Remembering What A Weekend Is

It’s been so long since a weekend actually meant something. For the longest time, the weekends have been the time when I would actually work while I went to school during the week, so I found myself extra excited this morning when I woke up to realize that it was indeed Friday! Add to that this beautiful cool front that came through and it was indeed a good day. It actually feels somewhat like Fall down here for the first time this season with temperatures in the 70’s all day and in the 60’s now tonight!

My first week proved to be a good one and grown up life hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be so far :p The biggest downer has been the cutting into my reading time…but that’s how life goes. I’ve read all of about 50 pages this week, but that’s one thing that I plan on doing this weekend – catching up on reading! I’m also very excited about football this weekend – mostly because of the weather. Football goes with this kind of weather for me. There’s nothing that quite matches a nice autumn day, football, and a barbecue. Tomorrow’s the LSU game which I’m very excited about as my alma mater is having an amazing, undefeated, #1 ranking season, and then Sunday night is the less than hopeful Saints game…enough said about that one…

Also up for tomorrow is a little goodbye party that the family that I’ve worked for for the past 6 years is throwing for me. It will be bittersweet, but as I’ve said before will not be a true goodbye…just a goodbye in the sense that I’ll no longer be an employee, but I’ll continue to be a friend of the family.

The thing I love most about Fridays is that I’m writing this post at midnight! I’m such a night person…me and daylight don’t get along too well, so it makes me happy that I can stay up later than 10:30 for a couple of nights. Of course, by doing this, I’m totally throwing off the sleep schedule that I’m finally getting used to, but oh well! So back to reading, back to TV, back to blog hopping…have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. It’s great that your first week of work went well. Enjoy your well earned weekend and the cooler weather. Happy Reading!

  2. Happy to hear that grown up life isn’t as bad as you had thought it would be. πŸ™‚ The first few weekends were so exciting when I entered “grown up life” just because I got a real actual weekend – hope yours are just as exciting!

  3. Glad you got through the first week so well Chris!!.. next week will be even easier.. AND.. AND.. I’m thinking you get the first paycheck??!! (and no.. that’s N-O, you are not allowed in any bookstore with the first paycheck in hand!)

    btw: when I worked I always read during my lunch break.. just FYI, ya know.. what’s food when you can read anyway?!

  4. Fridays are indeed wonderful! There’s something lovely about the evenings and I agree completely with the joys of staying up beyond 10.30pm. It seems horrible that it’s a novelty, but makes it more special.

    Reading times will emerge as you get properly settled in. For the first six months of teaching I really didn’t read anything at all, but it gradually shouldered its way back in again. I now find that I love having appointments for dentists, doctors, anywhere with a waiting room. I can quite legitimately be early, knowing that my appointment will be late, squeezing in a good half hour of reading time! Hurrah!

  5. Weekends take on a whole new meaning when you work, don’t they? Glad your week went well and hope you settle in quickly and manage to find more time for reading soon.

  6. I”m really glad you had a good first week of work!! I had a feeling this was going to work out for you!!

    LSU is going to win the National Championship this year. I have a feeling!

  7. Cath, Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚ The weather is beautiful, I just hope that it sticks around….The reading has begun!

    Court, I’m happy to hear that too πŸ˜‰ Aren’t weekends just great? lol…Hope they continue to be!

    Deslily, lol…it’s like you read my mind (like that’s hard) lol! I can’t buy books, they won’t fit! My TBR bookshelf is full now, so they no longer fit like they are supposed too, so books are now laying on top of other books and piling up. It’s getting bad :/

    I only get 30 minutes for lunch and most of the time it’s not a real lunch…it’s more of a “eat while you work” kind of thing 😦

    Stormfilled, Glad to find a like minded soul πŸ™‚ I feel punished when I have to go to bed early on the weekdays! It’s just wrong!

    I already look forward to doctor’s appointments for that reason! I always bring a book with me and when and if the receptionist apologizes for my appointment running late, I always tell her that it’s quite alright πŸ˜‰

    Jenclair, They do indeed take on a whole new meaning. I suspect that reading time will come back into play soon. I would have plenty of time for reading, but I keep just thinking of other things to do when I get home. Once work becomes “normal” though, I suspect that I’ll actually have a decent amount of time to read. At least I hope so!

    Stephanie, Thanks πŸ™‚ I have the same feeling! LSU is having one of those dream seasons. It’s been so much fun watching them this year. I’m so jealous of my sister. She’s went to every game so far this year but won’t be going tonight of course because it’s an away game. Now that I don’t work Saturday’s though, maybe I’ll get to go to a couple! I love college football, it’s such a fun sport!

  8. I’m glad you enjoyed your first week of work!

    We spent our afternoon sweating in a hot stadium, today. I think it only got to the 80’s, but you know how intense the sun is in the South . . . I guess that and the bright, metal seats turned it into a roasting pot. Otherwise, the weather has been really wonderful. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts!

    Happy reading!!

  9. Bookfool, Those stadiums do tend to get quite hot…I remember that from the band days. And there is NOTHING cool about those band uniforms! The weather has been so nice, but you’re right…at 2:00 in the afternoon, the 80’s in the sun is still hot as hell in the south!

  10. Weekends? What are those? I’ve never worked a job that came with weekends off.

    I hope you enjoy yours!


  11. CJ, πŸ™‚ This is my first job with weekends off! It’s really quite an interesting phenomenon, this weekend business πŸ˜‰ Mondays just suck already though!

  12. Glad to hear your first week went so well! Often that first week is the most unnerving.

    I’ve decided I hate football, and I’m just going to have to put all my hopes on the hockey season this year. O.K., I’m not really abandoning football…but when your alma mater let you down and your pro-team starts out 0-5, well, it just makes for a rough season.

  13. Debi, I’m about to abandon Pro-Football this year too! We’re 0-5 as well and there’s another game tonight and honestly I don’t even want to watch it. But of course I will…and I’ll yell at the tv and go to bed late and be in a bad mood tomorrow…but that’s what we do for our teams :p

  14. It’s certainly true that having less free time makes the one we do have much more enjoyable. I don’t like having to cut my reading time either, but oh well, one learns to survive πŸ˜›

    I am usually a night person as well, but since I moved to England I am hardly able to stay up after 11, even on weekends. I have no idea what this country is doing to me πŸ˜›

  15. Nymeth, LOL! Isn’t it horrible having nights taken away?? And our reading time! What is one to do…I suppose we just have to learn to adapt. Hope things are still going good for you in England! I actually finished a book this weekend, yay!

  16. Here’s to weekends – may they go by slowly and be filled with those things you enjoy doing. Glad your first week went well, Chris.

  17. Booklogged, May they go slowly is right! This one could have gone a little more slowly, but it was nice πŸ˜‰ Hope you had a good one as well!

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