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I was keeping this one under wraps for a few days because I didn’t know if it was really going to happen, but it looks like it will now. You’ve heard me rave about Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven books on my site before. If you haven’t read them yet, I can’t recommend enough that you go out and pick up copies of his first two books in the series. They’re written for children/young adults, but can certainly be enjoyed by readers of all ages. They’re a couple of my favorite young adult books to be written in a long time. It’s fantasy/fairy folk/mythical creature story telling adventure delight all told with a complete air of pure fun. Well about a month ago, I got an email from Brandon Mull’s publisher asking me if I would be interested in reviewing the third book which is due out on April 8th. It’s called Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague. Now it looks like not only am I going to get to review it, but I’m getting an interview with Brandon Mull! Needless to say, I’m thrilled. So I’m letting everyone know in case you have any questions you’d like to ask. The interview is going to focus mostly on the third book in the series, but if you have any questions for him (I already have a couple from Deslily) I’ll be more than happy to try to fit them in and see if I can get some answers 😉

I’m also back to trying to do a little bit of editing on my own book, A Sunset in Nowhere, that I wrote for NaNoWriMo and I’m really excited about it now! Why, you might ask? It’s become a collaboration with Megan! I want to do a Stardust type of thing with it…the Neil Gaiman/Charles Vess version of Stardust that is. Megan is an amazing artist and she’s done a comic in the past with a friend of ours as well as quite a few of her own creation. It’s one of the many things that first attracted me to her. So she has my book now (in it’s god-awful first draft) and she’s going to start drawing some scenes that will be interlaced throughout the book. I can’t wait to actually see some of my characters!! I have a few examples here of some of the pieces that she’s given me, but none of her characters. I wish I had them to show you! The first two are a series of “hand drawings” that she’s done for me…the first for our 1 year anniversary and the second for another anniversary. The third is a little Buddha that she drew me for Christmas this year. My photos don’t do any of these justice.

And finally, I had to go download “Oh, you pretty thing” by David Bowie today and put it on my iPod because I couldn’t stop singing it after I got my copy of Coraline in the mail from Subterranean Press! It’s by far the most beautiful edition I’ve ever bought from Subterranean. I’m just blown away by it. The new McKean art is gorgeous, the Irish puppet production photos are incredible and it’s signed by Gaiman and McKean 😀 And I got a really early copy…number 174 of 1000. There are still some copies left for sale on the website…go get it!!!


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  1. How hilarious, I think my copy is #176. It is indeed a great edition, I was quite pleased with it.

    Megan’s drawings are great and that is so cool that you both are collaborating. Sounds very fun.

  2. Carl, Yeah, if I recall we placed our orders on the same night. That’s awesome! I looked through it once, very carefully and then placed it neatly on the bookshelf where no harm would come to it :p It gorgeous! I’ll try to post some of Megan’s drawings as I get them…I’m sure they’ll be great. It will be fun…I love working on stuff like this with her. It’s rare that I get to be creative, but she can bring out the creative side in me.

  3. That Buddha is awesome. I looked at that and said, Wow! My sister drew that! Very cool.

  4. Lots of exciting news, Chris! Sounds like 2008 is shaping up nicely for you already. 😉

  5. N, I know…I’m in love with it! I keep looking at it and saying the same thing 🙂 “Wow…my girlfriend drew that” 😉

    CDN, It really is! At this rate 2008 is gearing up to be a really good year. I’m excited!

  6. That’s great that you are interviewing him! I haven’t read the books so I don’t have any questions, but yeah, congratulations! I love how the internet has brought writers and readers closer.

    And wow, Megan is really talented! Collaborating with her will be great. It must be a great feeling, seeing your creations come to life in the hands of another artist.

  7. Oh wow! Glad to hear you are editing on your story!! Being the first edit you may well find yourself swept away in it and wind up making it another 50,000 words longer! :o) Ohhhh, and Megan really is an ARTIST! Wow! This should make editing a whole lot more fun for you!!

    I am looking forward to your review of the last (? we actually don’t know it will be the last do we??) Fablehaven book! And, or course to the interview!

  8. Oh wow…so much fun news! But I think that fact that you and Megan are collaborating on A Sunset in Nowhere is just the coolest thing! How nice to have such a talented artist jump on board, huh? Have you done any editing on it since November? Annie has been hard at work on hers, but I don’t really know how she’s coming along.

