What A Day!

Apparently I have a horseshoe up my ass…so says my mom. I’m on a lucky streak! Lets start with the Super Bowl…My luck rubbed off on The Giants! Go Eli! I couldn’t be happier for Eli and the Giants…what a game, huh? It was so good to see the team that everyone thought would get completely shut out play such a great game and come out of it with a ring! And that play right towards the end! You know what I’m talking about if you watched it…incredible! So here’s where the luck comes in…I was in a pool and walked away with $250 after the first quarter! Woohoo! That’ll pay my student loans this month! So not only did my team win (well not mine) but I got some cash too πŸ˜‰

Those commercials were horrible though, huh? They really weren’t memorable at all. There were a few that were somewhat laughable, but seriously…when you’re doling out that kind of money for 30 seconds of air time, you think you’d put something better together. I did enjoy seeing Charlie Brown get the Coke though…Anyone have any favorites?

So during half-time I go blog hopping, and speaking of luck, I find out that I won third prize in Bellezza’s Japanese Reading Challenge! Yay! Secretly, it was the prize pack that I had my eyes on from the beginning…Love that copy of Tales of Moonlight and Rain and the little handmade book she made. Starting to feel a little better about these Austin interviews! Bellezza put together some awesome prize packs for that challenge, filled with hand made stuff and just did an all together great job there. It’s sad to see it done 😦

After the game, we went and saw Cloverfield. Very cool movie! The tricky thing with movies like this is that you could tear it to shreds with technical stuff since it was filmed with a “home video camera” and some of the stuff that this camera makes it through….well….and it has some really good battery life! But if you get passed that, which I did, it’s awesome! Just hold back the urge to say…”that would never happen…they could never have done that” Of course not…it’s a movie! It was creepy, it was extremely suspenseful, it was definitely sad at times…kept my interest throughout. Definitely worth seeing.

Thinking that was a very full day, I came home ready to lay in bed and just relax and read. Well I check my email and the horseshoe wasn’t done emitting it’s luck yet! Remember that book that Carl told us about the other day after he filled out Eva’s survey? The one being raffled… It’s called Eulogy for a Book and it’s a little handmade book by the author of the blog Box of Books. It’s so incredible and I got an email today from her telling me that I won it! Please click on the link and go see how incredible this little book is. She did a great job and the story behind it is wonderful.

So that’s my day…pretty nuts, huh? I feel greedy :/ I think I’m going to have to think of something to do soon…some type of giveaway…you know I’m all about the karma!


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  1. That was a very cool little book! It reminds me in a weird way of a children’s book that we had growing up called The Continuing Adventures of a Little Mouse Trapped in a Book. There is no real resemblance besides their complete self-referentiality. Cool.

    *Ahem* Horseshoe up your ass, eh? I’d ask how I can get one of those, but I’m not sure I want one. Also, I don’t want it to involve getting kicked really hard by a horse!! πŸ˜‰

    At any rate, hope it sticks!! πŸ™‚

  2. N, Don’t you love that book? I love homemade books…they’re so cool and that one is just extra cool as it’s made from an old book! I’ve never heard of the other book you mentioned but I’ll have to do some research πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure you’d want a horseshoe up your ass either…doesn’t sound too comfy…but it seems to be working!

  3. Congrats!! Gotta love lucky streaks. πŸ™‚

    And yes, that drive was one of the most awesome things I’ve seen in awhile.

  4. It was a great game, Chris! Congratulations on all your winnings! What a nice way to start the week.

  5. great oogy-boogy! I can’t believe the fabulous day you had! Instead of a horseshoe up your ass, my mom would have said you stepped in horse-sh*t ! My personal opinion is that you not only “stepped in IT… but rolled in it too!” hahahaha.. Boy, I hope that luck stays with you while in Austin!! (fingers crossed)

    Yep, good the Giants won! I think most folks always sorta hope the underdog wins.

  6. Whoo – lots of good luck! “Horseshoe up your ass” cracked me up. πŸ™‚

    I’m trying to think of a giveaway too, it’s about time, I just have to figure out a gift package. πŸ™‚

    I expect I will get around to seeing Cloverfield at some point. I have mixed feelings about it – on one hand it sounds fun, and on the other it sounds kind of lame. Hmmm.

  7. Man alive, I should have had you pick some lottery numbers for me. Congrats on the win!!!

    I honestly thought the commercials were okay overall. There weren’t alot of WOW commercials, but I found some interesting. I loved the animals screaming one. Thought the Charlie Brown one was just perfect…a great sentimental commercial. The Planters one where the hideous girl had all the guys after her was Fantastic. That one at least was a Superbowl classic. The Pepsi one was fun only because of the Chris Kataan (?) thing at the end. The Budweiser Rocky one was fun. The Career Builder one with the girls heart bursting out of her chest was great in a sick, gore-loving way. I liked the Doritos mousetrap commerical with the giant mouse/guy beating the crap out of the other guy. The Richard Simmons cameo in the Bridgestone one was fun…kudos to him for having that kind of a sense of humor. I liked the first E-trade baby commerical…the one with him spitting up. And of course the Victorias Secret commercial couldn’t have been more perfect.

    Nope, gonna have to disagree with you a bit on this one. I think a couple years ago the commericals were fantastic, last year they were way off, and this year I thought they started an uphill climb again. But that’s just me.

    Cloverfield was an interesting experience. I think the film makers succeeded in delivering all that the film promised and the criticisms I have read of it, other than the motion sick ones, are just ridiculous. For me it just wasn’t a movie that I left being excited about. It was well done, I enjoyed it, but then I felt a bit ‘meh’ after the whole thing was over.

