And The Days Roll On….

God I hope work picks up…So far I have no referrals…zero, zilch, nada. Today was my second day at the school and I literally spent the entire 7 hour day checking my email over and over and over again. Oh wait, I went to Wendy’s for a half an hour for lunch. Now keep in mind, I’m at an alternative school, so all of these kids most certainly have behavioral problems…I’m just not getting the referrals. If they haven’t come by tomorrow morning, I’m going to ask my supervisor if I can send a memo out to all the teachers letting them know what I do instead of just waiting for referrals from the social worker. That way, if the teachers notice kids who are struggling, they can make referrals to me themselves. Until I get referrals, I have nothing to do and no clients to see.

One good thing that came out of today was that I started brainstorming for NaNoWriMo and I now have a plot, characters, and even a title!! So I started outlining a little bit and I’m really excited about my story now. Looking forward to starting it. It’s a fantasy and the title will be A Sunrise in Nowhere. The story was inspired by a quote I read while I was bored and, well…reading quotes online. Here it is:

No one who, like me, conjures up the most evil of those half-tamed demons that inhabit the human breast, and seeks to wrestle with them, can expect to come through the struggle unscathed.” -Sigmund Freud (From Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria, 1905.)

Update: Look who arrived at their new home today!!!


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  1. I think an email to the teachers would be a good idea. It may be a slow start but I bet it picks up. I used to work at an alternative high school. One new counselor offered to do a 15-min lesson in each room(I don’t remember what he did) but it helped break the ice with teachers & students.

  2. Oooh, I can see why you’d get inspired by that quote! I love, love, love that title you’re going with! Annie’s been brainstorming about her book the past few days, too. Since she’s in the young writers division, she doesn’t have to do 50,000 words. She can set her own goal, but we’re having trouble deciding…she’s tempted to go with the 50,000, but I’m afraid that might be too high…and I’d hate for her to feel like a failure if she didn’t make it. Anyway, I’m kinda jealous of you all…I wish I had an ounce of writing talent in me. Good luck! Won’t be long now until you can get started, huh?

    That does have to be a bit frustrating with the job. I’m sure things will “pick up” before long. Hopefully it won’t become one of those “be careful what you wish for” things, with you inundated with way too big a caseload!

  3. Booklogged, I think an email is a good idea too. It’s definitely going to be a slow start. It’s only my second day, so it’s not time to panic yet :p I’ve been thinking of offering to do a little meet and greet thing in each room. That would be cool!

    Debi, Glad you like the title 🙂 It popped in my head, ties in with my story, and I said “that’s it!”. How’s Annie doing with the brainstorming? 50,000 is a pretty high word count, but I bet you she could do it! She’s a pretty imaginative girl. And a big chunk of Nano is not considering yourself a failure if you don’t finish. It’s all about the effort. Come on Debi, join in!!! I don’t have an ounce of writing talent either, trust me. I’m doing this purely for fun!

    Today was frustrating, but things will pick up. I’m really hoping it’s not one of those “careful what you wish for” things! That’s why I don’t want to push the button too hard!

  4. Love, love, love your new poppets!!

  5. Les, Aren’t they great?! They’re even better in person than they were in the pictures (as things tend to be)!

  6. The email is an excellent idea. And don’t forget to go and schmooze with the teachers at lunch and whatever.

    The title is great! I’m starting to get that feeling, too. I don’t outline so I go over things in my head, again and again and again. By this time next week, I’ll be chomping at the bit.


  7. CJ, Oh the schmoozing has begun 😉 I’ve been hanging out in the teachers lounge because they don’t have a proper office space for me for another week so I’ve met plenty of the teachers. They’re all great, so they’d be pretty receptive I’m sure to throwing some referrals my way.

    I’ve never outlined before and I’m sure that a real writer wouldn’t call what I did today an outline (it’s more like scribbling on a page), but it got some ideas onto paper so that I don’t forget them all. That’s my biggest problem. I think up so many plot points and ideas, keep them all in my head, then it gets to be too much and I forget them all. So now it’s all scribbled on a page and though I’ll probably be saying “what the hell does that mean?” in a couple of weeks, at least it’s there.

  8. hmmm, i know something you can read while waiting for those students! lol..(never mind)..

    hey! If you don’t get kids I sure could use you!..”thought”.. I was wondering, if you are licensed (or whatever) to help kids..can you help adults as well? You know, depression, anxioty stuff? Just wondered ..

  9. Write some demoralising messages on the toilet walls, cough on the way past students verging on the miserable looking and mutter that they’re failures. Or, slip faux love notes into the lockers of those in already unstable adolescent relationships!

    Business will soon pick up! 😉

    I have poppet envy.

  10. Ohhhh…just look at your new “babies”…love them!

  11. Deslily, I don’t have them on my work computer 😦 And I don’t want it to end!! lol…but I guess it has to eventually, huh?

    I don’t have my license yet, still working on it which means that I have to practice under a supervisor. Basically, I can’t practice outside of this program or I could have my license taken away before I get it! Sucks, huh? But hey, I’m always here as a friend!

    Stormfilled, LOL…We think way too much alike 😉 I’m glad that someone else out there has the same sense of humor as me. Aren’t the poppets great?!

    Debi, They make me proud 🙂

  12. FYI: I ignored the poppets because I’m jealous !

    yeah yeah I know you don’t want it to end… but before you begin your great novel…… ahem.

  13. I’m sure it will pick up soon!! (Not too soon…I want you to get a lot of writing done!! LOVE the title!! Will you sign my copy when you get it published???)

    Man. I’ve GOT to get me a poppet!!

  14. I imagine that at the beginning of the school year, teachers are still learning kids’ name, much less their problems, so I bet things pick up for you soon.

    I too have poppet envy, especially over the skeleton one, he’s so cute!

  15. Love those crazy Halloween poppets! Don’t worry, work will pick up. And, best of luck on the NaNo. It looks like I’ll be missing out. sob

  16. Kim, The skeleton’s my favorite too! And he glows in the dark 😀

    Bookfool, Aren’t they great?! They send a big hello to your little gang! No NaNo?! 😦 That’s sad…lol

  17. Your poppets are adorable! I love my Little Pink Poppet. 🙂

    You won the last book that I read in the read-a-thon: Marked by Kristin and P.C. Cast. Let me know if you want it!

  18. Eva, Yippeee!! I definitely want it 🙂 I’ve been wanting to read that one ever since I heard reviews of it. That’s exciting!

    Isn’t Little Pink great? I was blown away when I got mine. Much cooler than I was expecting!

  19. Hope your job will pick up soon. Never realise counsellors have to have “referrals”

    Cool – just added you as Writing Buddies on NaNoWriMo! You’re ahead of me on plot and story. I need some free time to daydream more. Look forward to writing with you (sort of!)

    More poppets? *eyes wide*

  20. DO, Things at work are finally starting to pick up. Ordinarily counselors get their clients from more than just referrals, but this program is an exception…all of my clients come as referrals from the school system…so it’s a pain!

    I’ve been trying to add you as a writing buddy but couldn’t find a search feature on NaNo! Glad you found me, now I can add you 🙂 It’ll be fun.

    Yeah, the poppets are taking over. These are my favorites!

  21. I was going to agree with everyone and say email the teachers, but I see things are picking up! Hope you’ll be a real help to those kids.

  22. Me too Dewey! So far it’s looking good. I only have one kid right now but me and him seem to be getting along fine 🙂

  23. Love the poppets! I got an orange one today and have a couple more in the post hopefully.

    I hope things pick up at work for you. Sounds pretty dull so far sadly.

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