Miles Apart

Well me and Megan couldn’t have spent our days any differently (For those new to my blog, me and my girlfriend, Megan live in 2 different states since Hurricane Katrina, but that will soon be amended). My day first because I had the boring day. My uncle Robert who passed away recently had some very OCD like tendencies when it came to cleaning. I mean serious OCD tendencies. He’d go through a bottle of 409 a week at my Grandma’s house where he lived. So needless to say, no one else used to clean over there because we all knew that it wouldn’t be cleaned good enough and he would just go back and reclean behind us. So since he’s passed away, no one’s given the house a good cleaning. So we went to my Grandma’s today and cleaned the shit out of that house! We took the blinds down, polished the baseboards, cleaned the picture frames, and then of course all the normal bathrooms and vacuuming and all that good stuff. So that’s how I spent my day.

Now Megan calls me in the middle of all this to tell me that she just jumped out of a plane!!! I knew she planned on going sky diving soon, but I had no idea it was today! And thank God I didn’t because I would’ve been worrying all morning! The only peace of mind that I had was that she was strapped to an instructor who knew when to pull the parachute. She said that she had a blast doing it and that it was amazing. I’m sure it was quite thrilling and I’m really glad she did it, because if she didn’t do it then she would’ve never done it. I’m sure as hell not doing that! lol…I’m a big wimp when it comes to heights…especially plummeting from heights. Now she’s going to the Renaissance Festival..yes, the huge one in Texas, and I’m extremely jealous! I love that festival!

In the meantime, I just went and got my coffee so that I can spend the next couple of hours caffeinated and doing some more writing. I was going to take the day off because I really didn’t feel like writing, but then I made a really cool mix cd with some great music and it got me thinking creative and now I have ideas. Music does that sometimes.

Update: I finished Chapter 9 of the book tonight and added the whole chapter to my NaNo profile, so if you click on the “novel excerpt” tab of my profile and scroll down past chapters 2 and 5 you can read it (haven’t checked it for errors, so sorry if there are some). It’s the first chapter I’ve put on my profile so far that’s set in the real world.

Speaking of music, check out this hilarious picture that my sister found. This is right before my 18th birthday. Rockin’ the old Pumpkin’s Zero shirt and the oh so serious and determined face :p


24 Responses

  1. I didn’t know you played the guitar!

  2. Oh yeah! I’ve been playing since I was a teenager. I don’t play too much anymore though. My electric got eaten by Katrina and my acoustic is ok but is missing a bridge so I haven’t played it in ages. I used to play a lot though 🙂

  3. ahhh it’s good to be queen! Opening and closing portals at will, saving the world! Yep that’s me alright ! hahaha..

    Soooo now I appear in dreams eh?! I’m glad I’m seen as “a good guy” lol..

    but I’m gladder still that the word count went up yesterday!! I checked a few times during the day and nadda.. I was seriously considering a spanking was needed! lol..

    Aww how neat the pic is!..hey I used to play drums so, now we have half a band! Seeing as I haven’t done that in 40 yrs doesn’t count against a queen right? lol lol..

  4. What a great photo, Chris.

    And why in the world would Megan want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? That’s nuts.

    Acutally, more power to her. I think it’s great when people do things like that.

    Your day may not have been as exciting but it’s a good job done, isn’t it?

    Happy writing! Oh, and btw, I posted a comment over at Deslily’s place that has a note for you, too. Don’t ask why. I have no idea.

  5. I need to say this: *Woohoo* to Megan for jumping out of a plane. Good for her!

    But then I realise if Megan was my daughter I would freak and faint. ;p Still, good for her!

    Is that really you in the picture? You look younger than 18, but pretty earnest.

  6. Yeah for Megan for sky diving!! That takes some guts!! I would love to say I’ve done it, but my seriously overwhelming fear of heights… see where I’m going with this!!

    That is a GREAT picture!! Love the Pumpkins shirt!

  7. Deslily, Oh yeah, you’re not an evil queen 😉 The queen’s on the good guys’ side! And you can pretty much do whatever you want…that’s the great thing about writing a fantasy…need a mountain moved? Sure, go ahead and move it!

    I’m glad the word count went up too! I hadn’t planned on writing all day and then suddenly I had an idea and out came chapter 9!

    I told you, we should start a blogger band! We just need a bassist and a singer 🙂 Maybe a keyboard player too…

    CJ, The photo amused me. I love finding old’s a portal into the past. The first thing I noticed was how much more hair I used to have!

    I’m proud of Megan for jumping out of plane 🙂 Now that sounds messed up, doesn’t it. But seriously, it’s something that I could never do! That takes guts! And it’s an experience that she’ll never forget. Not many people can say that they’ve done that.

    Happy writing to you two CJ 🙂 I’ll check by Deslily’s in a bit!