    I really need to get to the Fablehaven books. I bought the first one for Annie simply because I wanted to read it. She didn’t even seem all that interested at the time. But of course, she absolutely loved it when she did read it! But here I am, still not having gotten around to it.

  9. Megan’s drawings are beautiful! Congrats on moving forward with the NaNo project! I think collaborating with Megan is a great idea.

    Haven’t read any Fablehaven yet. Yes, I’ll add him to my list

    And I’m sorry but that book cover is simply creepy in the extreme!


  10. Nymeth, It really is cool how us readers have the chance to actually interact with authors now every now and then through our blogs. I never though something like this would’ve happened! Can’t wait! And I’m really excited about working with Megan 🙂 She really is a great artist and it’s going to be so cool to see pictures of characters that I created. She’s looking forward to it too, so this should be fun!

    Deslily, I’m TERRIFIED of the edit…it’s like a monster..I don’t even know where to begin with it! I’m just going to start reading and plugging away at it. As for Megan’s art, yeah, she’s incredible. Her whole family is artistic…they can all do something amazing! I think her and her mom got the drawing/painting gene though. Megan’s real excited to have a new project too! And as far as Fablehaven, that’s a question I have lined up! How many books??? It’s something we need to know 😉

    Debi, I’ve done no editing at all, lol! I haven’t touched the thing sinced NaNo ended. In fact, by the time the whole thing was over, I don’t think I ever wanted to see my story again. Now, I’m already forgetting details of my own story. But I’m actually liking it again, so I’m thinking it’s time to start going back to it and start editing. And it thrills me to have Megan on board to want to do illustrations for it!!! I’m so excited about that! And you really ought to read the Fablehaven books 🙂 They’re great. I fell in love with them and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this third one coming out. It’s one of my most anticipated books of 2008!

    CJ, Thanks from Megan and thanks for the congrats on moving forward. I figured that it was time to move forward with NaNo now that I’m starting to like my story again. As I was just telling Debi, I sort of just hated my story by the time I was finished it :p I was just sick of it I think. But I like it again! And I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Megan on it…I think that’s so cool!!! Fablehaven’s great!! Read it 🙂 The books are very entertaining, lots of fun, and a satisfying read. And the Coraline cover…oh yes, isn’t it great 😉

  11. LOL daunting to edit eh wot?!?! For what it’s worth, I’d open the first chapter and just go one paragrah at a time… that’s how it all happens! It’s good you are doing this “first edit” close to when you wrote it because the flow of your story will still be in your mind enough to easily find area’s that you want to expand on!!

    I was good my first few edits.. but with each time it got longer and longer to get thru them lol.

  12. Megan’s drawings are awesome, and it sounds like a great project for you to work on together.

    I wish I had been able to do NaNoWriMo with you…maybe this year…

    I haven’t read the Fablehaven books…pffft…I’ve only been back five minutes and already you’re enabling… 😉

  13. Deslily, That’s how I’m going to do it…just one paragraph at a time…I’ll just go from there and see where it goes. For all I know, the thing could triple in size by the time I’m done with it! It’ll be exciting to reread the story for the first time. I haven’t actually gone back and read it yet!

    Quix, I wish you could’ve done NaNo too! I hope I’m up for it again this year. I still don’t think I’m over this past year’s yet. It took a lot out of me! But I’m so glad I did it. I always wanted to be able to say “I wrote a novel” but never thought I’d actually do it. Hopefully by November I’ll be ready to go again. And sorry for enabling you 😉 I’m good at that, aren’t I? But hey…I learn from the best (you!)

  14. Thanks to everyone for complimenting me so greatly. I’ll do my best with work on your book. 🙂 I have a great inspiration…..McKean….and my sister, Nicole, and of course my mother. Art runs in the family so I hope I make you all as happy with my work on the book as I am happy doing it.

  15. Megan, I don’t have anything to worry about with you drawing the book…it’s you that has stuff to worry about with the rough draft in your hands :p I can’t wait to start seeing the drawings. It’s gonna rock!

  16. Enable? Moi? Never!


  17. Wow!!! Congratulations on the interview. And sending you all kinds of wonderful energy as you edit and revise. -C

  18. Carole, Thanks and thanks! I need all the luck I can get when it comes to editing :p I can tell it will be a scary process! I admire all of you who have come before me…*bows*

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