    Congrats to the Giants. And congrats to the Patriots for the most disappointing offense performance ever. Both defenses were top notch and really played well (thus making the game pretty boring until the fourth quarter). But what a fourth quarter. In that quarter Eli Manning earned his championship and the MVP. Wow. He was a joy to watch. I’m really happy for him. I’m not a Giants fan and wanted to see the Pats make history, but I cannot help but feel satisfied with the results as the Giants earned every bit of that victory on both sides of the ball and Eli made the game exciting at the end.

  8. Holy crap, but you are on a roll, aren’t you?!! Well, you know what? It couldn’t be happening to a nicer person, so enjoy!

    (Love the horseshoe up the ass line…gonna have to remember that one.)

    That game was my favorite game from the whole blasted season. Not that I’m a Giants fan…but as a Dolphins fan, seeing the Patriots blow this one was about the only good thing that happened all year. No offense to Eli, but frankly, I think the defensive line should have gotten the MVP, not him. Were they not freakin’ amazing?!! Anyway, congrats!

  9. Good for you to be so lucky this weekend (and good for us Giant fans too)!

  10. Eva, Thanks! And seriously…I haven’t seen a drive like that in ages. That’ll go down in the books!

    Robin, It really was a nice way to start the week πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed the game too Robin!

    Deslily, Can’t there be a nicer saying for having good luck? Personally I’d rather not have a metal object up my ass or have rolled in horse shit…ah well…lol…Yay for the giants!

    Quix, I have to think of something good for this giveaway! I feel like I always do the same thing…here’s a book, I’ll pick a name…we’ll see. Cloverfield was cool, I think it’s worth seeing. It’s certainly lame in some aspects :p I could’ve sat there and dissected it to pieces, which I did to some degree, but overall, it’s very entertaining and nail biting. They really did do a good job with it. Better than I thought!

    Carl, Forgot about the Planters girl commercial…that one was great! And I agree with you on Richard Simmons…kudos to him for having the humor for doing that commercial. I thought the same thing when I saw that. And that Victoria’s Secret commercial was indeed nice…I think all of those commercials that you mentioned were good, but they didn’t wow me….like you mentioned, the commercials a couple of years back were awesome, so I hold every year to that certain standard which I don’t think this one lived up to…ah well. Cloverfield – I feel the same way. Kinda “meh” about it, but it entertained me. I liked it though and it’s definitely a suspenseful little movie! But then I left it and said “that was good!” Thought about it for a little while and thought I’d put it under 4 stars in the movies tab…thought about it a little more and it ended up under 3 stars. So yeah, it’s definitely one of those “meh” movies. Super Bowl – I thought the game was FAR from boring! I think those close games where no one scores can be exciting! Especially when everyone thought the Giants were going get their asses handed to them. I was in heaven. Eli really had a hell of a 4th quarter. Honestly, I would’ve been happy to see the Patriots win too..who could be disappointed with a perfect season?…but I was THRILLED with a Giants victory!

    Debi, I really am! And thank you πŸ™‚ You’re sweet as always….my mom has tons of lines like that…I could start another blog just for those! The defensive line really was amazing! Those guys played one hell of a game. But who can deny giving Eli the MVP after that last quarter! What a game, huh?

  11. Stephanie, I’m happy on both accounts πŸ™‚ Go Giants!

  12. You lucky bugger! My husband really wants to see Cloverfield and I think my best friend is seeing it tonight so she will tell me if it’s something she thinks I will like or not. My husband got the movie magazine Empire that is the best in the UK which apparently gave it 5* (that’s the maximun) so it must be pretty cool.

    For your karma you could just buy me something πŸ˜‰

  13. Rhinoa, I love your thinking! Just buy you something…then I’ll have a bunch of angry bloggers who didn’t get anything and I’ll have to buy everyone something and there goes my student loan money :p I don’t know if I’d give Cloverfield a 5, but it was good…I’d land it a 3.5…definitely worth seeing! You’ll have fun!

  14. I’m curious if the writer’s strike had any effect on commercials at all.

    I like good defensive games, but after the first quarter until the beginning of the fourth I found the thing pretty dull overall. Neither team were executing well and although part of that is due to the defense I thought part of it was just due to lackluster offensive play. I felt like both teams were sleep walking through the game for a long time. Either way, it certainly was a fantastic and heart-thumping fourth quarter. That is exactly the way I wish every Superbowl would play out in the end.

    And about those lottery numbers…

  15. wow, i love days like that! Nice! -C

  16. Carl, I never considered the writers strike come to think of it! I wonder how that came into play with the commercials? You’re right with the game…Especially in the third quarter, you could see that both offenses were just sort of blah. But that Giants defense was amazing! That last quarter though was amazing…hmmm, lottery numbers….5 11 23 26 32 I don’t know if y’all have a “powerball” but if you did, I’d pick 22 I think I’ll play those numbers too πŸ˜‰ lol…

    Carole, I love those days too! They don’t come too often!

  17. I have to admit the one with the pigeons/fedex cracked me up. Even though it stole the idea from Harry Potter.

    Nice lucky streak. Have you tried buying a lottery ticket just to see how your luck holds out?

  18. Kim, That one was pretty good, lol…forgot about that one completely. We all had a good laugh at that one. I really do need to get a lottery ticket! I picked numbers for Carl, I should play them myself πŸ˜‰

  19. Yep, you’re lucky. But,t hat’s a pretty weird place to keep your horseshoe.

  20. Bookfool, Well I was running out of room with this little tiny room we’re renting…had to find somewhere! :p

  21. I forgot about the pigeons commercial…I really liked that one as well.

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