NaNo Day 13

Just a quick NaNo update. Today was odd, a scary day actually. I opened my computer, opened the book file and felt uninspired. I just didn’t know where to go with my story. I feel like I’m reaching sort of a plateau with it. I know where I want to go with my ending, but it’s too early to start going there. So I don’t know what to do in the meantime. But I knew I had to go somewhere.

So I just started writing some stuff. I ended up finishing Chapter 11 and then went on to write Chapters 12 & 13 which may be my favorite chapters that I’ve written so far. It’s strange how that worked out. I went from being uninspired to writing my favorite stuff. Now my concern is that these 2 chapters don’t fit in with the rest of the book. They fit in with the story line, but they’re told from a totally different point of view than the rest of the book so far. This may make no sense to anyone but me, so just excuse this entry if that’s the case :p But I really like them, so I’m keeping them in. I think they add a nice touch to the book and most importantly (in NaNo terms at least) they add 4,000 words bringing my count up to 23,115 words! Almost to that halfway point.

My big worry is that this lack of inspiration is going to become a pattern. I’m hoping some inspiration comes tomorrow. It was rough to get into that groove today. I hadn’t had any problems until today. I know that in his book, Chris Baty talks about the second week of NaNo being the hardest for most people and that if you can get past that point you’ll make it…maybe I’m just getting my “second week blues” now. But I’ll get through it…Luckily, it’s another slow week at work, so I have the time to write 😉

Oh! And my copy of Marked came in the mail today! That made me happy 🙂 Thanks Eva!!!


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  1. Maybe you should hope that NO inspiration comes tomorrow since it worked so well today 😛

    I’ve had things happen where I’ll start writing and writing and it’s great stuff…but doesn’t fit in with anything else and it’ll end up being something else in itself. I love when that happens 🙂

  2. Rebecca, That’s kind of what happened today. It was all great stuff and while it fits with the plot and has characters from the book, it almost felt like a seperate entity. Strange, be exciting. I really liked it though! Maybe your right…going in with no inspiration does seem to work :p It’s just worrysome!

  3. this may well be where your characters lead the way.. ya never know! At times I think they know more than we do! heh, in my case that isn’t very hard! lol

    btw: I am tossed between Precious and Kester for names for the tiny one.. (so far lol)

  4. Deslily, Yeah, I think they’re definitely taking control…they’re not letting me have much say so :p never have really! But I like what they did today!

    😀 Kester! I love Kester!

  5. Wow, it sounds like being on a diet. The first week is great and then…but, I’m sure you can stick with it and come up with some wonderful stuff. What is good doesn’t come easily, right?

  6. Bellezza, That’s the truth! It seemed to come easy at first, but not as easily now. Still fun though 🙂 Does sound like being on a diet, doesn’t it, lol!

  7. You know, Chris, as I was reading your post it reminded me of something I read that Madeleine L’Engle said. I’ll try to track down the actual quote, but it was something along the lines of “Inspiration doesn’t come before you write – it comes while you’re writing.” I’ve found that to be true so much of the time. If I can only get myself to sit down and start, even if I end up throwing away the first few pages, suddenly something just takes off and I end up in a place I never imagined.

    Don’t worry about the weird point of view thing. Just keep writing – you are writing a draft, right? If, when you reread it, that part is your favorite, you can go back and rework things. One very helpful writing exercise is to suddenly change the point of view of what you’re working on – write it from the least likely character (this is a great thing for me when I get stuck), and see what happens.

    Keep writing! You can do it!

  8. Think I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel utterly uninspired too, but just getting myself in the chair, and just writing, you end up with something you actually like.

    Don’t worry about your favourite chapters not fitting in. With enough glue (ie. editing – in December) EVERYTHING will fit in time.

    I envy your slow week at work. I’m restless at work right now, awaiting my vacation plans next week. 😉

  9. And look what happened from being uninspired?? You wrote you best chapters!! Writing is a state of mind. Sometimes, I sit down at the computer and the words just pour out of me. Other times, it’s really work. I’m really proud of you!! Almost 1/2 way there!!

    Can’t wait till you read Marked!! It’s great!

  10. Darla, That quote is so true! I’ve never foraged into writing quite as much as I’ve done with this project and I’m really finding that inspiration really does come along in the process itself. That’s exactly what happened today…it took off in a place I never imagined it going! Love it!

    This is DEFINITELY a draft, lol. It’ll be fun to go back and look at the different points of view and see how the story is going to actually pull together as a completed project…but that’s waaay down the line. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I’ll definitely see this one through!

    D-O, Don’t you love my new shortened nickname for you? It’s very “gangsta” sounding 😉 You’re right..everything will come together once the editing time comes around. I just hope that I have the energy to actually edit this monster eventually! I have to keep reminding myself that I need to just get the story out there for now and I can rework it later. So if good ideas come out but seem to not fit in, leave them there and I may be able to fit them in later!

    Is this your Hanoi trip coming up next week? That’s going to be awesome!

  11. Steph, Yeah, I’m hoping my lack of inspiration leads to two more great chapters tomorrow 😉 You never know! Hopefully I’ll cross the halfway mark tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to eventually reading Marked! It’s on the list for 08 for the YA challenge.

  12. You’re welcome! Glad it came in. 🙂

  13. i understand your worry about your lack of inspiration – but don’t worry about it. worrying about it is more than likely to feed the beast!

    as for you worrying whether what you’ve written fits in, that is terribly frustrating!!! i hate that feeling! well, i hope it does, and if it doesn’t YOU HAVE TO USE IT for something else!

  14. Go Chris! Almost halfway through!

    I can imagine how the middle of a book must be the hardest to write. Even when reading books I can sometimes tell that the author struggled in those chapters. I suppose now is the time to develop characters and their relationships and to set everything up for the grand finale. I’m sure you’ll get through this week just fine.

  15. it’s about 2:40 pm here.. and you KNOW i checked your word count! HOORAY FOR PASSING THE HALF WAY POINT!! and still 16 days to go!!!

  16. Eva, Me too 🙂 It made my day yesterday! Nothing like getting books in the mail!

    JP, It definitely won’t go to waste. It’ll get used. If anything, I’ll end up liking those couple of chapters more than the rest of the book and end up rewriting everything else in the style of those 2 chapters! Oh editing should be fun…sense the sarcasm…

    Nymeth, The middle really is hard! Writing this has given me a new respect for all of these other authors! I feel like I’m just sort of wasting time writing the middle of the book…waiting until the action starts happening again. But I must say you learn to start thinking creatively when you’re buying time!

    Deslily, 😀 I was so happy to see that 25,000 number! 16 days left to go though…sheesh! I hope I have the effort!

  17. I am so glad you’re posting all about this process. It truly is fascinating! In the mere act of contemplating doing NaNo I’ve had many of the concerns you end up writing about…like “What happens when I’ve got the story told, I know how it all wraps up, but I’ve no idea what to add to the middle to fill it out?” Maybe I’ll end up learning enough from you to get the courage to try myself one of these years. I sure won’t from Annie…she’s awfully closed-mouthed about the whole thing!

  18. Debi, I don’t know how much help I’ll be really :p I’m so stuck right now! I really just don’t know where to go and I don’t care at this point as horrible as that sounds. I just want to start wrapping it up, but it’s still too early. I don’t know what else to do with my characters…oh well, I’ll just keep typing away. How’s Annie doing with her story? I’m sure everything that’s happened recently set her back, but maybe it’ll be a good form of therapy for her now.

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