    Dark Orpheus, I give her a big Woo Hoo too 🙂 Like I said to CJ, I was proud of her (after the fact) because that’s something that really takes courage! And it’s something that’s just an amazing experience. I can’t wait to see her pictures! I’ll post one here if she lets me 🙂

    Yes that is indeed me. I used to be accused of being 12 all the time when I was a teenager. No one believed me. Even now I still get quizzed on my ID sometimes when I buy cigarettes. It’s ridiculous! I’m starting to not mind looking young so much anymore though 😉

    Stephanie, I’m in the same boat as you! I’d love to say that I’ve gone…but I’ll never be able to say that! I’m proud of Meg though 🙂 It must have been incredible!

    I still have that Pumpkins shirt 🙂 It’s one of those things that I’ll never be able to part with. I bought it at their tour in ’95 and it’s one of my favorites!

  8. Good going! You are really cranking out the words for NaNo! I am hoping to update my page tonight. I keep forgetting…lol!

  9. J.Kaye, Yeah, I’m having fun but feel like I’m losing steam a little bit…gotta keep it up! I’m always updating…I love seeing that little blue bar move forward 😉

  10. Woohoo to your girlfriend, she is very brave! And woohoo to you, I have faltered on my NaNo as I had my mum stay for a week and didn’t get any done as I felt guilty! Catch up starts tomorrow!

  11. I love the picture 😀 I also have some pics of me at age 18 in a Zero shirt. Those were good days.

    It sounds like Megan had a wonderful day! I would love to try sky diving. Good thing you didn’t know, though, I can see how that would have made you worry sick.

    I hope writing went well this weekend! Weekends can be hard, but it gets easier once one gets started. And music can certainly provide inspiration!

  12., Yep, she’s a brave one! A big woohoo to her 😉 I may take a break from NaNo today and just play catch up tomorrow. The Saints lost today and it just put me in a bad mood :p

    Nymeth, I miss the Zero shirt days :p I had so many cool shirts back then and I don’t know what happened to half of them. I still have a few lying around.

    I see you’re brave too! I could never sky dive! You women are brave! Whoever said that men have all the bravery are very wrong 😉

    I might get some more writing done tonight, but who knows…I’m feeling kind of lazy right now. We’ll see if that changes.

  13. I’m not sure which is worse: cleaning the sh.t out of a house, or jumping from a plane. I’d say it’s a toss up for which I’d rather do; although I prefer the clean house when it’s DONE. You are too cute with your guitar. Don’t you sometimes look at old pictures and think, “Wow, did I really look like that?”

  14. Bellezza, Personally, I’d rather clean a house :p Though I wish I had the guts to jump out of a plane! She’s at the renaissance festival again today though and I would LOVE to be there! Old pictures are always fun to look at. I think that all the time. I have some old pictures that would have you in tears!

  15. I have some that have me in tears (when I weighed 120 instead of, oh, 150). A Rennaissance Fair would be too fun right now. Minus the plane.

  16. just came from your nano site!! Woohoooo! you go Chris!!

  17. Deslily, Yeah, I got some more done last night 🙂 I have to get some done today too!

  18. ah, excellent! its brilliant when music does that!

    whats the tracklist for your mix cd?

  19. JP, It’s a mix of Radiohead, Feist, Keane, Sigur Ros, and Rufus Wainwright 🙂 Stuff to mellow out to…and it did the trick just right!

  20. I would much rather have Megan’s day anyday! LOL

    Awesome pic.THat reminds me that I never posted pics of my son’s ZERO pumpkin from Halloween.I should go do that…

  21. Despite your day being less adventurous, I’m sure your effort was greatly appreciated. I’d love to jump out of a plane, but I’m not sure once the moment came that I could ever do it. Cool for Megan!

  22. Rebecca, Another brave would be sky diver, eh? Did your son carve Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas? If so, that’s awesome! Or if it’s Billy Corgan’s shirt, that’s awesome too 🙂

    Carl, No, I definitely couldn’t do it once the moment came. Megan said she had second thoughts once the moment came too as she was standing on the ledge of the plane, but the problem with that was that she was strapped to the instructor, so she had no choice in the matter :p She loved it though. It’s something that I would “like to do” but I can guarantee that I’ll never do it! So good to hear from you again 🙂

  23. So you’re a man of many talents, huh? I love the photo!

    WooHoo for Megan! That is the kind of thing that sounds so incredibly fun…if only I weren’t such a wimp! Heights and I just don’t get along. (Seriously, I’ve been known to sit on the floor in the car when going over big bridges. Pathetic, I know.)

  24. Debi, I USED to be a man of many talents, lol. I haven’t picked up my guitar in ages. I miss it actually. I’m not one for heights either! They scare the hell out of me! I can relate to bridges. When I’m driving over them my eyes stay forward…I don’t dare look to the sides!

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