (hmmm, in a way that could be considered a 4 legged friend too!) I believe the book you ordered has the first 3 pern books in one, it will be interesting to me to see if you can actually stop after just one of the books lol.. (I couldn’t!!)

  8. Your monday sounds a lot more enjoyable than mine! while reading your post, I had this weird flash that it was still monday, then I realized with relief that it was tuesday and I wasn’t stuck on Monday.

    I’m glad to hear you liked Everything is Illuminated. I have it in my netflix queue, just haven’t gotten to it yet. I have tried once or twice to rent it, but couldn’t get anyone else interested in watching it.

  9. Quix, I really need to get me one of those creative journals! They sound really cool. I’m so glad you have Taika with you again 🙂 I think that you would love Everything is Illuminated. It was so much more than what I was expecting. Really enjoyed it! And Mardi Gras is good so far…enjoying the parades on TV 😉

    CJ! You got on my site, yay! I’m really looking forward to Watership Down…I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about it. It is quite strange that me and Nymeth should mention the same book on the same day! And sometimes it’s good just to do absolutely nothing on a monday!

    Court, I totally forgot to comment on the music! I loved that as well. I’d really love to get the soundtrack for it. It was beautiful. Can’t wait to get the book

    Carl, It’s most definitely a worthwhile film. You’d love it…put it on the queue 😉 And hey! I have The Book of Flying! We should do that!

    Deslily, Well of course I’m going to email you my review of Fablehaven, hahahah! I just need to wait to post it sooner to the release date to hype up the book! Unfortunately the Pern books don’t count for 4 legged friends…no mythical creatures :(…I think what I’m going to do is read one Pern book, one other book, one pern book, one other book, etc…

    Kim, Ha! No…relax, it’s Tuesday 😉 No need to relive Monday! I think you’ll love Everything is Illuminated and so will other people. I shied away from it at first too, but it really was great once I put it on. Very humorous too. It was done really well!

  10. Oh, but that does sound like the perfect way to spend a Monday! Or a Tuesday…or Wednesday… Now, how to get the rest of this crew to allow me to do that. ;/

  11. Debi, The trick is not to ask, just to do…and just ignore the sounds of the plates crashing against the walls in the background 😉

  12. Glad you liked Everything is Illuminated! I adored it too, I’m still battling for a ticket to see it at our vintage cinema of loveliness. The soundtrack is a must have, then I highly recommend a swift transition to Gogol Bordello, the most wonderfully energetic and brilliant music I’ve heard in years. Turn it waaaay up.

    I adored the Pern series in my teens, but Dragonsdawn is the only one I’ve returned to since. It still makes me cry when the first dragon is born. *sob*

  13. Stormfilled, I can’t wait to get the was beautiful. I’ve really been digging all of these awesome soundtracks that have been coming out lately. The Namesake had an incredible soundtrack too if you like Indian music. I’ll have to check out Gogol Bordello, thanks for the recommendation!

    Can’t wait for Pern! I’ve heard nothing but great things and I love dragons 🙂

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