My Reading Spot And A Package Arrives

Today’s been the perfect, gloomy, RIP reading day and I spent it finishing up Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box. I’ll post my full review later. It was my least favorite of my RIP reads so far, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good book. It started off kind of weak for me, but it got progressively better and it really hooked me about half way through…but like I said, full review coming later. Anyway, I thought I’d share my reading spot with you and invite anyone else who would like to to do the same…because, well…I’m a bit of a voyeur when it comes to people’s books and anything associated with them :p

My new reading spot is one of my favorite things about this house that we’re renting. For the first time in my life, I have a back patio. I’ve always wanted one. It has a tin roof, and on a rainy day like today, you just can’t beat the sound of soft rain on a tin roof for reading weather. We have a Wisteria vine that is sadly not in bloom starting off and I’m hoping that it will vine itself throughout the wooden beams of the patio and there’s a Bougainvillea behind the swing that you can’t see in the picture. We have two swings which is odd, but I like to read on the swing that I took the picture from where the little skeleton guy is sitting. Part of the reason is because our neighbor is a garden freak and I like the view of her plants and the birds that visit them. So here it is, my reading spot…complete with hanging eyeballs and a skeleton for Halloween.

So onto the package arriving. No, it was not a package of books! It was a package from Lisa Snellings-Clark..I know, another shocker. I am so pleased with this purchase! They’re amazing. It’s a pair of Harlequin candlestick holders painted in shades of blue and gray and they are so much more beautiful in person than I imagined them to be. They’re huge! About 18 inches tall. She offers these in bronze and silver sometimes during her sales for $30 a piece and after actually seeing them, this is an amazing price. So I highly recommend them next time they’re available πŸ˜‰

OK, that’s it for me until it’s book review time. Off to get ready for the Saints game…God I hope it’s better than the last two…I can’t take any more games like those.

15 Responses

  1. Oh wow Chris!.. those candlestick holders are fantastic! They are You!

    I had a florida room when I lived in my home in florida (duh) and loved to be out there.. living here with my brother and david the only reading spot I have is my bed! I have a bunch of pillows I pile high to rest against, and then I read…(I’m about 1/4 the way thru 13th Tale and liking it!)

    Sheesh.. you can’t take “some reading” out to your favorite spot to read :o(… sorry about that!

  2. Deslily, Aren’t they great? πŸ™‚

    That’s one of many reading spots actually…it’s just my favorite. My other main reading spot is my bed, and I do the same thing! I pile tons of pillows and just fall into them and read. That’s where I do my Kesterwood reading πŸ™‚ Glad to hear that you’re liking The Thirteenth Tale!! I’m starting it tonight!

  3. Chris –

    The candlesticks are too cool.

    As for my reading spot… I’ll have to give that some thought. I’m not entirely sure I have a favorite. I read wherever, whenever, ya know? I love your spot, though.


  4. CJ, I read pretty much wherever, whenever too, but that’s my favorite spot and when I’m at home and there’s daylight, that’s pretty much where I can be found! I just need to get a cushion for my back on that swing…it can get to be pretty uncomfortable after awhile!

  5. Chris, I love your reading spot. What a beautiful back porch! Someday when I grow up (which is probably never) I’d like a back porch just like that. πŸ™‚

  6. And just for the record, those Harlequins are fantastic!

  7. Love the bench and LOVE the candle sticks. I need to get a bunch of funky stuff for our new flat so will check out her page.

  8. Love the candlestick holders – fantastic! And thank for posting the pics of your porch. That looks like a great place to read. I thought of you this morning when I was having what I call my “morning respite.” Once I get the kids off to school, I come home and make breakfast. Then I take it, my coffee, my book, and my dog, and we sit out back on the deck for a little while. It’s a peaceful moment that helps me keep grounded for the rest of the day.

    It’s a little sad that the weather is turning now, and I know my morning deck days are numbered as the cold weather starts to move in. I actually had a blanket out there this morning. But it is a beautiful day!

  9. CDN, I’m hoping that I get to keep this porch! We’re renting it right now while we fix up our house. So when my mom’s house is fixed, I’m hoping to take over the lease over here…I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out. It’s such a relaxing house and it’s in a great neighborhood!

    Stephanie, Aren’t they? I love her harlequin stuff, it’s amazing. I have a one of a kind harlequin piece of hers too that I love.

    Rhinoa, Her stuff is perfect for decorating! When I eventually get my own place, I plan on decorating with plenty of her stuff…well, as much as I can afford πŸ˜‰ I know has a few things in the gift shop at, but I don’t know if you can actually buy them. She does have a big halloween sale coming up on ebay though and I’m sure she’ll have lots of stuff up for sale! Hope your move went well πŸ™‚

    Darla, I’m going to miss that reading time soon 😦 It’s been one of the luxuries of being unemployed. That’s exactly what I do every day! Sit outside on the swing with my coffee and a book…it really is grounding. Soon I’ll be settling for just an hour’s reading time before bed…oh well, at least I have a job!

  10. Oh my…those are beautiful!

    And your “reading spot” is fantastic! Just a tad bit of jealousy peaking through there.

  11. What a wonderful reading spot!

  12. very cool reading spot!!! wow. its just made for reading. it looks very peaceful and it looks so “southern” too! πŸ™‚

  13. arg, forgot my name!

  14. I love love love those candlestick holders! And that’s not a bad price at all. I also love your reading spot. Back home I had a nice comfy chair by the window where I do most of my reading… here I have yet to find a definite spot. The flat isn’t that big so there isn’t much to choose from. But I’ll be sure to share pictures once I find a favourite spot.

  15. JP, It is a very “southern” reading spot πŸ˜‰ There’s a big magnolia tree out of the shot in the yard of the house next door too! I have to admit, it’s the perfect spot for reading!

    Nymeth, Cool! So y’all found a place?! I guess that’s what your post is about that my live bookmarks is showing me πŸ˜‰ About to check it out! I need a big comfy chair or some kind of padding for the swing in the backyard. That’s the only thing that I hate…It eventually gets REALLY uncomfortable sitting on that thing!

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