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As another tropical disturbance approaches Louisiana, I’m reminded that life is always uncertain. As much as I complain about what Katrina left us with down here and how it seemed to uproot life, it has done some positive things. Mainly, I’ve learned that there’s no use in harping on things. Life is going to do what it’s going to do and plenty of that is out of my control. What’s out of my control is exactly that. So…something out of my control has happened, and I’m going with the flow…my start date for my new job has been pushed back to October 8th due to the state licensure board not meeting on the date that we originally thought they were going to. I can’t start my new job until I have my licensure number, so now I have to wait until the beginning of the next pay period to start, which is October 8th. Originally, I was upset because I was anxious to get in and get started, but I’m just going to enjoy the extra time off while I have it. I still have my other job, so I’ll just continue there until the 8th.

In other news, not a whole lot lot has been going on. There have been a couple of new arrivals at the house. The first was my little black poppet who is so very, very cool and fits in nicely with the purple poppet. I think that black and purple will join forces and be mascots together for the remainder of the RIP challenge as they seemed to do well together for The Historian. I also picked up the new Orson Scott Card book a couple of days ago and I’m almost finished that and it’s amazing! But that should be no surprise coming out of my mouth. It’s called Invasive Procedures, and I should have a review up either tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Should be going to see Across the Universe tomorrow. Anyone else going to see that one? It looks like it’s really going to be a treat! I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile now. It’s rare that films this imaginative make it to the big screen and I’m hoping that it does well.


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  1. It really shouldn’t surprise me that you’re going to see Across the Universe… That’s the movie I want to see so badly! But chance are, I won’t get to it for a few weeks at least. I can’t wait to read your review of Card’s latest.

  2. Becky, The book is great…no surprise there. It’s very different from his normal stuff. Somewhat of a medical/political thriller. Really cool and suspenseful. I don’t know how this man writes this stuff. Across the Universe looks great doesn’t it! I’ll let you know what I think tomorrow night!

  3. See…I’m proud of you! Going with the flow is tough sometimes. I’m think I’m going to see Resident Evil tomorrow!! Of course, I have a friend that owns a local pizza joint. He is needing some dependable help on the weekends, and I’ve offered to help for a while. I told him I’d work one night a weekend. I haven’t waited tables in 14 years, but how bad can it be?? (LOL I AM laughing while I’m typing this). For the record, he said most of the waitresses are bring home 175 – 250 in tips on Saturday! Could make for a nice bit of spending money for Christmas!!

  4. hmmm, why haven’t i seen anything on this movie Across the Universe?? nada..nothing.. zip.. zilch. who’s in it? sci fi or fantasy?

  5. Stephanie, I totally forgot about Resident Evil!! I loved the first two movies. They’re some of me and Megan’s favorites šŸ™‚ The new one looks very cool. Megan waits tables and she loves it. She’s working in a fine dining restaurant now and she doesn’t even bring home that kind of money on a Saturday! That’s crazy! I’d say you found a new job šŸ˜‰

    Deslily, It’s neither, but it looks so good! It’s actually a musical, but it’s somewhat of a psychedelic musical with all Beatles songs about the 60’s and 70’s and the Vietnam era. It looks amazing. You should go find the preview and watch it…I haven’t seen anything like it in awhile. It’s reminiscent of The Wall.

  6. I can’t wait to see Across the Universe! I would be there tomorrow if I didn’t have to work. And then there is the fact that I am scared to look it up because we have a tendancy to not get the movies that I want to watch.

    I got Speaker of the Dead at the second hand store yesterday. I should read it sometime in the next century. šŸ™‚

  7. Kailana, I’m starting to worry that Across the Universe won’t be out tomorrow…I’ve been trying to find show times and it’s not showing up at our local theater. I have no idea why it wouldn’t open here?? Glad you got Speaker for the Dead šŸ™‚ Looking forward to your review next century šŸ˜‰ I’m sure it will be next week with the speed you read!

  8. Great attitude, Chris. I’m anxious to read your thoughts about Invasive Procedure – I may have to add that one to my Cardathon list. It sounds good from what you’ve said so far.

  9. Booklogged, Oh it was good! It’s one of those “can’t put it down” books. I don’t know if you’ve read Empire, but it had a similar feel to that one. I really enjoyed it!

  10. My little black poppet should be on the way, and I CAN’T WAIT! Little Red needs a friend, and there’s nothing better than The Red and the Black (Har-har, Stendhal joke! How often does that happen?). I hope your Purple enjoys having a new friend!

  11. Andi, šŸ™‚ You’ll love the little black! I’m slowly growing my own little army of poppets over here. I now have 3 red, a blue, a black and a purple! And I think that green alien poppets are coming in October!

  12. i hope the purple and black don’t gang up on the other poppets…!

    thats a very wise attitude to have, chris. and very important too, nowadays. i think stress levels must be at their highest ever – you know, for us as a race and all, so i think that attitude is very good! šŸ™‚

  13. oops – forgot to put in my name – that was me!

  14. JP, I’m trying to keep them from ganging up on the others…they seem to think that they have the run of the house lately…I may have to put them in their place :p

    I have my days where it’s easier to keep a positive outlook than others. I think we all do. But you’re absolutely right that stress levels are at their highest for the whole human race right now. Overall, I think we’re all doing a pretty damn good job at keeping it together šŸ˜‰

  15. I really want to see Across the Universe, I’m anxious to hear what you thought of it.

    Sorry about the job, but I applaud the attitude of enjoying the free time. You’ll be missing it when it is gone.

  16. Carl, Across the Universe didn’t open here! I was so pissed off….there goes my positive attitude, lol..I don’t get it, they’ve been advertising this film like crazy and it even had a half an hour on Oprah! Yet it’s not in theaters in New Orleans šŸ˜¦ If it ever makes it here, I’ll post my thoughts!

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