It’s A New Dawn..It’s A New Day..

Ok, so it’s not that extravagant, but it’s a change! I’ve always been very intimidated by WordPress for some reason, but I like the look of it so much more and I really like the tabs at the top, so I decided to switch over here! Sorry for the inconvenience if it is one 😦 If you don’t mind updating your blogroll links, I’d really appreciate it. Even more exciting though is that I bought my own domain name!! So you can now get to my blog just by typing in! I know…nice and short, right? 😉 Ah well..

But for some awesome news…all kinds of cool job stuff and professional stuff happened today! There’s a place called Austin Recovery that I’ll be interviewing with on March 4th. I know, far away, but I had to plan the trip and all and the interview got pushed back because of good news number two. Good news number two is that my graduate school that I got my Master’s from contacted me today and asked me if I’d like to come and serve on their advisory committee! Wow…that’s an honor and it’ll look really good on a resume. They meet once a semester so I’d have to come in from Austin for the meetings, but it would be worth it to keep on a resume. They’re ranked number 10 in the nation in my field! And then there’s yet another job opportunity possibility that’s tied to UT out there! So things are looking good 🙂

Sorry that I didn’t post a review of The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World as hoped 😦 I got no reading in today except for emails! Hopefully tomorrow!


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  1. I like the new look! Was it hard to switch all your stuff over? Looks like it’s all here.

    Great news about the advisory committee, and the job interview, too. Congratulations!

  2. Hey Darla! It wasn’t hard at all…it took a little while to copy and paste all of my challenges and books read stuff, but WordPress copies all of your posts for you! Thanks for the congrats 🙂 And you’re my first new comment over here…awwww

  3. Congrats on the interview and the committee! I just interviewed for a new job today myself.

    The new look for your blog is nice.

  4. Thanks Kim! And congrats on your interview too! How’d it go? I hope it went well 🙂 Glad you like the new look!

  5. Hey Chris – I like the new site. It’s so funny – I just changed my family blog from wp to blogger because wp won’t let you manipulate the html as blogger does. Anyway, I hope you enjoy wp. Congrats on all the other good stuff happening in your life!

  6. Great new digs!

    Good luck on with the interview and congrats on the advisory committee gig! It certainly will look good on the resume!


  7. Congrats on all the happy professional stuff! I’m wrapping up my grad school app and I’m super nervous. Don’t like the idea of being rejected!

    The new blog looks great-I really like the tabs on wordpress, but I was shocked when I found out I couldn’t manipulate the html! (I mean, this is the internet) I had made up some image maps for my world lit section, but it wouldn’t let me use them. Oh well! I still really like wordpress-it looks so much cleaner. 🙂

  8. Nice new place, Chris. 🙂 Congrats on all your good news!

  9. Hooray for joining the ranks of the wordpressians. 🙂 I like wordpress a lot.

    Congrats on all the work stuff, and good luck with it all.

  10. I was going to ask if transferring all your old posts was hard, but I see that Darla already asked. I do like the look of wordpress…if it’s that easy, maybe I’ll venture someday.

    Best of luck with the job things!

  11. Welcome! The blog looks great.

    Y’know, until I clicked that tab at the top, I hadn’t realized how many challenges you were signed up for. You always said there were a lot, but you never said there were millions!

    And I like the long URL.

  12. my my my.. look at you! I couldn’t conquer WP though I do keep a duplicate of my blog on WP

    (couldn’t conquor wigits and such.. and keep my old blog on the old template so I know how to work in it… can’t even work the newer version of blogspot! so as long as I can keep the old template I’m ok.. if/ when that changes I’m up the creek on both blogs!)

    Anyway.. hope you enjoy it here and you don’t have any problems!! You know I’ll follow you anywhere (even Austin! hehe)

    It sure sounds like things are beginning to shape up in the job area!! I hope it all leaves you with time to continue your blog and all that reading!! I know your intentions are wanting it “all” lol.. hope it all works out!

  13. Oh my gosh! Congratulations on being called for the advisory position! What an honor! I mean, wow!!!! And will definitely send up a prayer for the interview.

    The new blogsite looks wonderful!!!! -C

  14. Nice look! Very swanky.

    Good luck and congrats on the work news!

  15. How nice to hear that the job situation is looking up! I love your new blog. I’ve been working on a WordPress version of mine, but haven’t been brave enough to make the switch yet. You inspire me!

  16. Welcome to WordPress. I wouldn’t feel bad about being intimidated. That is the same reason I give for not updating my site to the latest edition of WordPress. I am several revisions behind. I know it will entail site redesign that will be alot of work and I’m not sure that I want to do that. I need to sometime.

