Slipping Into A Radiohead Coma

How did I manage to not know that my favorite band had a new album coming out today????? Radiohead has never been big on advertising of course and I’ve been a horrible fan lately and haven’t been going on their website, so that may explain it. So here’s a weird story of how I came to learn that Radiohead’s new album, In Rainbows, came out today. I got an email from LibraryThing announcing that they have a new Wikipedia type program where you can edit book and author info and at the bottom of the email it says something about “you can pay whatever you want for Radiohead’s new album and you can do the same for a membership to our site.” So of course I ran over to Radiohead’s site all giddy and excited. I knew that they had been working on an album for a long time but had no idea that it was finished and was released as a download only today!!! You can download it at and I highly recommend that you do! And yes, you really can pay whatever you want for the album, but please support the guys!

So now I’ve been listening to it for awhile and I am loving it! For those who are fans, I’m sure you can understand why they’re my favorite band. There’s no one else like them. There are others that are as talented and as inventive, but they are so unique and have constantly re-invented themselves while keeping an essence to their music that still defines them. I get lost in each in every one of their songs and listening to their music is truly an experience. I’ve had the chance to see them live only once and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and I’ll never forget it. This album is a wonderful progression in Radiohead’s career and combines everything that they’ve done in the past and then delivers a new spacey, reverb quality that’s always been there but is even more pronounced. Ah, I’m loving it. Bands haven’t been stopping in New Orleans too much since Katrina, but when Radiohead tours again, I’m hoping that they come visit us. If they don’t, I’ll just have to visit them. I’d love to hear some of Thom Yorke’s solo album, The Eraser, performed live as well. If you’re looking for some amazing new music at a great price (you name it), check Radiohead’s new album out. Each song is unique and there’s something for everyone. And of course, long time fans will adore it.


13 Responses

  1. It is a miracle that I knew about this, because I haven’t been online much lately and I’ve been out of touch when it comes to music news. But I have some friends that are huge fans and they e-mailed me all excited when the announcement was made. It was so sudden! I mean, the album has been in the works for a long time, but then they announce it and a few days later we have it!

    I’m really enjoying the album so far… it’s full of beautiful songs. My favourite is probably “Nude”…it’s so nice to have a proper studio version of that song at last.

    I can definitely see why they are your favourite band… the same reasons why they are one of mine. I am also hoping for a tour after this album. I’ve seen them live twice, but it was so long ago… before HTTT came out. I miss them.

    I am now anxiously awaiting the actual physical release of the album… it will include an extra CD with even more songs!

  2. You’re not alone — I only found out about the new Radiohead album a few hours ago! I’m so out of touch!

  3. Cool I didn’t know about this either! There has been no promotion in the UK at all. I like their early stuff but haven’t listened to much since OK Computer. WIll have to have a listen off iTunes.

  4. Nymeth, Talk about sudden! I saw in the news section that all of a sudden it was just “album will be out in 10 days!” Doesn’t surprise me coming from those guys though :p

    I’m enjoying it too. Favorites here are “15 Step” and “Weird Fishes” though it’s hard to name a favorite…I just keep going back to those two. But you’re right, it’s really nice to have a studio version of “Nude”

    I’m psyched about the physical release of the album…even more!!!

    Dark Orpheus, Wasn’t it a great surprise?!! I wish they’d do that more often :p

    Rhinoa, OK, I’m starting to not feel so alone 🙂 I don’t know if it’s available on iTunes or not. I couldn’t find it when I looked. You might only be able to get it through their website. If you weren’t a big fan of the more electronic stuff they did on Kid A and Amnesiac, you might like Hail To The Thief…they went back to a somewhat more rock feel with that album. Closer to OK Computer. This new one is really cool!

  5. Ummm, this is when young and old part ways! lol.. I’m glad you are enjoying the music though.. and even gladder that it makes you happy!

    ps.. how’s work going? dang I miss you around!!

  6. Deslily, LOL, hey, you never know! You may like them 😉

    Work’s going good…it’s a whole new world! Button down shirts tucked into dress pants every day is just not something I’m used to! Neither is the sun for that matter :p I’m missing being around. The first thing I do when I get home is hop on the computer. Reading has been horrible! I’ve read 50 pages in 3 days! But a weekend is coming up, so I should get some reading in 😉

  7. Very cool idea to release their album that way. Kudos to them. Not sure I’ve heard alot of Radiohead, but in honor of you I will most certainly check them out.

  8. Carl, They’re fan-frickin’-tastic! If you’re new to them I wouldn’t recommend starting out with “Kid A” or “Amnesiac” as they’re both more experimental albums with more of an electronic touch to them…unless you like that sort of stuff, then they’re absolutely amazing and will blow your mind! Can’t go wrong with “OK Computer” though which is an older one, though this new one is amazing and so is their last album, “Hail to the Thief”.

  9. This is where I have to admit that I’m old and so totally not hip (yeah, like that was any secret…lol)…I’ve never heard Radiohead. Heard of them, but not heard them.
    Did actually hear about this release on NPR though…you know the novelty of it all attracted their attention.
    Anyway, how could I not check them out after the excitement in your post. Found just a couple clips on iTunes…but I gotta say that I absolutely loved what I heard. Might just have to go download after all…even though I’ll still be old and totally not hip.

  10. Debi, You’re so not old and unhip :p I think you’d like Radiohead! They’re a great band and they’re just the perfect band to mellow out to. The two songs on iTunes are good, but definitely not my favorites…though “lucky” is a good song. They don’t do iTunes for some reason, so you can’t find too much on there. Glad you’re giving them a shot though!

  11. I feel so out of touch. I’ve heard of them, but have I ever heard them? I have no idea. Horrors.

  12. Bookfool, LOL, They’re not very well known…well they are, but they’re very “underground”. Not played on the radio too much. It’s amazing how much of a fan base they have actually seeing as they haven’t had a radio single in probably 10 years and not many people really know they’re music except for their diehard fans. But everytime they play a large arena they sell out the show in just a few hours! Anyway, they’re great! Great band to mellow out to 🙂

  13. Well, that’s a nice description. I’ll have to see if my eldest has any Radiohead music he can play for me. He seems to have everything.

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