Coming Up For Air

Gasp! I’m still alive…After a very exhausting five days of work, I’ve managed to get in 8 hours of sleep finally and I actually have a day off! I’m constantly talking about looking for a job and being out of work, but I do still have a job, it’s just not directly in my field, working towards a licensure. I’m back to working with the family of kids with disabilities that I was working with before and I worked a very long weekend with them as their mom went out of town on a retreat. At least my check will look good!

I’m spending today recovering and will finish First Snow on Fuji by Yasunari Kawabata which will officially end the Japanese Reading Challenge for me! Yay, first challenge of the year completed! It’s my least favorite of the 3 books that I’ve read for the challenge, but that doesn’t mean that it was bad at all. It’s a book of short stories, and I still have two left. I’ll save the review for later though. This has been an awesome challenge and I owe huge thanks to Bellezza. I’ll definitely be reading more J-Lit this year 😉

I crumbled last night and bought a book :O But it’s not a novel…don’t you just love the way I justify things. After Carl’s last Friday Favorite’s post, I had to go out and buy Spectrum 14! And it really is absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen the Spectrum books before, so I was blown away by it. It’s quite overwhelming actually…there’s just so much great art in them. Highly recommended. So I’m still kinda good on my New Year’s Resolution….still haven’t added to the TBR stack…just the to be stared at stack. It’s only a matter of time…

I apologize for being a horrible friend to everyone and being a stranger on blogs. I’ll be back in the swing of things now that the weekend from hell is over. Good news! Megan’s coming in town on Friday and staying til Monday 🙂 She’s coming with her roommate for a little bit of Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras isn’t actually until February 5th this year, but the parades have already begun and I can’t wait til this weekend…yay!


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  1. lol, the to be stared at stack… you crack me up 😛

    Nothing to apologize for! Everyone has their busy moments, and they are healthy to have every now and again, I think (even if exhausting).

    How wonderful that Megan is visiting! You will have a wonderful time, I’m sure. Mardi Grass in New Orleans! That’s always I’ve always wanted to see. Maybe someday!

  2. Nymeth, That’s all I need, huh? A stack of art books now! I don’t know about healthy, but busy moments at least keep the mind working! Mardi Gras is the best down here. I love the feel in the air during this time of the year…it becomes electric. I’m usually not a big parade goer, but we’ll do it this year. If you ever decide to come down for it, you definitely have a tour guide!

  3. I have to say you are still doing great with the book buying seeing as there are only 10 days left in January, you’ve been a good boy!

    oh boy Megan is coming! I know how you look forward to your times together!!! I bet you will have lots of fun over the weekend!!

  4. Deslily, Well thanks 😉 Still no novels! So no extra reading material added to the stacks for the whole month! That’s amazing! It’ll definitely be a good weekend with Megan in town. 2008’s starting off good on that front. I’ve seen her twice already this year and we’re not even through the first month!

  5. Book buying is its own justification.

    Mardi Gras should distract you from book buying. Maybe. 😉

  6. I’m halfway through First Snow on Fiji. The stories are intriguing, but I’m so used to novels that I miss really sinking my teeth into the plot and characters. Like when I read some of Murakami, I come to the end of a story and think, “What? It’s over?” and then I’m pondering what the deeper meaning could be. Maybe I’m trying to read too much into the stories, but they leave me feeling rather in the lurch. Like you, it’s not my favorite of the three I’ve read. I’m glad Megan’s coming into town for awhile. It’ll be a great time for you, I’m sure.

  7. Carrie, Mardi Gras should indeed be a VERY temporary distraction…we’ll see. Book buying really is it’s own justification though…that’s the problem :p

    Bellezza, That’s my problem too! I’m so used to novels. I loved the first story in this one: This Country, That Country, but go figure..that one was almost a novella. I’ve found a few authors that do short stories well for me, but aside from that, it’s just not a form that works for me. It works for others though. I think that I’ll eventually try some of Kawabata’s novels. I really liked his writing. And I definitely think you should try a Murakami novel! Norwegian Wood was amazing!

  8. PLEEEASE send Meg back with a king cake for me!!!! 😉

    Here’s a book review I think might interest you, too:

    Glad you’re sounding so good these days! 🙂 Did I miss something about a job?

  9. You’re not a horrible friend at all, so don’t be beating yourself up.

    I’m so glad I tempted you enough for you to go out and buy Spectrum 14. I would encourage you to, at the very least, try to snag a copy of 13 as well. They are without a doubt the best two of the series thus far and are amazing. They are indeed overwhelming and reward multiple viewings. I am always finding new favorites when I go through them.

  10. N, Ok! I’ll write that on the to do list 🙂 King cake! I’ll go check out the review in a sec…thanks for sending me the link! No, you didn’t miss anything on a job…it’s the same one I’ve had forever, they just let me come back while I’m looking for something permanent. It’s good that I at least have that to fall back on though!

    Carl, I’m famous for beating myself up :p But I’ll be back on track tomorrow. They had a nice wrapped copy of Spectrum 13 sitting next to 14 as well and trust me…I eyed that thing for a loooong time. But I only had one 25% coupon and the budget’s kind of tight these days, but after seeing 14, I’ll definitely be picking up 13 eventually. And I can see it becoming tradition to buy them every year from here on out as they come out. They’re awesome!

  11. I really want to start collecting the Spectrum books…but I think I should probably wait a while…my shelves are heaving as it is. Having said that, I’ll probably end up with some of them sooner rather than later. *rolls eyes*

    Hope you and Megan have a lovely time together during her visit!

    I’m only on my second book of the year – how awful! Am starting to really get into it now though, so will probably start picking up speed again… 🙂

  12. Quix, Yeah, those Spectrum books are awfully tempting! They’re great! I love 14, it’s a beautiful edition. Highly recommended. Don’t feel so bad about only being on your second book…I just finished my second! So we’re in the same boat :p I hope this isn’t an omen of the coming year…I really need to get this TBR shelf down some!

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