  17. Wow. Wow. Wow. What a pile of exciting news! I am sooooo excited for you, Chris! The advisory post thing sounds fabulous (though I admit, I don’t quite understand what it is). And best of luck with the interview! I hope it turns out to be a place you’d love to be, because I sure they’ll want you!

    And I have to agree with everyone…your new place looks wonderful!

  18. YAY! You did it! Congratulations on all the great stuff going on. Happy reading!

  19. I’m also a WP convert – welcome! I will update my blogroll right now.

  20. Susan, Thanks! I’m completely HTML illiterate anyway, so that doesn’t matter to me :p

    CJ, Thanks and thanks! I’m glad I finally have something more to put on my resume…it was looking so dang boring!

    Eva, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! I’m about to start filling out grad school applications…again…for next year. I have a good feeling that you’ll get in! I like WordPress a lot too. I LOVE the tabs. I was so intimidated by it at first, but I really don’t know why…it’s not all that difficult!

    CDN, Thanks 🙂 I like the look of this one too 🙂

    Quix, Thanks! I’m quite happy with wordpress so far! Especially the tabs…they’re uber-cool!

    Nymeth, I think you’d love WordPress! And it’s SO easy. They literally have a “magic button” that transfers your post. You just hit said magic button and poof! all of your posts and comments get transferred over, pictures and all!

    Scott, Thanks, yeah…the challenges are a tad bit obnoxious and I’m kidding myself thinking that I’ll eventually read all of those books, but one can wish, right? And I just laugh everytime I look at the url…if people don’t know the name of my site, they’re not going to even know what the hell it says!

    Deslily, The widgits were a little confusing at first but they’re really not that bad once you get used to it! I’m liking WordPress a lot…it’s clean! I’ll always make time for blogging and reading :p It’s what keeps me sane…I swear, it’s like no job news at all and then all of a sudden tons of it! I’m a happy camper 🙂

    Carole, Who’s more excited, me or you? 😉 I know, I’m so happy! I think the advisory position is going to help me big time getting into a phd program. yay!!!

    Other Chris, I think it’s pretty swanky too if I might say so 😉 And thanks!

    Robin, Oh you should switch! Not that I don’t love your other blog 😉 I’m being so mean to Blogger, aren’t I? After it was so nice to me…But I’m really digging WordPress.

    Carl, WordPress rocks! Much nicer designs than Blogger if I might say so. I’ve gotta say that I’ve been inspired by your site since I first saw it to switch, but I’m just now doing it! It looks like your site is a WHOLE lot more involved than mine will ever be though, so I don’t blame you for not wanting to update. Yours works fine though…no need to!

    Debi, Wow is right! The advisory post thing is really exciting 🙂 Basically what it is is a board that decides what’s going to happen with the program and what direction it’s going to go in. Basically I decide just how miserable the future students are going to be :p Glad you like the new site 🙂

    Rachel, Yep I did it…and guess who convinced me 😉 Thanks for the congrats!

    Stephanie, WordPress is much nicer, huh? I’m liking it a lot so far…fancy schmancy!

  21. Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress. You’ll love it, it’s a FABULOUS blogging platform and definitely a lot more fun that Blogger. 🙂 I switched years ago and haven’t looked back since. 🙂

    Good luck with the interview! And congrats on the advisory post – that is really cool!

  22. Court, It is a great platform and you’ve worked wonders with your blog! Of course you have that web design mind working for you 😉 Thanks for the congrats and the good luck!

  23. Congrats on all the good news. I will love it if you move to Austin but I’ll also be so envious I’ll look like I’ve been dipped in a green food dye vat.

    I love the look, here, but it didn’t work for me. I can’t remember why. Guess I’ll just stick with blogger, since I don’t have any complaints.

  24. Bookfool, Thanks! I’ll finally have stuff to take pictures of if I move to Austin! Pretty landscapes! Of course, I’ll need lessons from you…And Blogger seems to work just fine for you. It was working fine for me too, but I’m really digging this!

  25. Hey Chris, liking the new blog. I’m off to see if you have anything in your movies tab!

  26. good luck with your new blog!and new domain, very fancy:P I like it!

  27. Rhinoa, Glad you like it! There’s a few things under the movies tab 😉 I’ve had really good luck with movies this year!

    Valentina, Thanks! The domain is a bit ridiculous, huh? 😉 A little long? Ah well…at least it’s a domain. Glad you like it! And thanks for the good luck!

  28. Thanks Chris for the crossed fingers. 🙂

  29. Of course!

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